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    • Welcome to the real world. What year of university are you in? What university? And what are you studying? What is the name of the agent? And what is the name of the landlord? The business of holding deposits should be affected by the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and that means that they should be subject to terms relating to fairness. It seems to me that if you pull out of an agreement to take the property then the agent or landlord should only be entitled to hold on to sufficient funds to cover any administrative losses which they have suffered as a result of your change of decision. In practice many agents will simply take the opportunity to cream off a bit of extra profit. I suppose you just paid the money over without any kind of written agreement or recording or any evidence. Certainly, if you paid over a holding deposit on the basis of a particular contractual promise – that there would be a break clause and then subsequently there was no break clause then it would be a simple matter to argue that it was the agent of the landlord who had gone into the breach of contract in which case you would be entitled to recover all of your money. However do you have evidence of this? Similarly, if you pay the holding deposit and were only told afterwards that it was not refundable then it is arguable – although not cut and dried – that they had introduced a new term into an existing contract and so once again, you would be entitled to recover all of your money. However, once again – do you have any evidence of this? It will be interesting to know whether the agent is acting of their own initiative here or whether they are really exercising the will of the landlord. Please address the questions which I've put above
    • The house was sold in 2015. What’s Ll/BB. Can any one just say what I need to do. Or what I can do. Are Lowell in there rights to claim and therefore I’m liable for paying back the debt. Even though they can’t prove a contract to me in my name. Many thanks 
    • Hi GrievingMum   I fully understand and sympathise with your medical conditions.   The 3 screenshots/images in post#21 I have removed as I have converted those into one PDF which is now showing in that post.   CAG prefers PDFs rather than multiple screenshots/images but as I said I appreciate your medical condition so I have converted those screenshots/images into one PDF and removed the screenshots/images and left the PDF in your post.    CAG also prefers that all our caggers remain Anonymous on CAG, could I just suggest that when your have edited your document to just leave it for a while then go back to it and recheck that you have removed all info to keep you anonymous before uploading to CAG.
    • The letter send to contact them. Maybe if they wanted people to ring them they should put telephone? I was in India at the time so not really convenient to call them (I can prove this to them if it became an issue)  
    • Hi  I genuinely have not received this BUT I am not saying that it hasnt been sent as I am sure it will have been.   As i said, my son has the same name as me and I am sure if he had seen one of these, he will have let me know as he did when he opened the second letter. 
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I made a claim for PPI through a company, I was claiming against one loan only. I filled out the claim form in my name only and signed the consent/bank authority form. my husband was not mentioned on the claim form, neither did he sign the consent form.


When I received the offer from my bank, they had based the amount on all loans dating back to 2003. They sent a breakdown of the amounts awarded for each loan including the loans my husband took out in his name only. Unknown to me, the bank then passed this information to the Claims Management Company. As my husband did not make a claim through this company and did not give his consent for any information regarding his loans to be released to a third party, are the bank guily of breaching the Data Protection Act?


In addition to this the company are now expecting me to pay them a fee based on the total amount and not just against the one item I had claimed for, are they allowed to do this as my husband did not give his consent?

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161 views and not one single reply. Thanks a lotfolks

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i would say NO


and quite honestly DUMP them too.


you'll be losing +30% of the money to the CMC


if you let them have it.


ico is the people to complain to about your hubbys data breach.





please do not post jpg images directly to a topic..USE PDF ....READ UPLOAD.



Single Premium PPI Q&A Read Here

Reclaim mis-sold PPI Read Here

Reclaim Bank Account, Loan & Credit Card Charges Read Here

The CAG Interest Tutorial Read Here



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my house mate is in a similar position with one of these companies atm - before she realised how simple it was to do herself and as part of a DMP she used this company to look at ppi on the loans within the DMP. None of these had ppi and she knows that for a fact, however in the process the original lender paid back on a settled loan they claims company were not asked to look at.


She sent them a lovely letter informing them that as she had not asked them to investigate anything other than the three accounts specified on the form they sent to her she viewed their efforts on this successful one as a kind and generous act on their part but did not feel obliged to pay them since she had not instructed them to carry the workout. It's all quiet right now, but no doubt it will start again at some point

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