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I missed a payment with my BM mortgage in Feb when I changed bank accounts. A manager phoned me and laid into me bigstyle, threatening repossesion, etc. He followed this up with a rather vile and threatening letter. I complained, and got £25 in compensation from BM. However, as they had charged me £35, I felt this was unfair and complained again.

BM didn't take the next months payment. I called them and asked for a new Direct debit, in case that was the problem - another £35 on the account for it being late.

No direct debit came, but a debt "counsellor" did - another £85 on the "arrears"

I told him politely, that if BM got their finger out, and got the DD set up, I'd pay the whole thing off then and there. This was April by now, and I was technically three months behind, although the money was in the bank.

Nothing more, despite me calling them - they said they'd sort it out once the DD was set up.

In June, a mandate form arrived at last. Along with a "Repossession Proceedings Issued." letter.

I called them, and made an offer to pay, if they removed the fees we were disputing.

This is where they seemd to lose the plot.

Over the last month or so, I've had every story told by them, contradicting stuff, demands for court action, etc., etc. They would take the money, they wouldn't take the money, etc.

They've "lost" the request for a DPA disclosure not once, not twice, but three times. They've lost the request for transcripts of all the calls the same number of times.

They've said they will accept payment, but they are still taking me to court.

They call me out of the blue, just to tell me they're not prepared to discuss the matter with me. (Strangest thing I've ever heard of.)

They then claim they have no plans to take me to court, but then their lawyers called me with a date of 3rd August.


I've neither the time nor the tolerance for such idiots. I've written to the FSA, making a formal complaint (Because BM have said they've closed the complaint, but won't write me a final letter confirming that.) but I'm obviously concerned about the situation.


What's my position / alternatives? I'm prepared to pay the "arrears" minus the "fees" if they stop court action, and they have categorically refused.

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