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Boots and RLP - again...

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Hi everyone, This is my first post but I have been "lurking" all weekend due to an incident yesterday...


I went into my local Boots yesterday to pick up some nappies for my little girl. Had her in the pushchair and my 6 year old boy walking beside me. Nappies were on offer so I got 3 packs.


I then went to look at some body sprays/deodorant. My little girl was doing her usual of pulling things off the shelves and my son was whinging for a sweetie.... I stuffed my keys, purse, mobile phone, newspaper and (yep you guessed it) the deodorant in the hood of my pushchair.


I sorted the kids out, paid for the 3 packs of nappies and went to leave the store where I was stopped by a plain clothed store detective. I was absolutely MORTIFIED and realised my mistake straight away, I apologied profusely and said I'd go and pay for the deodorant now.


He said no and I got ushered to the rear of the store - having to walk past lots of people! I was sat in the back room of the store with two male members of staff, I was in tears. I was made to sign something, I have no idea what it was as I was absolutely sh*tting myself.


Neither of the two male members of staff spoke to me nor was I allowed to put my story across. Then one policeman arrived! I was beside myself by that point - I've never been in trouble before. He cautioned me straight away and took a statement from the store detective.


I then said that it was not my intention to steal the deodorant as the store detective made out. The policeman said he's seen the CCTV and it doesn't show anything other than put me "at the scene". I was issued with a FPN of £80 as the items I stuffed in the hood of my pushchair concealed the deodorant so therefore the police officer believed I was intent on stealing it.



My argument was that if they weren't concealing it then I would've seen it and not be in this mess.... The store detective then took a photo of me on his personal mobile phone.


So I got my FPN, my ban letter, a factsheet about RLP and got sent on my way.


My intention is to pay the FPN and as I'm led to believe on here, ignore RLP? Boots have the tin of deodorant, it's probably back on the shelf now.


My husband is "working abroad" shall we say and I have very little contact with him other than one phone call every week.


Yesterday I was completely devastated and convinced I had a criminal record, had visions of the police coming back to arrest me(!), all sorts! But all of yesterday and most of today I've been reading all the posts on here and realising I'm not alone and there is a light at the end of the tunnel!


So will I hear no more from the police after the FPN is paid? I await arrival of the letter from RLP....


We're also due to move house in exactly 6 weeks - I was dreading it before but now I honestly can't wait. Good riddance.....


Will keep you updated....


Thank you for bringing some sanity to an insane situation!!!

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Hi Sazzle


Welcome to CAG


How much was the 'tin of deodorant'?


Write a Formal Letter of Complaint, mark it as such. Explain whats happened in as much detail as possible (explain that you had kids with you who were distracting you), explain that you had monies on you as you purchased other products, ask the question, 'why would you steals goods valued at £x.xx'?, explain that you tried to reason with the security guards, but there was no point, they would not listen. Explain that you were 'forced' to sign a

piece of paper and the police were called. Explain the following as you do here, 'The policeman said he's seen the CCTV and it doesn't show anything other than put me "at the scene". Tell them that you've been 'trapped' by over zealous security guards. Ask them what they are going to do about this?

Depending on how they respond, you could ask them for a copy of the CCTV footage.


Details on the ICO website.


Send it to:-


Stefano Pessina, Executive Chairman

[email protected]


Some tips:- http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1242161/How--write-letter-complaint.html

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Hi Rebel, thank you very much for all your advice. The deodorant was about £3 I think? Nappies that I paid for came to almost £16 so I have no idea what planet they're on... I contacted Boots Head Office today over the phone (in tears going through it all again!), I spoke to a "senior advisor" whatever that means... She said she was going to contact the store today and speak to the store manager - it's a tiny Boots so I doubt he/she were in today. I have a call ref number so can chase it up. She said she would call back tomorrow at the latest. I reiterated that I'm not interested in the ban being lifted (have no desire to step foot in a Boots ever again), I just want an apology and a lesson to be learnt.


I will get on and type up a letter tonight once I put the kids in bed. Many thanks x

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Make sure that you put that (about the FPN) in the letter and that this whole situation arose because their security guards were 'unreasonable'. Hold them accountable and responsible.


Heres some info on the FPN:-




I completely realise that now!! Just wish my husband was here, he'd sort them out and fight my corner. FPN getting paid tomorrow, ouchy....
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Hi sazzle


Just one more thing.


If you receive anything from RLP, don't ignore the letter, but post what the letter says without any personal details so we can advise further.

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Dx100 – Instructions on uploading pdfs


scan the required letters/agreements/sheets

as a picture file

remove all pers info inc barcodes etc using paint

but leave all figures and dates.

goto one of the many free online pdf converter websites

convert the image to pdf format.

or ir you have PDF as an installed printer drive use that

open a new msg box here

hit go advanced below the msg box

hit manage attachments below that box

hit the add files button on the top right

hit select files, navigate to your file on your pc

hit upload files

NB:you can set where it goes in the post by hitting insert inline.

the hit reply button


ok, I have a scanner and can black out details with Paint. Thanks again
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Alright, no probs. Once i get the letter I'll be back on here. Should arrive before we move in 6 weeks time I'd imagine. We'll have no broadband for a time but can type it out on my phone if need be. I'll be back soon...

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Why would you accept a FPN from police when you did not intend to steal? You can still opt to go to court instead of paying the fine, then it's up to the CPS to prove intentional theft. Be aware that a FPN will show on the police national computer.

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To be honest I have too much going on elsewhere in my life to be fighting an £80 FPN in the courts. The black and white of the law shows that I stole, common sense doesn't come into it apparently!


Boots have been in touch this morning, they have apologised about the whole incident, the store manager was very sympathetic over the phone. I'm happy enough that lessons have been learnt from it.


I'm not looking to drag people over hot coals or anything like that. Now I've calmed down, fine is paid, I can start to move on.

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Hi Sazzle,

Some of the security guards just do anything to get a figure on their arrest list.If you had paid 16 pound why wouldnt you pay 3 pound.

I have worked for Boots security and its awfull.To be honest its quite common in Boots that items get concealed in the pushchair hoodies or even behind the toddler but this is were the innoncent person get punished too for just a mistake :/

But if it was me i wouldnt do that and as far i know Boots had a policy that Police only jumps in when the amount is exceeding a certain value(over 25 pound) and how can they issue a RLP for 3 quid ???

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Where I live is a really small town, only one main high street. The security guard must've felt like all his Xmas's had come at once. I wasn't even told the police were coming, was just sat in silence whilst the store detective filled in paperwork. I nearly died when the copper walked in...

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I phoned the head office yesterday and the store manager phoned me this morning. She's going to investigate for me and see if lessons can be learnt from what happened on Sat. I'm happy with that. I won't be shopping in Boots again. We move away in a few weeks anyway.

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  • 2 months later...

Just a quick update from me... We moved house 4 weeks ago (away from where the "incident" above occurred). We have a mail redirection in place and low and behold I received a letter from RLP today. It's just the standard first letter and it demands payment of £87.50. What's the next step for me? Thanks in advance

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I am not sure about that but as far as i know they are not allowed to take photographs anymore.And the RLP thing they just believe whatever the security guard says.If i was you i would complain to the head office of boots and second when boots used to take pictures of offenders BOOTS used to provide digital cameras So the guard has no bloody right to take Your picture on His personal Mobile phone!


Do you know wich security company it was;was it TSS or Oltec Group/Afc Group??

Cant believe it that you be fined so much for a £3 deodarant

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I have absolutely no idea which company the guard worked for. He flashed a card when he stopped me at the store front but I didn't take it in. When I called Boots Head Office to complain they told me the store detective works a number of different Boots stores in the area. (none of which are big stores, all small). I also raised the subject with the store manager when she got in touch and she said that taking a picture on his personal mobile phone was the correct procedure. It gets downloaded to the store computer and shown to store staff at the next meeting then gets filed away... She assured me it gets deleted from his phone


Bet it did the rounds next time he was at the pub...

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I can reassure you that it isnt the correct procedure.I have worked for boots for 3 years in their bigger stores i know what the procedure is.If you tell me wich area it was i can find out wich company it is and if it is our company i will let you know who to get.You should definately take legal advice!

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