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well this really takes the biscuit


.. in april of this year my son had a new electric meter fitted by edf.

. today 17th july 2012.


.. edf turned up at my sons house with the police and a court warrent to search his home as edf said he was not using enough eletric..

. it turned out that edf had not updated their files when the new meter was put in.


the police searched the hole house.


the bloke from edf went to the new meter.


in total they were their for 30 minuets on leaving the police said sorry.


my son is on benifits due to his knee disabilities. and funds are limited.


they only use what they need on their electric. whioch is about 20 to 30 pounds a week..


my son is really mad with edf.

can they do this.

and what action can my son take against edf for the folse claim

because edf couldnt do their paper work properly

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If they had a court warrent then not much you could do to prevent them.

seems strange it was granted though for such a flimsy reason?

20-30 pounds a week is a lot. I only use 30/month!

I would certainly send a letter of complaint to EDF and ask for explanation and hope they would compensate your son for the distress caused etc.

Or failing that you could sue for compensation for the distress/invasion of privacy etc.

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thanks for that. looking at the warrent it shows that edf never updated their records as the electric man said... it was his foult and that the meter hasnt be touch, and that it was the new electric key because it had not been registerd to the address. again the records werent updated.

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I am fairly sure there is a precedent for warrants obtained in error or by misrepresentation.


I remember one granted for TV licensing, after claiming they could see a TV in a house and it lighting the curtains later.


When the house was raided - it was an Amish family without electricity.

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This is a shocking story.

Was there any contact at all beween the new meter being fitted and the warrant being actioned ?

Letters/phone calls ?

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