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Sainsbury's bank can't find me unless I supply account number!

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I sent Sainsbury's a SAR on 30th March, they wrote back to me mid may saying they couldn't find me and needed an account number or previous address. I had supplied my Name, Address and D.O.B in my original SAR and I haven't had a previous address.


I don't know my account number so I wrote back again stating this and infoirming them I had not moved so details were the same. They have responded again with exactly the same letter saying they can't locate my details without an account number or previous address. I tried to ring number on letter because it takes weeks for them to respond to letters but the number on letter is invalid 01244 694717 so I rang the number of their website and spoke to someone from on-line tech queries as this was only person i could get through to without knowing account number!


He said he would try and find out why they couldn't find me and call me back, I told him I would be deeply concerned if they couldn't find my data becasue my account was closed less than 6 years ago! He said he'd call me back but never did (suprise suprise!)


They cashed my £10 cheque in July, any ideas what to do or shall I just go straight to ICO?



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If their data is held in a "relevant filing system", which of course includes computer data, then of course a search should be done on name, address and DOB.


Don't tell me they just have handwritten ledgers on shelves.


I would suggest that you are being given a runaround.


I would lodge a complaint with the ICO and I would also write the the bank and ask the magic question "why" can they not locate your data given that the account was closed less than six years ago. Ask them of they are suggesting that their computer system cannot search by the parameters you have given them and if it cannot then why can ot not do that. Tell them that you want their reason put in writing in order that you can provide this information to the ICO for a complaint that you have already made.

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a quick update, I sent them the letter mid sept asking about their filing system etc and I got no reply. I phoned up 2 weeks ago and said to the chap that I know they got my letter as I sent it recorded and why hadn't they responded and why couldn't they find me? He said he could find me but no details of a credit card. I was arguing with him for about 20 minutes and told him I can see payments on my LLoyds bank statements so why can't they see that I clearly had a credit card less than 6 years ago! He asked me to give him bank statement date and payment dates etc so he could look into it as they are now all part of the same group which I did (got nothing to hide in my bank lol) and he rang me back and said he could see that I was making payments but still couldn't find card details. "I got really annoyed and said I only want to know if I had PPI!" and he said that was easy then, he could look up on his system specifially designed for PPI and tell me.


After a few minutes tapping away he said "no, you've never had PPI with any HBOS product"


Well funnily enough I had just put in a claim to Halifax for my loan PPI so I corrected him and told him he had either lied or his system was extremely unreliable! He didn't know how to respond apart from offer me my £10 SAR fee back that they had cashed back in July.


I advised him that I was taking my complaint to ICO and FOS then guess what I got yesterday??????? All my data for my credit card! they miraculously found it after all. Although it doesn't have any kind of PPI or CRP on it, it has made me realise that these sharks will lie and decieve you but I'm sure you all know that anyway ;)

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This seems to be standard bullpoo from Sainsburys Bank, I got the same response even though I gave them the account number!


I sent another letter straight back telling them it was correct, and they finally "found" my data.


Good luck, keep updated :)

thegfb vs Natwest PPI - WON - £5.5k refunded October 2011 :-D

thegfb vs Sainsburys Bank PPI - referred to FOS 15/09/2011, WON - £2.7k refunded February 2013 :wink:

thegfb vs Capital One PPI - Complaint sent September 2012, dragging their heels :roll:



Thanks for all your advice so far :D

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