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Post Office attitude to pre paid post

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I would like to gather here some successfull actions people took to curb the increasingly offensive attitude I am seeing myself and heard others having to endure when they take prepaid post to the PO to be dispatched.


More and more I have the feeling that it will come a day when they will say 'I won't accept your package' and I wouldn't know what to do then, on the spot.


Take a look here. This fellow made a second attempt to hand in a parcel and twice he was refused service. Only this time he was wired and the whole incident ended up on the web here. Actually this case raises more acute questions about discrimination, the irrelevance of the law and the role of the police.


As I think nobody would like this to happen to them, please do write what would you realistically do in a similar situation or even better what you have already done.

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my local post office refused to take a parcel from myself a few months ago... ebay sales can be delivered by parcelforce for 10... to post over the counter would be about 20 or 30 quid. so i regularly quote parcel force prices of 12- £13... and IF it can be delivered cheaper via royal mail/etc I WILL do so and refund the difference... just to make sure the customers get the best price... but so as not to stiff myself, i always quote the most expensive possible...


the only thing i did was argue for five mins, that all i need is them to give me a reciept saying nothing had been paid, but with the tracking ID on... as proof of postage,, and obviously if i hadnt paid, then it would simply be returned to me"!!! they outright refused.


I said CALL PARCELFORCE then... they refused, so i went, you know what... **** it... and went to post office 3 miles away...


its not post office, its arrogant little egits behind the counter with their power trips...

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I run a small eBay business selling everything from collectables to new items (30-50 parcels per week), the nature of my business demands/suits that I can enter, pay for, print labels and automatically add tracking numbers online directly from my PC, I only ever use SIGNED, TRACKED or TRACKED & SIGNED mail, I pay the extra for security reasons (thats what the service is there for).

For years now I have come across many Post Office' who seem to think that they can practically refuse (I have almost been refused at one PO but after a 10 minute 'shouting match' & 'stand off' but eventually they relented and accepted giving me the receipt I am entitled to and require in order to prove postage should it go missing).

Many times I have been asked to take my prepaid parcels elsewhere or even PO staff giving me advice on how I should post with them (when in a time of failing and closing PO's this is nearly always very inconvenient as another PO may be miles away or the postal system they are suggesting DOES NOT SUIT ME).

Because I only send Signed or Tracked it is imperative that the PO gives me an individual receipt with POST CODE & TRACKING NUMBER added (same as you would get if you paid at the PO)....this is when the fun starts! (not really fun more very annoying), certain PO's go to great length to tell me that they are not getting paid to give me a receipt that I have already paid for and that they are CONTRACTUALLY obliged to give me (PO vs Royal Mail Contract), instead they try to scan the barcode which only enters the tracking number and neglect to type in the POST CODE so if I have to send photographic proof of posting/receipt in event of lost parcel I cannot link the post code to the tracking number rendering my receipt useless - and to emphasise this point I have already lost £180.00 this exact way even though I had this so called receipt.

I know the PO job backwards with the many many hours I have stood at the counter (sometimes even having to tell poorly trained or just plain useless staff how to do their job).

The Post Office is a PUBLIC SERVICE and unfortunately many within the Post Office trade these days have forgotten or just ignore this fact, far too many PO workers are blaming the General Public for the ROYAL MAIL CONTRACT the POST OFFICE has signed up to...Heres how it should work: I bring a parcel to the Post Office (assuming it has been paid correctly and contains no banned items) and they MUST ACCEPT IT! PUBLIC SERVICE!! CORRECT RECEIPT PLEASE!!!....Full Stop!!!!

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