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Parking in Private residents of Sheltered accomodation

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I visit many residents in a residential home for the elderly folk.

The residence is " advertised as Sheltered accomodation and Retirment homes for the elderly"


However the residents have now aquired a new person who is 59 and is working full time.

He goes out to work at 5 30 am in the morning and is bacjkaround 9 30pm.

His works van is parked directly outside some of the residents flat windows and is restricting their views of peacful gardens. Many residents cannot go outside and this is all they have to look at. Also many residents a woken at 5 30 in the morning by the slamming of car doors when he puts his tools in.

Some residents have gone to the extrem by drawing their curtains as they do not want to look at the advertising on this van and they cannot see any thing else but this van.

Question One ) the works van is being parked on a private entrance to the home. Can he do this?

Question 2) Surley as ths is a residential home for the retired he should not have been allowed to live here. (He is not retired and certainly does no need sheltered accomodation)


If anyone con help with the legal side of this problem and you are able to help these elderly folk with this promblem you would be advise a s a p as they are in dispare.


Many thanks

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Hi and thank you for repyling to my thread,


Yes, he parks within the grounds of the care home.

I have taken this up with the warden, and she says that as a resident "he has the right to park his van if a space is available."

The home is advertised as a "residential home for the retirered with sheltered accomodation"


The residents cannot understand why some one who is 59 and is working full time with no disablities who has just seperated from his wife should be given residence in the Court.

I beleive there are two issuse coming from the residents

1) they are being woken up at 5 30 am every morning by the slamming and sliding of doors when this person puts his tools in the van.

2) Why has someone being allowed in sheltered accomodation when he is clearly independant at the age of 59 working full time 5 30 am to 9 30pm and allowed to be in a retirement sheltered accomodation.


I feel a bit sorry for the residents, most of them in the 80 and 90s, will eventually go out of their flats in a box.


When his van is parked it is right in front of their flats I would say about 12ft away from there window.

They would normally have a view of lovely gardens, many residents are not able to venture out and this is their only view of the out side world.

Surley this is not a lot to ask for them to be able to look out of there windows and look at the trees., grass and flowers.


Do you know if legally a COMMERCIAL van can be permantly parked within such a short distance of residants homes?

Thank you so much for your interest in their problem, its such a pity these elder folks seem to just have to put up with thing these days whether they like it or not.


Regards Lynn

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if its private property [which it is , h can do what he like there are not laws govering prvate land


as a resident, he as well as the folks have all the same rights.


your issue is with the landowners or the property owners.


to resolve.


there is nowt the 'law' can do.



please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..

DCA's view debtors as suckers, marks and mugs

NO DCA has ANY legal powers whatsoever on ANY debt no matter what it's Type

and they

are NOT and can NEVER  be BAILIFFS. even if a debt has been to court..

If everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's Tomorrow, their industry would collapse overnight... 

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Seems very odd to me that someone of that age and still in full time employment would qualify to live in such accommodation. But at the end of the day, if it's a privately run facility there is not a lot you can do apart from bring the matter to the attention of the owners. I suppose you could enquire at the local authority to see if there is any breach in the rules in issuing the necessary permit to operate such an establishment if you feel so strongly about this.


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I think what you may need to do is write and request a copy of the complexes parking policy.

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I think what you may need to do is write and request a copy of the complexes parking policy.


I doubt this will help much.


The person is living there, he can park there. The problem is letting him live there and thats the point that needs addressing.


It seems that he is a hard working member of the community and is doing nothing wrong at all. unless he shouldn't be there.



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I doubt this will help much.


The person is living there, he can park there. The problem is letting him live there and thats the point that needs addressing.


It seems that he is a hard working member of the community and is doing nothing wrong at all. unless he shouldn't be there.




This is the point. The facility may be getting grants from the LA to provide accommodation for those who qualify for it. I doubt that this person falls into the necessary category. My first port of call would be the owner of the facility and see what reaction to the complaints the OP gets.


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Having looked at a number of these establishments in recent years for my mother the truth is that whilst many advertised themselves as retirement homes the only condition they had that reinforced that was a minimum age requirement. In the majority of cases the minimum age was 55 years but in one case was only 50. None dictated that my mother was actually retired even though she had been for some while.


Mum ultimately decided to stay at home but her friends took a flat at one of the same locations as we'd looked at. They are both in their late 60's but Reggie continues to offer bookkeeping services which brings in a reasonable income and causes no inconvenience to anyone. Should he stop his work because the place is advertised as a "retirement" location?

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Has anyone tried having a word with the van owner. He may not realise he is causing a problem. If he is, he could be in breach of his own tenancy.


If there is somewhere else he could park - the other side of the car park, say, then maybe he will agree so as not to cause a fuss. Most (not all) people are quite reasonable if they are approached calmly.


Otherwise, if you check the terms of the contract of someone you know who lives there, I'll bet there is something about causing a nuisance, disturbing others etc and it's odds on he will have the same terms - if you want to get 'heavy' with him.

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Hi and thanks for your response.


The residents had a meeting on Thursday and the parking problem was discussed.


The van man had taken the afternoon of especially for it, as apparently, thecourt manager had informed him that the parking problem would most likely come up, which it did.


The residents spoke out about their concerns that the van was completely restricting their views of the outside world, and they also raised the issue ofthe noise at 5 30am in the morning. Apparently, the Court Manager stood up andsaid "hang on there this is getting personal."


I was told that she was out of order to say this as they were not having a go at the man himself only where his parking his Van and the noise theywere having to put up with at 5 30am.


I’m told the van driver just laughed and said “that he was quite within hisrights he would not park his van on the road outside as he has tools init and they might get stolen


I’m informed by the residents that the court manager had informed thembefore this man came in to residence "he would have to park outside on theroad". However, a parking space became free shortly after he moved in. Itwas at that point the Court Manager then told him he could bring his vaninside.


I have actually e mailed the main office, of behalf of the residents as they asked if I would do this. My reply was “get them to fill in an anti-social behaviourform”


I spoke to the Court Manager on Friday and gave her a Copy of the email, her reply to me was "he had no right to tell the residents they should fill in an anti-social behaviour form, I will speak to him about the response he has given you, this is wrong"


However, some residents believe that it should be dealt with a Court level and others are saying we should go down the route of filling in the form.


One thing for sure, it is unsettling the residents , they don’t want to have to fight at their age and this man could easily park his van outside on the road,and bring his tools into his flat. The residents would then not hear him coming and going, particular so early in the morning.


Some residents are also asking why he has been allowed residence in as sheltered retirement home, when he works full time, (he is 59 and works these really odd hours) actually I think they have a point. (He does not need careand a pull cord for emergencies like these residents do)


I don’t think I can do much more to help them resolve these issues; even theCourt Manager has closed ranks and is supporting this man. I think I can feelthe Court Manager on the verge of telling me to mind my own business SHOULD I?


I have also been told on the grape vine that he was in another residence 15miles away, and apparently the residents and himself did not get on. One of thecareers from there has said he is a trouble maker, but getting that in write isprobably not going to happen.


The home is run by a non profit social Housing organisation for individuals and couples over the age of 55

It,s title being Sheltered and Retrirment accomodation for the over 55.

I believe that what most of you are say to me that this is where the problem is.

This man is over 59 NOT retired does not need sheltered housing and a pull cord for emergancies or a court manager to make sure that he is ok when he wakes up in the morning, or other facilities supplied for eldely residents to make life easier for them in their last years of life.


I am extremly grateful for all your views, but I am not sure what I can do to help resolve this problem for them.

I am of the opinion that I should be asking the question "why has he been allowed residance in the home when the only creteria he fits is he is over 55.


You guys on this site are alway my first port of call for a good discussion, well done

Thanks again


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I don't know what's best but I will say that, in my experience in life, when someone tells you to stop doing something (complaining, getting forms filled in, etc) you should double your efforts. Don't let people tell you what you can and can't do. If an anti-social behaviour complaint is viable, I say go for it.

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