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Question about returning goods

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Evening everyone


I'm having a bit of a to-do with a car parts company that appears to have little concept of the SOGA and DSRs.


After looking at the various parts and panels they list on their website, I rang them to order up 2 body panels for my car. I asked for 2 particular panels at £75 per panel, and they said postage would be £15, so £165 all in.


When they arrived I found they had sent the wrong panels- ones which, according to their website, cost £70 each.


I rang them up to say they had sent the wrong ones, and they then tried to blame me, saying I had ordered the cheaper panels, so I would have to pay to have the wrong ones collected and the right ones sent back out- they duly helped themselves to a further £30 off my card for the privilege.


The courier came the next morning and dropped off the right panels and took the wrong ones away. I then thought about checking the receipt they sent, and noticed it really did say £150 plus £15 delivery...so I hadn't made a mistake then!


Except that when I emailed them to say this, they said no, you definitely ordered the cheaper panels and it was a concidence that a mistake had been made and I should actually have been charged £140 not £150 for the panels!


I then decided to see how the panels would fit and found that they were actually badly made and would not fit (not without me having to weld on extra metal due to them being badly made and trimmed too small). So now I have the right parts, but they are in fact unfit for purpose.


I then emailed the company back (so within 7 days of receiving the goods) to say they were not fit for purpose, that I wanted a full refund and that the parts would be available for collection from Monday (start of this week).


In their reply to my cancellation email the company owner said that as I had ordered the wrong parts to start with I must pay for the return postage on these faulty parts, and that when they do get the parts back I will have a 'handling fee' taken off the refund too!


It gets better- they have no T&Cs whatsoever on their website and the only sale documentation I received was the receipt from the pdq machine stapled onto a company headed piece of paper with a brief hand-written description of the order.


Having given them instructions about refunding me and collecting the parts, how long do I have to keep hold of these parts for collection? They are in the garage, so out of the way, but I would really want to get shot of them and never deal with this company again!


Should I also wait the full 30 days to see if they suddenly realise that SOGA and the DSRs do apply to them and they refund me the full £165, and the extra £30 they took...or am I in for yet more disappointment?!?


Thanks for any replies.

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