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Help. The insurance company won't let my wife cancel my car insurance.

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I am a new user here and presently out of the UK working in hungary.

My car insurance is due for renewal on 12th August and my wife searched for cheaper

car insurance and found it. Taking it out to commence on the conclusion of the previous


In the meantime she received a letter from the insurance company informing us of the

renewal premium and that unless cancelled they would automatically renew the insurance.

Consequently my wife rang the insurance company and informed them that I was out of

the country and that we had found alternative insurance and wished to cancel. They would

not allow her to do so as she was not the policy holder - although she is a named driver on

the insurance.

When she informed them that I was not available to cancel the insurance myself they were

most unsympathetic and told her that she could not cancel and the insurance would continue.

She told them that she would inform the bank/credit card company not to pay the premeium

but they told her that they would still renew the policy and continue to seek payment.

She rang me last night most distressed because she did not know what to do and as it

is illegal to have 2 insurances on one vehicle, plus the expense I have emailed them myself

cancelling the insurance but they have not bothered to reply.

What can she do? I cannot phone the insurance company as it would cost the earth to phone

from eastern europe via mobile.

Any help and advice would be most appreciated.

Thank you.

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Get your wife to send the letter below, signed in your name.


Dear Sir,

Re: Motor Insurance Policy XXXXXX

Ref No: XXXXXXXX/ Renewal Date: 12th Auugust 2012

Thank you for the renewal quote for the above policy, which unfortunately is appreciably higher than other quotes I have obtained and therefore do not wish to renew at this time.


I have already cancelled renewal of the above policy by email and this letter is confirmation of that.

I also confirm that I do not authorise any future payment to be applied to my credit card in relation to the above policy.



Yours sincerely,

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Could you not write them a cancellation letter and post it? It's Hungary, not Outer Mongolia - it'll only take a few days. Or find a fax machine, since you haven't got long.


But as I understand it, mobile calls within the EU are capped now at about 30p/min so a phone call won't cost you the earth - a couple of quid to avoid a bill for several hundred seems worthwhile.


Meanwhile you should definitely cancel any DD arrangement to ensure they can't claim payment. A renewal notice is an invitation to extend a contract beyond the current expiry date, not a demand for payment and certainly not an open-ended contract, and if you don't pay then I think there's very little they could do to force you.


Short of anything else, your wife could write CANCELLED across the renewal notice, take a photocopy and post the original back by Recorded Delivery.


EDIT: Michael got in before me and his is a sensible suggestion - but do send it recorded if possible. The extra 70p or whatever to confirm date and time of delivery is worth its weight in gold with argumentative companies, and it sounds like your insurers are in that category!

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Just find out the Insurance companies fax no. or email address and send them a letter/message from Hungary.

We could do with some help from you.



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Thanks for your reply.#

Phone calls from Hungary are 35 p and considering that you have long waits etc

I could expect to be on the phone to them for a good 30 mins. Plus with the roaming

etc this pushes up the costs.

I went to an internet cafe and managed to send an email, but so far there is no


My wife told them that she would cancel the card etc. but the man she spoke to got

rather stroppy and told her tht it would make no difference they would just hound us

for the payment.

Most insurance companies I have dealt with over the years have always given you the

option of renewing, but not with this company - it was automtically renewed unless

you phoned to cancel so this was somewhat intimidating for my wife. Plus my wife has

always dealt with my insurances etc and we have never had this problem before.

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Thank you to everyone who has helped with this. I will get my wife to send a letter cancelling and

also to return the docs. I have to go off line now as my time has run out, but once again thanks

for all the advice.

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To stop this arising next year, when you send the proof of NCD to the new insurance company, enclose the following letter:


Dear Sir,

Re: Motor Insurance Policy XXXXXXX


I enclose proof of no claims discount for the above policy


I also confirm that I do not wish for this policy to be automatically renewed at expiry on 14th August 2013


Yours sincerely,

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Insurance companies are third in line for rip-offs to pay day loan companies and debt collection agencies.


Any letters should be sent Recorded Delivery. The card company should be 'TOLD' that the insurance has been cancelled and that no further premiums are authorised.

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Fair point about the wait. Sounds like a company to avoid anyway - I think the forum rules allow you to name them if you feel that you want to and that it wouldn't identify your case!

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