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PPI reclaim loans.co.uk future mortgages [citi group] - FOS taking ages

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did you ever SAR can SQ?


cant see how you can make any decision without looking at the data they have.


you cant have both plevin and premiums+int+stat int paid back

its one or the other.


certainly if you accept the +£5k plevin offer that the whole claim settled regardless.




please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


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Thanks for the feedback folks, i was hoping someone would say "Yes" its definitely worth asking them to look at the full PPI complaint again.


Hi Dx,

no we have not sent a SAR to canada square, im not sure though that they would be the people to send a SAR to?

Are they not just an agent handling complaints on behalf of lending companies ?

If we were to SAR anyone would future mortgages or their parent company Citi group not be the correct company to go to ?


Can i ask what the purpose of a SAR at this stage would be ?

If its so that we can see documents that we may have now discarded that is unlikely as i kept copies of absolutely everything,


i have the application form,

the offer of loan,

credit agreement,

insurance terms and conditions etc etc.


I also believe that they still have copies of the same documents (or at least they did in 2009 when the CMC we were using first complained on our behalf) the rejection letter that they sent the CMC back in 2010 states that they had studied the credit agreement, insurance application form and needs analysis form.


Im 100% convinced we have a legitimate complaint, we have been paid out over the last few years off many high street lenders for similar reasons of complaint without any fuss.


I cant help but feel that complaining back in the early days (2009) has not helped us,

if i remember correctly at that time the lenders were somewhat digging their heals in and refusing many PPI complaints.


Did the banks also not try going to court after 2010 to get the whole PPI thing Stopped, but lost ?

Then after the court case things in general seemed to get a whole lot easier for everyone.


Any further thoughts much appreciated folks,

thanks steve.

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The thing is they've already rejected the complaint on mis-selling grounds and there is no obligation for them to reconsider. You're well out of time to go to FOS too so you're flogging a dead horse in my view. 

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Hi cjcregg, we could not go to the FOS anyway, its already been with them after the 1st complaint as explained in post 22.


What do you think about my theory regarding the time we made our 1st complaint ?

i just get the feeling if we had not complained about this until after the banks lost their case in the high court and began being more cooperative and upholding customer complaints (shall we say with less fight than they had been) the outcome may have been different.

Thanks Steve.

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the fos couldn't help as future mortgages were not regulated by them until 2005, however the underwriters most probably were, under gisc or api.

there are numerous threads here on future mortgage ppi/set up.


the reason why I suggested an sar and to see the scan of the letter is often subtly ways sentences are written exposes lines of further investigation and we never get those by someone typing their take on what a letter says.


CS will not re-open unless new information was submitted, to date we haven't seen anything so we cant comment if you've missed anything.




please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


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