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    • I will revert back if i get paid the £321.00 
    • so from august 2019 till june 2020, when harvey's went bang, you did nothing to chase this up? then you wrote your first letter to creation, the finance company?   sorry i must say this story is getting mighty confusing..for want of a different word.    so how did this ultimately end in benson's getting involved?
    • I called the hermes help desk to see if they had done anymore to locate my rather large parcel, this was after submitting the online claim form. He told me they there was no chance of it being found.   I asked  if i am covered, he spoke to the claims department and came back and confirmed it was covered including the shipping cost of £21.00 so £321 would be paid back.    Nothing formal from the claim team in writing so far.        
    • It was The repair team that do work for Harvey’s. They had to come out three times in the space of four months. After the last visit in august 2019 Harvey’s contacted us to say they would replace the sofas
    • If you can spend some time reading around the threads here as I've already suggested, you will understand what we have to say about the so-called insurance cover and how it is unfair and unenforceable. Please familiarise yourself with this. Have they actually agreed to pay out on the insured value? Not only should you have the value of your lost items that you should also have the cost of the delivery as well as the insurance back. They don't care about losing a lot of business. They've got a huge amount of business and although they are the most complained about courier company in the country, I expect that 98% of their deliveries are successful. Of course when you talk about the remaining 2% of millions – it still ends up with a lot of loss parcels. The really disgusting thing is how Hermes then deny liability and try to force people to accept their losses. Most people give up but people who come here normally get their money back – but in your case afraid it does depend on the correct declared value
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Help for my Mother in Law please

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Hope I am in the right place with this,

My Mum in law doesn't really have much debt etc but has had credit in the past and always pays household bills on time and basically has a very good credit rating. She is recently widowed and gets around £1000 per month income from pensions.

She has asked me for advice about getting a loan to sort out her home ( she shouldn't ask me for advice, my credit rating is terrible) So I was hoping you guys could help.

She has banked with Natwest for donkey's years and even has a £3,500 overdraft which she never touches but she is afraid to apply for a loan in case they refuse her saying she can't afford the repayments. I said just apply and see what happens but she won't, she wants to know if they would say no BEFORE she applies (yes crazy I know)

So, She wants just over £9,000 for 5 years. The website quotes £197 per month and as I said, credit rating is very good so what do you think they will say? Will they accept her or turn her down?

Somebody give me some advice please as she is driving me nuts. She is 64 by the way. Cheers.

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This looks much better and much much cheaper.




If people know any downsides to this kind of borrowing, maybe they can let us know.


Here are some articles




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I was listening to an article on Radio 4 the other day about Zopa and they were saying they had a default rate of 0.5% which is extremely low.


The downside is that the lenders are not covered by the banks compensation scheme which is probably why they split the loans between many private lenders

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Hi thanks for the replies and we have had a look at Zopa but she wasn't too keen.

Anyway, she has applied today online with Natwest and it said she had been approved and once she signed the agreement online it says the money will be in her account the next working day.

She wants to get the ball rolling with the home improvements but is still a bit unsure as to whether they may do final checks etc and change their minds. Does anyone know if this does happen with Natwest or has it happened to you?

She just doesn't want to book appointments and then get a call on Monday saying sorry, NO or do you think she has got it and can get on with things now?

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She should wait until the money is im her account before booking appointments.

Given her history as you've described it I would have thought she would be a low risk and have no trouble borrowing money.


Tell her to remember the 2 golden rules re the house improvements.

1. Get at least 3 quotes (preferably from recommended tradesmen).

2. NEVER Pay up front for work.





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Yes, good advice thanks,

Well.....she just rang me and said she logged into her account and there is a new account showing (obviously the loan account) It says -9000 and available zero. She clicked on it and it says paid out 15th June but there is nothing been paid into her bank account so now she is panicking. She can't ring them up because she has forgotten the pin for telephone banking and when she tried before they said she had given wrong one and wouldn't speak to her.

Any ideas on this please guys??

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