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    • If you are sending three separate parcels to 3 separate "customers" then this tends to make you a trader and not a private seller. What makes you think you are a private seller?   I have private ebay account and i am not registered as sole trader. But yes, i sell good at eBay in amount. I plan to register as sole trader in thew future, will it affect my claim process against Parcel2go, if another parcels will be lost, after i register as sole-trader? Anyway, you will only be able to claim for the value of the parcels as long as they were correctly represented. For some reason rather you have deliberately misrepresented the value of one of the parcels and I'm afraid you will only be able to claim for that lower amount.   I have got that. I am always write full value now.  Have you begun the claims process? These are quite small amounts and I thought that there was a minimum amount which was automatically covered with the basic delivery cost. Is that wrong?   I have opened claims at their parcel2go homepage. Waiting a response for first claim for 19 days already.  During, placing an order, you can choose which cover will you buy. They have 20 GBP cover for extra 20-40 cents, and 0 GBP cover for cheaper price. I have placed 0 GBp cover.  Will it affect future claim? They easily will respond- no cover, no refund.   P.S. One more package is found missing.  Mostly they are gone after tracking shows (no update since):   12/02/2020 - 18:34    Entered the Hermes network     12/02/2020 - 18:34    Entered the Hermes network    89 12/02/2020 - 11:48    Collected from the ParcelShop  
    • Yes, it is the owner's responsibility and I've been on at him for years to at least get the trees pruned back before they became a problem - which they certainly are now.   He doesn't live in the house and hasn't for about 3 or 4 years.  He lets it out to his brother who has also told him to do something about the trees.  The branches fell down 2 weeks ago and no attempt to remove them (or repair the fence that got damaged) has happened.  I honestly don't think he realises just how dangerous the trees are.   Something being done about the trees will be a bit late when our house gets destroyed and we get killed!!!   We'll see what our Councillor comes back with and I'll post his response when I get it.  In the meantime, let's hope we don't get any more high winds and that we don't get a dump of snow, the weight of snow could be enough to bring the things down!  
    • So I guess the below is okay?   1. No keeper liability as this is not "relevant land" under the POFA 2012 and the defendant puts it to strict proof that VCA show as to who the driver was at the time.   2. No contract was ever offered by VCS, the land is subject to its own byelaws and in any case the signage is prohibitive so there can be no monies due as a result of either a contractual charge or as a result of a breach of contract.   3. The claimant has not shown locus standi in this matter.   4. It is denied that there is the ability to enter into a contract with the Claimant as the signs which are in place refer to no stopping which it is denied creates a contract for the Defendant to enter into and rather this is a prohibitive notice.   5. A CPR 31.14 request was sent to the Claimant on the 24th February 2020 for the disclosure and the production of a verified and legible copy of proof of assignment from the landlord to create contracts and make claims in their own name. No response to this has been received. 
    • With any benefits system which has some form of controls in place, you will see some of these reported events happening.  Obviously it is not just people that are claiming benefits that commit suicide.  I think the biggest cause of death of men between 40 to 50 is suicide.     it would be interesting how the UK compares with other similar countries.     Does the UK have worse social problems than other wealthy countries?  Are countries, particularly non English speaking, more community orientated, with family generations living close by, offering support to young and old ?   Trying to concentrate blame on one thing, without looking into all of the other relevant issues, can lead to misleading conclusions.     You would think that following a suicide death, Coroners would have obtained copies of all relevant information including DWP files.   Why is there not a requirement to properly investigate such deaths at the time they occurred and to learn something from  each case ?
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