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I've moved to UK nearly 4 years ago.

I left a very good,

managerial job in my country to join my british husband.


After 4 month intensive job hunt I have found an admin job in one of non profit organisations.

I accepted the fact my employer ''didn' recognise'' my previous experience asking me to gain some British office experience,

and it worked pretty well.


after one year I was given more responsible role but then I left for my maternity leave.


The organisation underwent loads of changes while I was away, the role given to me before I left was terminated.

I am now working part time since nivember.

I didnt get my new contract yet, they never gave me my new role name so decided to put an admin assistand in my emails just because I thought it's nice to have a role within the office.


. I feel like a thing. People (other workers) are comming into the office asking my manager if they could ''rent'' me for half a day, day or so

,just as though I am her personal belonging.


I am never asked if I am busy at certain moment, I am just given an order.


When I refuse my manager is ignoring me for the rest of a day.


If I am not helping other people I am usually given tasks like:


cleaning up cupoards,

addressing envelopes also

carrying boxes.


When I am asking for more responsible tasks and more work i am given some data to entry.

The unfortunate thing is that I've started to believe I am useles and not qualified enough to work in this country which,

makes me feel terrified to loose this job even though I hate it.


I used to be a manager in a busy office working with some of the biggest factories in Europe

and now im cinvinced I am not good enouth to shred a piece of paper in UK.


although people are friendly their actions towards me makes me feel worse than they are.


there i loads of jokes about my nationality which started to bother me now as they are usually said in front of visitors in the office.

what do you think about it? Am I just being dramatic?:???:

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In my humble opinion no you are not just being dramatic. Some of the things you have described like the jokes are completely inappropriate and can never be condoned or justified. The fact that they are said in front of visitors to your office makes it even worse.


Regardless of what country you come from, you are a human being and this affords you certain rights including the right to be respected and treated with dignity. Sounds like moral is very low in your office following the changes and everyone is in fear for their job. These are prime conditions for standards to slip and things that would never have been allowed before to be over looked.


Regardless of whether this is or is not bullying, it certainly is discrimination and racism. The comments about can someone "rent" you for half a day are downright disgusting.


So as I see it from what you have said there are three options here:


1) Continue as you are doing. Ignore the comments from colleagues and allow them to continue treating you as a second class citizen. It is clear the negative effect this is having on you already from what you have said and things will only get worse. Eventually this will start to really effect your health as well as your relationships outside of work.


2) Make a decision that you are worth more than this and will not allow these insecure and insignificant little people treat you like this. You hand in your notice of intent to leave and for the remainder of your time there keep reminding yourself they are doing this because they are completely insecure and believe they will never get anywhere in life because they are worthless. You will never gain or achieve anything more than what you have now with this company because from what you have said your manager and colleagues feel threatened by you. You come across as a hard worker and someone who puts their best into everything they do. Whereas for your colleagues they will never get anything better than what they have so will just turn up and do the bare minimum to get by. A little phrase I learned some time ago which I keep reminding myself of is " People who can do, people who can't bully. "


3) Make a formal complaint. It is highly unlikely anything will be done about your situation but you must go through the companies own formal grievance procedure in order to bring your employer before a tribunal. I am not a qualified solicitor or expert of any kind, however in my humble opinion what you are being faced with is pure discrimination & racism. It is a sad fact, but I think it only fair to give you the full picture that statistically just 8% of claims brought before a tribunal are successful.


I realise all of this may seem quite daunting, however I believe it is only fair to be straight with you and share my opinion based on personal experience. One thing that is for sure is that in no way does this reflect on you as an individual, nor is there anything you have done or not done which has caused this. It is all down to circumstances and other peoples insecurities, all of which are completely out of your control.


You deserve so much better than this and in my humble opinion the longer you stay there the worse it will get. Yes the job market is tough at the moment, but what price are you willing to pay just to have a ****ty job in an office? You can and have done so much better.


So the ball is in your court now and the decision is completely yours. Only you can decide what to do for the best. No matter what decision you make, know that you are not alone. There are many others on this forum who have been through what you are going through and will always be only too happy to lend a sympathetic ear.


Also let your close friends/family know what is going on. Whatever decision you make you will need all the friends and support available to get through this.


Hold your head up high and rest easy knowing that none of this is your fault and no matter what you are not alone.


Stay strong and please keep in touch.


Best Wishes



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Well, it sounds very much to me as though you're being asked to perform admin work, and as your job is admin, there's nothing untoward there. Usually your contract will state you have to undertake whatever tasks your boss asks you to. The reality is that you took a less qualified role than your previous management job, but you seem to be expecting a higher level of responsibility. You won't get a high level of responsibility in an admin assistant role and it's completely acceptable for your employer to give you the roles they have been doing.


That aside, however, the jokes based on your nationality are completely unacceptable! It may be worth raising a race

discrimination grievance. If they sack you for raising allegations of discrimination, you can bring an unfair dismissal claim.


I would strongly suggest that you search for a job which you consider to be more appropriate to your skills set as I don't think you'll ever be happy at your current level.

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there i loads of jokes about my nationality which started to bother me now as they are usually said in front of visitors in the office.



That is a very serious offense in the UK, and you MUST report it. Make sure you exhaust your employers complaints procedure first, then take it higher if its not resolved.

Any advice i give is my own and is based solely on personal experience. If in any doubt about a situation , please contact a certified legal representative or debt counsellor..



If my advice helps you, click the star icon at the bottom of my post and feel free to say thanks


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