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WTC Joint claim query

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My lodger has claimed working tax credit disability element since 2009. He has just received a letter asking why he did not make a joint claim with me. The letter asks for evidence to support his reasons for not making a joint claim.


When making the claim originally I inquired on his behalf with the local CAB and the HMRC helpline and was given the same quidelines. We can share a property if he has his own bedroom, we do not engage in sexual activity and we do not eat meals together. As we met the criteria he applied for WTC.


Can anyone help me with pointers with regard to the evidence they require?


All household bills are in my name, including council tax (I pay the additional 25% for a second person as my lodger is not under any obligation to pay this), all bank accounts, savings and pensions are in separate names. I own the property outright in my own name.


My lodger does not get involved in any outgoings in the property apart from his own personal banking and mobile phone contract. Therefore I am unsure what he will have to provide as evidence.


The reason we did not make a joint claim is ironically it would be fraud.

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Any ideas on how to approach this one. I am beginning to fume, having re read the letter I am most annoyed to read the comment "We have information that there is another adult, stating my name, living at your address". I am more than happy to help the lodger out but rather dubious about giving him my personal details such as bank accounts, savings, credit card statements etc. The lodger knows nothing about my personal circumstances and I would prefer it to stay that way.

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Thanks for your reply Sally - I returned to work in March and made a claim for myself for WTC disability element. I was previously on ESA and in the Support Group.


With regard to the council tax. The whole bill is in my name, including the lodgers element as the bill has to come to the owner of the household. Therefore he is under no obligation to pay his 25%. I have always been happy with this arrangement as I know that the Council Tax will always be paid and nor arrears will accrue on the account.


We are definately two single people living under the same roof. Now all I have to do is provide evidence of this and not quite sure how to go about it.

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I'm not sure how you can provide evidence that you are 2 single people living under the same roof.


Have either of you had your tax credits stopped yet?


I'm not sure if the onus is on you to prove you are single people or HMRC to prove you are a couple.


Trouble is they can stop the tax credit payments.


Really don't know the answer and not sure if anyone else does, think it is subjective on who decides.


Sorry i don't know the answer/s.



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Thank you for your reply Sally. I myself agree with probably end in a stale mate situation and he will have to pay the working tax credit back. His payments have stopped. Although I will draft a letter for him and see what the outcome is.

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