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Mystery "AP" entry on Equifax Report

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Hi All,


I bank with Natwest. As a result of their recent outage I missed a loan repayment. I received an apology from them and was told that it would not affect my credit score. I decided to check this out online the other day.


I got reports from Equifax and Call Credit. I was somewhat surprised to see an "AP" entry for my current account from the month before the outage on my Equifax report. There was no such entry on the Call Credit report.


Curious, I have queried this with Equifax. Equifax told me to speak to Natwest. They are, of course, currently snowed under with complaints so I may have to wait a while to get a response.


I understand that AP stands for Arrangement to Pay and is applied when a person in debt renegotiates with the creditor to pay less than the required amount to satisfy repayments. Whilst I was in my overdraft at the time, no payments were missed and at no point have I exceed it. I am a bit confused, therefore, about how the AP marker has got there. Would I have had to have agreed something for it to go on? Would someone have had to have warned me? I am completely lost.


The plot thickens because this AP marker does not appear on the Call Credit Report. Do they not use the same information?


I am wanting to apply for a mortgage in the next few weeks (hence paying off said overdraft etc) and am concerned that this AP marker will affect me, particularly as Natwest aren't in a hurry to get back to me. My credit rating remains at the top end of the "fair" bracket, despite the hit that the AP marker has caused.


Help, anyone?

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Hi welcome to CAg,


You need to raise a formal complaint directly with the Data Controler at NatWest this avoids customer services etc and should be sent recorded delivery.

Also place notices of dispute on the cra files asap.


Callcredit/Noddle are ofeten out of date or woefully behind the other agencies so forget them for now.


I suggest the following letter.


The Data Controller

NatWest Plc.,


Ref: Account number xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Formal Complaint.


Dear Sir or Madam,


I have recently checked my credit reference files prompted by the melt down of the banks systems and have found the an '' Arrangement to pay marker has been plaeced on my account I view this very seriously as I am in the process of applying for a mortgage and quite obviously such an entry will cause considerable problems for me.


I enclose a screen print of the files for informatio.


I require the bank to remove the marker with immediate effect and will recheck my credit files in seven calendar days from the date of this letter, should the entries still appear

I shall take appropriate action regarding the defamatory and damaging entries and I will report the matter to the relevant regulatory bodies without further refgerence to the bank and will seek financial compensation from the bank.


This letter is sent by Royal Mail Recorded Delivery and its receipt will be monitored.

Any Letters I Draft are N0T approved by CAG and no personal liability is accepted.

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