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Time to get Welcome Finance out of my life! Please help.

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I am new here, and this is the second time that I am writing this...because yes I did accidentally delete all my writing when trying to copy it :violin:.


So, here is my story.


- The Past -


I took out an unsecured loan for £2000 with Welcome Finance in April 2008, with PPI. Worst mistake of my life. The contract said that I owed £3640 with payments of £164 per month for 37 months. In October 2008, I went to Welcome Finances office and asked to have the PPI cancelled. They gave me a new credit agreement contract to sign, I signed it. I now realise that the new contract stated exactly the same amount to be paid back (£3640), and over the same time frame as the first (37 months). Thus, it seems that they did mot deduct my initial 5 payments of £164 from the loan, an maybe they did not deduct the PPI?


In June 2008, my second payment was a day late. I called them to let them know that I would be paying it the following day (I had no other arrears). On the day that my payment was due, after I had called them, two debt collectors came to my house. Unfortunately, I was out but my housemate answered the door :!::oops::-x. They gave him a letter that said that I owed Welcome Finance £3640. I now realise that Welcome broke two laws on this occasion: (1) they did not have an invitation or court order to come to my house and; (2) they broke the Data Protection act because the letter that they gave to my housemate was not in an envelope.


I did not complain or do anything about this at the time, because I turned into a little mouse trying to avoid further harassment and embarrassment:violin:. Furthermore, I am a scientist not a lawyer or accountant - and evidently, I would not be very good at the latter two.


Since October 2008, I have made monthly payments of £64 and when I could afford it £100. My payments have always been on time, and I have no arrears.



- The Present -


Now I am after Welcome Finance :lol:! I am about to start a postgraduate course and I can barely afford tuition let alone unnecessary and extortionate payments to the corrupt ***holes at Welcome Finance.


So, I recently asked for a statement from Welcome Finance. The statement that they sent me only shows payments from October 2008 - not the original account opening date with PPI from April 2008.


I calculated that including the original 5 months payments, I have now paid £4000 to Welcome Finance, yes this was for a £2000 loan. And they say that I still owe £1200!


What I have done so far:


(1) Sent a recorded letter requesting both credit agreements to be sent in 12 days (with £1 postal order for each).


(2) Sent a recorded letter stating that if they send anyone to my house again, I will call the police and take Welcome Finance to court.


(3) Sent a recorded SAR.


(4) Requested that a PPI refund form be sent to me. When I originally called to request a PPI refund form, they said that I could not get one until my account was paid off! I now realise that this was B***S***. So I called and quoted the FSC...then they listened and said that they would send a form.


I have only just sent these letters, so am waiting for a reply.


- The Future -


I would like to:


Claim back as much money as I can from Welcome Finance.

Get them 100% out of my life ASAP.

Dance with glee when I receive a cheque from Welcome Finance, and put that money where it belongs, with my university.

Help other to do the same.


I would be grateful for any comments or advice that you have on this matter. In particular, I have the following questions:


(1) why did my original and second credit agreements say that I owed £3640, when my loan was for £2000; and why did the second contract not show any reduction taking my first 5 payments into account. Is there anything I can do about any wrong doings here.


(2) Can I take any retrospective action against Welcome Finance for sending debt collectors to my house illegally and breaking the Data Protection Act, this was in 2008.


(3) My credit agreement says that my loan should be paid over 37 months. But I have been paying for 42 months, and they say that I have 13 months left. Is this allowed?


(4) Why and how can I be paying back £5500 on a £2000 loan!


(5) How much PPI do you think I could get back?


(6) Is there anything else that I can do them for.


Thank you for reading my story. I look forward to your replies. :-)

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