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HSBC want £1 per sheet for statements!

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Having just successfully won against Halifax, £4699 in total, for our joint account, my wife has today asked her HSBC branch for her statements for last six years. Yes they said, the first year is free and then we want £1 per sheet after that! Although my wife quoted the DP Act and the max £10 charge they wouldn't budge. So in the branch she sat down and wrote the DPA letter, asking them to send it to the correct dept.

From others experience is this how the HSBC operate?

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I sent a DPA letter to my local HSBC branch without even including the £10 fee and received copies of all my statements in the post.

11/08/06 Data Protection Act Letters to Barclays, Barclaycard and HSBC

Statements received from HSBC (without any £10 fee)

Microfiche nonsense from Barclaycard

13/09/06 First letter to HSBC for £260 + £54 interest

Statements (printout from microfiche) from Barclays

25/09/06 Refusal from HSBC

29/09/06 LBA sent to HSBC

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nor me write a letter send it to one of the address's we have for them requesting statements i have just got mine only 6 days after sending letter!

sent mine to ian shepherd

good luck

just hoping isnt enough ASK!


CO OP £170 charges

09/08/06 first letter sent recorded

12/08/06 first letter acknowledged

24/08/06 LBA letter sent recorded

02/08/06 acknowledged please wait a further 6 wks for reply

14/09/06 MCO filed

20/09/06 charges refunded!!!!

23/10/06 request for statements mbna offer £140.00 prem letter sent

23/10/06 first letter sent hsbc (2 accounts) £2900 approx) LBA sent

23/10/06 LBA A&L claiming back £186.50 first letter ignored) MCOL filed 25/11/06

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I think the individual in the branch is probably just incompetent. I can't see it being a policy decision.

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You can get your statement online, free of charge :)

HSBC - Received offer for 3621, accepted confidentiality crossed out. Money in bank 10/10/06!


Barclaycard - 180.00 LBA sent 5/10/2006

72.00 offered, rejected.


MBNA - S.A.R sent 13/9/2006 :idea:


Mint - 244.00 prelim sent 30/9/2006


Dorothy Perkins and GE money - S.A.R sent 30/9/2006


Simpley BE - S.A.R sent 30/9/2006


What I say is of my own opinion. Seek professional legal advice if need be.


If I have helped, tip the scales! Thank you x :)

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SAR complete with payment is the best approach, i havent heard yet that anyone has actually had to pay for statements after submitting the SAR.

The branch are probably behavign as they have been taught, and wont have the first idea how to dela with soemthing out of the ordinary.

By posting the SAR and payment, it gives the bank a cleaer indication that you know what to do and how to do it, they are less likley to give you the run around.

I love the smell of banks coughing up refunds early in the morning

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I recieved an acknowledgement letter dated 26.10.06, along with my £10, which they said they would gladly cover. got my first batch of statements today 2.11.06, 19 separate letters. I think the staff in your branch must be a bit dumb. I cant believe how much money these vultures are conning out of us.

Its revolution time!!!:grin: 8-)

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