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    • Can you explain a little bit more about the delivery please. Somebody sent them to you – was it a retailer who sold them to you? If you have to claim against Hermes then if you declared only a £300 value then this is probably what you will have to settle for. You pay £95 shipping costs – that is extraordinarily high for Hermes. Can you explain why it was so expensive.   Have you made a formal claim to Hermes? And have they responded?
    • I'm sorry there are a few typos in my post - a hangover from injuries I had at the time being discussed. I did try to tidy it up straight away but wasn't allowed to repost after editing it.
    • You posted in a solid block of text and it's rather difficult to read. Please will you make sure that your posts future are properly spaced and punctuated and that way people will find it easier to give you the help and support you need.
    • I arranged the delivery of a set of drum kit wood shells with hermes, I booked directly online. They have told me the item is lost 70x50x55 cm box???   They asked me to fill in a claim form which I have done i declared a value of £300 for the parts sent and paid for extra cover. I had recently purchased the whole drum kit for £650 and shipping costs of £95.00 to get them to me.    After investigating the cost of replacing the shells, not a direct equivalent but similar, it will cost around £450.00 with delivery.   I want to get compensation over the £300, is that possible, i have informed them of the total loss with delivery costs, prior to shipping with Hermes as £745.   I am more than happy to go to the small claims court for the difference but would it be dismissed,   Should I go for the full cost of the loss or the cost of replacement shells only I have all the receipts for the drums and shipping costs prior to hermes losing my items.   I still have the remaining parts that a pretty much worthless now, unless i get a new set of drum shells.   Its probably going to to take ages, I've written to CEO of Hermes about my complaint as well just to cover all bases. Next stop will be the small claims court as i read they pull delay tactics and low offers.   They really didnt care and also didn't seem surprised when i spoke to a service agent.
    • Hi all I used to be a member here a few years ago when I went through a bad time - husband and I had bad health, both lost jobs etc, we got the usual helpful and sympathetic response from the bank.   With the help of CAG I did my best to fight back and found that some debts were legally unenforceable as well as the usual defective defaults and everyting else the banks were doing wrong. We're going back to about 2009/10.   With HSBC they refused to provide a SAR/CCA because I wouldn't provide a signature that matched their records. I remember I took the advice from CAG at the time NOT to sign.  in any case, due to my injury I was unable to do anything except scrawl. I told them that I didn't think the SAR required a signature and in abny case I couldn't. In short they refused to cooperate, there as a series of letters but they cited the DPA, at which point I pointed out that they were sending me demands, statements and theatening letters but only now were they saying they had to verify my ID (at that point, the bank said that they wouldn't send any more statements/demands etc until my Id could be confirmed (seriously, you couldn't make it up). I also pointed out that the guidance from the ICO was that if they were responding to the address they has on record and was the usual contact address, they could assume it was their customer writing to them. I even complained to the ICO who, as usual took the bank's side.   Eventually, I said to the bank that if they were unable to give me details of the alledged debt then I was unable to consider their demands and verify the situation and I wouldn't correspond with them any more and they could go to court if they liked. But, if they did lodge court papers, and sent the statements etc I'd immediately complain to the ICO that they hadn't verfied my ID acording to their own procedures (something the ICO had agreed was required), and I'd bring it to teh attention of teh court that they had deliberately not sent me the data to allow it to be resolved one way or teh other. If they didn't send the stuff through discovery, I'd lodge an embarassed defence and ask for it to be struck out as I had been asking for the records for 6 months or more.  I didn't hear any more from them, that was in March 2011.   In Nov 2015 I got a letter from Hoist Portfolio Holdings 2 Ltd that they has been assigned the rights from MKDP LLP and giving bottom Robinson Way's address. I hadn't heard of MKDP before and simply ignored it. I certainly wasn't aware it had be assigned to them in the first place.   A few days ago, I got a letter from Hoist again asking for payment. I intended to ignore it except for a letter I got from the Bank this morning.   The letter is the same one that has been mention on here very recently, a refund from the bank for £25 because they had determined I hadn't recived the correct level of service (no sh*t Sherlock!) The account number is NOT my currect account. It MAY be my credit card, but I seem to remeber they were rolled into one. I don't seem to have any correspondence about the CC, and I destroyed all paper documents a few months ago. All I have is scanned copies of letters (which may not be a complete record, but should be).   I received a letter in Nov 2017 from PRA about another CC saying the debt has been assigned to them (no letter of assignment from the creditor) and in Jan 2018 an 'Annual Statment'. Since then, nothing.   I've made a point of ignoring these kind of letters and demands in the past belieivng they were SB and eventually the data would be destoyed. After a few years of actually being able to relax, I'm now worried that the aggro is all going to start up again with this HSBC and other accounts.   Now, the questions. it is/was my understanding that the debts became Statute Barred a few years ago and they couldn't be enforced. The CC default was issued Feb 2009. A month later a Final Demand was issued for both current AC and CC giving a combined total. (that total is similar to the one sought by Hoist which gives my currect AC number).   So, are these accounts SB? If they are SB and the bank has desposed of them by assignment to someone, why do they still have my name and enough details of my correspondence to determine they didn't behave correctly? Does the DPA not require them to destroy data after 6 years?   On the same DPA note, it seems that this account is simply being passed around from one **** bag bottome feeder to another (maybe teh same one under different names), again, why is data still being processed after 6 years? Am I doomed to be persistely pursued by these scumbags until I die? Or am I worng? Are they able to process data as long as they like, even when there has been no contact for years?              
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Firstly, Thanks to anyone that takes the time to actually read this and help me :)


So about a month ago I received a fine on the DLR for an invalid ticket. I was travelling from Colchester Town to Devons Road. I got my ticket in the morning from the ticket machines at the station as there was a que at the ticket office and I didn't want to miss my train. I saw on the screen it said 'London zones 1 - 6' and Devons Road being Zone 2, I clicked on that and got a return, it cost me £45. As far as I was concerned this was the correct ticket and I had no reason to believe that this wasn't!


1 stop before Devons Road a ticket inspector came round, I showed my ticket thinking it was valid, well I was then told it wasn't. I explained to the man that I simply followed the instructions on screen and it said zones 1 - 6 so I thought it was right. It turns out the ticket just says 'London Terminals' on the ticket, and doesn't say the zones, despite it saying on the machine the zones!


After looking online it turns out if I got it from the ticket office and got the correct ticket my ticket would have cost me £44.90 (10p cheaper). And apparently after looking online 'London Terminals' literally only means to the furthest station in London that my original train calls at, which would be Liverpool St. It does not say this on the ticket machine though! Straight away I appealed this as I don't see it fair that because national rail haven't made it clear on the machines that I should be paying the fine for it when in theory I actually paid too much for my ticket! Why should I pay another £40 on top of this? It should be national rails problem, not mine!


Anyway, they declined my appeal & I sent another appeal off to them. HOWEVER, the letter I got from them declining my appeal was dated 26th April 2012 and they said they had to receive my appeal within 14 days or I'd have to pay £80. Well I didn't even receieve their letter until the 4th May 2012 so that was 8 days gone already! I posted my letter back the next day 1st class but received a letter today from them saying i've now got to pay £80!


I can't contact IRCAS because their number is just an automated line and even after looking for the number on here it just diverts me to an automated line!


I refuse to pay ANY fine for this at all! National Rail should make these things clear on their ticket machines! I'm on JSA so can't afford it, but even if I could I wouldn't be willing to pay this, its just outrageous & disgusting! I had a ticket, and ended up paying more for it!


Someone help me!

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Hello and welcome to CAG.


I hope someone who knows about these things will be along to help later. We're here to help, please try to stay calm. :)


My best, HB

Illegitimi non carborundum




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On the ticket machines if you select london zones 1-6 it will print on the ticket "To U1-6" (or it may be U123456) either way it will say the zones on it, London Terminals only appears when for example you select London Liverpool St, or Paddington or any individual London Termini, judging by what you have told us it does appear that you may not have selected on the screen what you thought you selected.

Views expressed in this forum by me are my own personal opinion and you take it on face value! I make any comments to the best of my knowledge but you take my advice at your own risk.

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I definitely didn't click on London Liverpool Street or any others, I've used the machines thousands of times as I used to travel to London daily. I even went back to the machine to check that night and I had clicked on 'London terminals 1 - 6'. If it was London Liverpool Street or any other station it wouldn't have said the included zones when I clicked it as It would only be valid for that 1 station so zones wouldn't matter. And surely if I clicked 'London Liverpool Street' it would have printed 'London Liverpool Street' on my ticket.

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If you selected "london Liverpool St" or any London terminal it is simply printed on the ticket as "London Terminals", same as if you select any Birmingham station, simply "Birmingham Stns" is printed on the ticket, if everything you have put on here is true then there is obviously a serious fault with the machine at your origin station so you need to report this to the TOC responsible, if it is faulty and can be proved then you MAY be able to get something out of their customer services dept as a goodwill gesture from them (wonder how many others have been caught out if this is the case?), even if this is the case then I would imagine that the PFN would still stand as this is between you and DLR/TFL and Technically you are responible to ensure that your ticket is valid before travelling.

Views expressed in this forum by me are my own personal opinion and you take it on face value! I make any comments to the best of my knowledge but you take my advice at your own risk.

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