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    • Thanks for your help, when am I likely  to receive the questionnaire?
    • Okay. By and large they are saying that the computer was a prohibited item and therefore it was carried at your own risk. Despite this they agree that they sold you insurance on it. They also say that it was damaged and could not be delivered – but they don't say that it was destroyed and they don't produce any evidence to say that it was damaged or why the damage was so much that they couldn't deliver it. Clearly wasn't sufficiently damaged that your address details et cetera were lost because they apparently know exactly which parcel you are talking about and they know exactly which parcel it was that they were meant to be delivering. They are completely aware of which parcel it was which was damaged and they are completely aware of the extent of the damage which allows them (they say) to say that they were unable to deliver it – or to return it to sender. Of course it's all nonsense. They haven't produced any evidence of damage and they haven't explained why they couldn't then deliver it or return it. It's only a laptop for goodness sakes. It's not an elephant. It's not perishable goods that started to decay in their wrapping and losing out or making smells and attracting flies et cetera. It was only a laptop. They also made a stupid mistake because they say that you didn't insure for £245 – but they have mistaken the figure that you are claiming because £25 of that is your claim fee. They now seem to be suggesting that you should also ensure of your claim fee!! These people are really stupid.   They don't say in what way the fact that it may have been a prohibited item somehow affected the risk of it being damaged. They don't explain why they knew it was a period item and yet they agreed to carry it and also they agreed to sell you insurance. At some point you will get an allocation questionnaire. Let us know when you get it. It will ask you which court you want to have it heard in – and she will indicate that it is your local court because you are a consumer and they are a trader. You will have to pay a fee if you are prepared to go on. Hermes will have indicated that they want to go to mediation – and you should agree. Read around the sub- forums about mediation and how it normally goes and how you will come under pressure from the mediator to reduce the value of your claim. Read what we have to say about that and our advice to you about standing up to the mediator. Let us know when you receive the next stage  
    • Congratulations and well done for standing up for yourself!  You did the right thing and I'm sure your dad would be proud of you.  I think the comment that your defendant was "bored of this" is quite telling - he was stringing you along to see if you would give up, and you wouldn't.   Well done.     If you are still keen to get it fixed properly - try asking at a "good" independent jewellers locally.  If they can't do it themselves they may be able to recommend somebody who can.  And if it's rare or valuable, try searching for a website of a trade guild or something.  There's one below.  (Hope you didn't find the other guy there!)   https://bwcmg.org/   And always ask for a quote beforehand and a realistic appraisal as to whether they can actually fix it.  (Try to get a proper repalcement strap like the original too!)    
    • Thanks for reply. AT time loan issued he was in debt for around £1.5k. CRA's around time loan issued show that only 4 credit cards (2 went to default in jun 19) a Paypal Credit account and a ShopDirect - all within 20% of credit limit on each. (and Car Insurance paid mthly) Since loan issued he took out a Everyday loan which has another 20mths to go, but has been paid on time without any missed or negative marker. No defaults were ever recorded on his closed accounts.  
    • Phoned the court this morning...they said pay £255 if you want to apply to adjourn and it might not work as late...the last few lines are just the date and signature of the solicitor which is why I missed them out...   GODF Comprerssed .pdf
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Full-time student - chances of getting the money back?

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I believe that you deal with such cases on this message board quite frequently, but I have some questions and I would welcome the opinions of local experienced folk.


I am registered as a full-time university student (sorry for my English in advance, I am foreign) just finishing my masters programme, I did undertake a full-time undergraduate degree here in the UK in the past as well. I was in a full-time employment during these periods, I used to work on nights and I was studying on days.


I got charged by Lloyds TSB plenty of times, as I was paying my university fees out of my own pocket, except one year and I am still every month in deep overdraft (2000GBP) on my Platinum Account (I have it just to have this overdraft option with lower interest), plus both my credit cards are permanently empty. I am pretty sure that once I am done with paying my university fees (which happened quite recently), I can get out of the debt very quickly.


Today, I was charged once again this time it was 70 pounds for unplanned overdraft and another 40 or so for the returned DDs. Now this happened in the past as well, even during my 9-month long unemployment period LLoyds kept charging me all the crazy fees and as far as I am counting, I payed probably 1500 on unplanned overdraft fees and returned DDs fees. This often happened just because the bank charged me its own fees and because of them I got into unplanned OD, one month later I was eventually charged for this one as well.


As I am a self-employed person right now, but still in a full-time education (I should graduate in December), are there any chances I could be successful in claiming back my money? I do have an income, which is much higher than the minimum wage, but I am still in continuous debt, as I had to pay my university charges and accommodation fees regularly.


The last question is rather hypothetical - I am planning to remain in a self-employment status and maybe in the future I may try to ask either for a mortgage or high-amount loan, will that influence my relationship with the bank and will the other banks know if I will try to claim back the charges back? Is there no "blacklist" of customer who did that and they will have it difficult to ask for a loan of a mortgage?


I will welcome any kind of advice.



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