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    • Hello, welcome to CAG. I've moved your thread to our Retail Loss Prevention / shoplifting forum for further advice.   Firstly, it's usually easier to deal direct with the person who has the problem. Is your brother with you and able to follow this thread?   We normally recommend that someone who's shoplifted has a chat with their GP or a helpline to see if there's anything else going on in their lives to make them do this or if there's extra help available. The important thing is that YB doesn't do this again because if there are other instances, it will get more serious. As you say, he needs to stay away from Sainsbury's.   See what others here think about writing back to DWF if you hear from them but I certainly wouldn't start playing games over this. How much money are we talking about please? Also, have you been looking at Freemen on the Land type websites?   Best, HB
    • When I say pay I mean it figuratively, however, the change in terms and conditions of the credit card will have some real life costs to me- it was the card I use when we go on holiday which is often outside the eurozone. Our countries of choice are usually Poland, Croatia and the Czech republic and prior to the war, Kyiv.   I am indeed wondering if the movement of money has flagged something but there are really straightforward answers if only they asked. If that is the reason then fair enough and lesson learned , by the way it was not mega bucks, the maximum cash deposit was £1300. I had also been paying the ground rent for my partner for 10 months and then deposited a cheque for 10 months ground rent. When we go away , I like to have some money in different accounts incase any do not work where we are going, but I am not affluent enough to be able to have it sitting there when we get back.   I have checked an up to date version of my credit file and there are no cifas markers.  
    • Hi, my brother last week received a ban from Sainsbury for not paying for goods. No police was involved, and they took his ID and said it was internal and that he is not welcome in any of theirs and partner store. If he receives any dwf letters repeatedly, how he handle it. we had a tragedy in our family, being distracted and forgetting to pay is not an excuse, and  regrets it. However the security guards don't seem to care as he didn't pay. im trying tell him not to worry. however, in many forums that I have read, states that we ignore these threats as they are testing and using scare tactics. Shall I just ignore these or shall I send them a letter stating " any liability to their client is denied and that we will not enter into any further correspondence". Then, am I giving them a reason to pursue more because I have responded? I Have also asked my brother not to go into any Sainsbury for a very long time. As mentioned, no police was involved and he was just escorted out of the store. Please advise a professional response on how to deal with this. We haven't received any letters yet and hoping there is a chance he won't get one......   One more clarification, if they keep sending letters, which we will ignore, but after the 4 or 5th letter, could we return the letter stating .."return to sender" or say "moved". This way, perhaps they will stop sending and move on.. What is ur advice? Also does DFW always send letters after such an incident? Or on occasion they ignore. Tank you. Any advice is helpful.
    • Hi not sure if in right place , but i got some windows fitted in 2018   about 6 months later noticed in a couple of the windows on the opening a gap appeared and noise and air was apparent , i went to the shop and mentioned it and said someone would come out never did.   to cut it short many times going to shop / messaging they have been out afew times always with a excuse saying forgot where they put parts then saying they would replace 2 of the windows , then saying they ordered the wrong windows this was the latest back in feb this year , so ive had enough now and looking at taking them to small claims court .   Ive always thought all the windows are not right as since the new windows the house seems colder and noisier so would i be able to claim for all the windows or would i need to get a independent review of the windows before making a claim . I dont want to put a claim in then find i should have done things first . Many thanks for any help . David 
    • No worries, it's easy done post in your thread   Admin - please delete mine and Yorky's posts from this thread
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