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Bought a Used car from a dealer lots of faults your views please

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Hi maybe just unlucky but I have a Zafira b 1.6 the clutch judders, the air con dosent work, the heater is only luke warm at best and the spanner light comes on with code p1113.


Would you fix the faults? or try to get a refund from the dealer and buy another?


I purchased the car on the 1st May and have driven 800 miles over the last 4 weeks.



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defo take it back and gets faults fixed by dealer.

Depends on the the actual cause of the spanner light is, to consider rejecting.

How much did you pay and what year is car. Any finance involved?

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It just gets better I call asking when I'd be getting my car back and was told its in bits mate not for a few days yet. So I asked what they were doing, the reply was the heads off the gasket has blown we are waiting for new valve seats from Vauxhall your lucky this has happened now mate its gonna save you loads cause they always need doing around 80,000 any ways.


The car started well and ran well. What they are doing or not doing but saying they doing is realy doing my head in. I'm not sure if I want it back.

A 1 owner car with 54k on the clock should not need a top end rebuild.


If I wanted a car thats had major work done on it I'd have bought the car for alot less.

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Have they provided with you a courtesy car? If not tell them you will hire one and send them the bill.

Please Note


The advice I offer will be based on the information given by the person needing it. All my advice is based on my experiences and knowledge gained in working in the motor and passenger transport industries in various capacities. Although my advice will always be sincere, it should be used as guidence only.


I would always urge to seek face to face professional advice for clarification prior to taking any action.


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Have they provided with you a courtesy car? If not tell them you will hire one and send them the bill.



Also, if they are doing all the work now it is a good thing. The garage is correct imo... whilst they have it in bits get the cam belt changed... Should only cost parts of about 100 imo better than 400 at 100k if its a

Chain like mine or 60 if brlt...


But u should defo get a hire car from them.


Plus, even a brand new car could need s rebuild... Cars can be temperamental ... My focus had about 2g of work at 12 months 17k. Some deALERS lead u on... Ive bin waiting a month for handbook and some missing trsys in my new car... That are on order...


make sure you get them to back their work to... Say 12 month engine warranty or we... Major works should give them confidence...


im more ca re ful now , simce I was bitten in 2008 by car craft... But in the end they let up at threat of court... But you cannot reject a car before they have 3 chances to rectify work ON THE SAME FAULT...


Also, did u pay a deposit by card? Because section 75 of CCA would help if dealer doesnt fix faults.



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Also, vx recommend belts b done at 40k as,they can slacken and cause the need for new valves etc? Mayb what happened to urs?...


Btw... Vauxhall owners club has loads of useful info. loads of mechanics etc on there to "lend a hand" to members... google it.

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My main problem now is I just dont trust them or the car, are they going to do it right, lets say for instance fitting a new cam belt when putting it back together. If they have or haven't done this work do I get one fitted anyway?

I hate not knowing.


It was sold to me serviced with 12 months MOT, on a closer look around the car when I got home the air filter was as black as the ace of spades the rear light had water in it and the lens misted up, two tyres on the drivers side were snow tyres the the two nearside were just legal normal road tyres. They seem a bit of a bodge job dealer to me I will never use them again or recommend them either.

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certainly get the tyres sorted, illegal for tyres of different types to on same axle? should not have passed mot.

make sure they give it its service that they told you about.

Get a job sheet with list of work carried out before you accept it back. then if in doubt get it inspected by an auto engineer/AA type with a report.

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Serviced means "oil and filter"... its standard for any garage... for plugs, filters ETC it would be a full service: which is years 4, 8 etc, (every four years) for vx. known as a "Major" service... you then have an interim service every two years (excluding the year of the major service - so technically every four years... - 2,6,10 etc)

then the minor service is EVERY TWO YEARS: oil and filter...years one, 3, 5, 7, 9 etc...


also bear in mind it is either the timescale above or miles: whichever is sooner... 20k, 40k, 60k ETC... (at least every 20k) but I would personally recommend an oil change at least 10k.... no matter what anybody says, worth spending money on oil (30 quid for castrol oil and genuine vx filter - and a tenner to any bk st garage for a mid yearly oil change)



now onto the tyres:


when you say "barely legal"? how legal, again this is something you should of checked before buying the car? snow tyres are not illegal for use in the summer, i also believe (but you should probally check) that the only implication of mixing summer and winter tyres is you have to be careful about the tyre sizes ... speed rating is also usually lower than summer tyres and as such they are prone to over heating on long journeys... but im not certain it is illegal to mix them up... and would appriciate if somebody could show me the law if this is the truth (one of my old cars infact had one or two snow tyres fitted)....


but bare in mind, it is actually a criminal offence to attempt to supply any motor vehicle which is considered unsafe for use on the roads... (this means even giving it away to a degree... but defo if its sold)


I am by far not on the side of the dealer here, having been shafted myself in the past... but you have to see both sides of it...


also, as said above, ask for a detailed schedule of the work completed. with a warranty extention too... they are basically refurbing the engine, and a refurbed vx/ford etc engine from dealer would as such come with a decent warranty... (2yr last i checked)


tell them you expect a complete service doing too, air filter, etc...


and did you get a courtesy car? ...

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exactly my thought too... I found this with Dudley Motor Co when they had my old meriva in... the first few times they had it, they were quick to return it... then i couldnt afford to keep adding their car to my insurance. so just used g.fs car... slowed down "turn around" a lot.


lol, mind. i called Bristol St for a warranty repair to my new meriva today... Was told by them that if i wanted a courtesy car there would be an 11.75 "admin" fee to pay for the hire... I told them "really? oh well in that case forget it, I will take my car (which i bought from you) to my LOCAL Vauxhall Dealership, and let them earn the "exploration" to "find the fault" and parts cost from Vx... "... the woman didnt seem to hesitate at saying "ooh in that case, let me see what I can do... " she offered to waive the fee, but the ship had sailed. and I informed her "its a little late, isnt it... Obviously once my manufacturers warranty is up I may bring the vehicle back to you, until then I'll stick with my friendly LOCAL garage."


(local garage cant give me a courtesy car until friday, but im not fussed about the car that much, and would rather repairs got sorted sooner the better etc... (dont like faults on my car) so said to them "well i can bring it in first thing, but i'll defo need it back by 1pm because i have to get to work" and got a reply "oh, that'll be fine, and if its not back by then, we should have a car available by then anyway.


so its all cool. but, I would always get your car looked at by a mechanic to make sure there are no other problems also. Vx dealer will do just that for me when it goes in ("free of charge" as its just a "look over" as "faults" show on the engine (EML). But its cool. a new Air Flow Meter to fit on my car.


ALSO> bear in mind... the SOGA gives the dealership the right of repair... But this right has to be carried out within REASONABLE TIME.


What is considered "Reasonable" is debatable... but Defo give them reason to "Panick" and perhaps right a letter to them detailing your concerns ETC and putting a formal document in stating what you expect...

1) documentation of all works carried out,

2) cam belt change (i doubt they would replace if its a chain - but if its a chain, offer to pay for parts maybe but labour free of charge - after all its all in bits ETC)

3) an extended warranty

4) full and complete service

5) sort the tyres out (at the very least two snow tyres on the rear of the car not both on the one side - braking friction is greater on the front of the car, as with any vehicle, the majority of braking power goes into the front)

6) --- anything else you consider worth while ---


i would put that you would expect a completion by XXX date, otherwise you would seek to terminate your contract with them. as under the SOGA they are permitted to repair the faults identified, so long as this is done within a reasonable time frame... (state reasons you feel the time limit you are given is to be considered reasonable)


also tell them you expect a courtesy car free of charge... (neither you/ your wife should be inconvenienced - its not fair on either of you - I had to put up with it when I had my meriva from CarCraft as I was going down the sale of goods act etc - and actually started it off in court stages, which in the end they cancelled the agreements, but I lost 200 quid from "value" of my trade in, despite figures not adding up etc. but since i was out of the agreement ETC i let it go. (was just glad to be rid of the lemon without a massive loan looming overhead)


Obviously, since you have purchased a second car, you need two vehicles (which i Also assume your paying insurance /roadtax ETC for - and still without use)


hope that this is useful.


Also, you never answered before, but did you pay any deposit (even £1 or w/e) on credit card? if so, the CC co is jointly responsible under section 75 of the consumer credit act, and would therefore "fight your corner" (by either means of calling the garage to say "oi, pal, What the heck you doing, it shouldnt take three weeks to rebuild the engine... either get it done today, or WE will take you to court" or something else...)


I've used section 75 once before. when i bought a china brand DVD player, the lady from the CC company was like "what do you expect me to do about it" so i spoke to her manager. and got a sensible conversation, until the words "section 75" came up... CC co's dont like you to use that term so much... so i put all of my "Complaint" in an email to them, and it was resolved (and refunded) within about 5 days (had to get an "Independant" assesment to say the unit was faulty which i had to pay £20 for) but being 20 quid down was better than 200 quid down.


Obviously... I personally would say ALWAYS pay a deposit by credit card. - or even the whole balance. and clear it immeditately. It gives you a bit of added security.

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Got the car back today, aircon works, heater is toasty, no fault code showing and no judder. :) However I was not allowed to see or get a copy of the job sheet for the work carried out.


I can clearly see a new thermostat housing, new coolant, new oil, and a new gasket on the exhaust manifold.

But......... now the timming belt is drumming / whining so its to tight. Its going to have to go back again. :(

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I just had a thought... Obviously, for a complete service history / value of vehicle. the fact the engine has been "rebuilt" would actually mean you need some documentation showing such. obviously even though the vehicle is out of the 3 yr / 60k vx warranty, some faults could still be covered for "partial contribution" if you can show you have "kept the vehicle well maintained"... and having a rebuild is one of these ways to be shown...


explain this to the garage... = cant find any law on the information on vehicle on quick google. but well worth a letter - detail the work you can see they have done... ETC.. Obviously, When my vehicle went into Vx i had nothing to pay, but i still recieved an "invoice" - and a health check... (tyres / brakes / fluids etc)


Is the car sold as "full service history" ? if so, argue that it isnt full history if they dont provide you with documentation as to works they are completing.

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Air filters are often only changed each third or fourth service.


Buy a K&N one as a replacement, as they tend to make the car drive far more nicely, and never need changed.

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Air filters are often only changed each third or fourth service.


Buy a K&N one as a replacement, as they tend to make the car drive far more nicely, and never need changed.


vauxhall air filters should be every two years/40k. (vauxhall service schedule)



owners manual....



quick reference guide.



the service schedule is in my meriva owners manual. so i assume its in the zaffy one too :) = just matter of finding it :)



MERIVA owners manual, section 200 (page 204 onwards) has the additional work on - service schedule.


and FYI, Vauxhall manuals can be downloaded from here:


for almost all vauxhalls.

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Didn't take it back had all the work done by Local Vauxhall agent,

Lucky for me the warranty will cover most of the charges, but not all mainly due to the fact they have a cap on the labour rate of £40 per hour.

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