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Job offer but offering to set up companies(??)

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I went for a job interview, which was supposed to be paid work for admin. However now the person has said instead he will set up companies in my name (I am currently self employed and looking to expand to have my own business) and in return I can use his office space for free, and he will advertise and take on staff for my company. Only I don't need an office and don't really need staff, I just want to do this on my own.


I told him this and I said the reason I want the job with him is because I just need some money to pay the bills, and I'm doing my own business in my own time. He said to try and think of a business plan of what money I would need in order to convince me.



I am so confused - what does he get out of this? Well I guess me working for nothing doing his admin too, but is it dodgy? I said no and I want to be employed, but now I'm even worried about getting paid by him at all. What he said made sense, about advertising and getting more clients but I'm just a small sole trader, so it doesn't appeal to me.



I'm going to say no and just do the work for him but he was saying when there's downtime to start working on this business plan etc, I'm not that good at saying no, I don't want to be talked into it, especially if he's dodgy.



He was saying about having mutliple companies as he is someone that registers businesses for people.



Please can someone tell me if this is something dodgy and should I just not do any work for this person? It's really made me concerned and he has my personal details, copy of my ID etc, for the employment, I'm worried is it some sort of [problem]?

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This will probably do better in the Employment forum - it's not really a benefits issue. Moving now.




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Hello there.


I can see why you're concerned. I don't understand why he would want to do this either at the moment.


I hope more advice will be forthcoming from the forum.


My best, HB

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Sounds like he is trying to sell you company registration and there will be a fee for that.


Just say no and wait for a proper job.

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Set up companies in your name, what so you can take any hit on whatever [problem] he has in mind????


Have you checked HIM out eg at Companies House http://wck2.companieshouse.gov.uk/a19433d36800c68138da0ce52d35fd90/wcframe?name=accessCompanyInfo



You may need to pay a fee to CH to get the info.

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Have to agree this is worrying why does he need to setup these companies in your name i.e. you are the named Director of that company on paper with all the legal rights and responsibilities that go with it.


To give you and example look up the Ministry of Justice - Corporate Homicide and Manslaughter Act.


I would do a lot of research on this individual and these supposed companies before agreeing to anything something just doesnt add up.

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Thank you, I hadn't even thought about that. Do you think it's still OK to be employed by this person? I don't want to be involved in something dodgy (although we don't know it's dodgy), and I have decided to definitely say "no" to setting up these companies.

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I wouldn't go near him, his company or his work. At best your wages, tax and national insurance will not be paid at some point, at worst he'll end up coercing or tricking you into doing what he wanted all along.


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