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Advice please - 28 days nearly up & not heard

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I have done all the letters etc as your website has suggested. I regisitered my claim the usual route on MCOL and the serve date was 6th Sept. I heard from court/MCOL bods who state that HSBC/DG have 'acknowledged service' which then gives them an extra + 14 days to buy more time & build a defence. DG wrote to me on 20th Sept asking for a breakdown of my charges, which i duly faxed to them on 26th and phoned them. They rang me back on 26th and said they rec'd it.


I have now not heard anything from DG or HSBC since the letter. The 28 days from the original date is up tomorrow, 6th Oct.


What do i do if i have not heard from HSBC/DG? I understand that if they do not issue a defence to MCOL by tomorrow then i win by default. If they do issue a defence, does that mean i end up going to court? Would appreciate a bit of advice here. Do i have to contact MCOL tomorrow? Total amount i am claiming incl. £120 MCOL fee & 8% apr interest is about £2500


Sorry to sound a blonde divvy but im getting a bit nervous now, but im determined to see this through to the end. They did originally offer me £1700 after my LBA but i declined saying i would take it in part payment & would still go for the rest.




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Hi Chewlips,


I was in the same situation as you, then yesterday DG entered a defence on MCOL and then this morning I received a letter offering full settlement. So don't panic, I'm sure you'll get a letter from them within a day or two. If they don't enter a defence then you can proceed on MCOL and you win by default.


Good luck!


Full offer received and accepted 03/10/06

MCOL issued 01/09/06 Claim now up to 3715.85

Offered £1900 as full and final settlement - Declined

Claiming £2844.5 + £201.35 interest = £3045.85

S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) sent 27/7/06

Frustrated at waiting, Prelim sent 03/8/06

LBA sent 17/8/06



Prelim sent 28/09/06 caliming £345.00

S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) sent 23/8/06

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Hi, an update!


I thought that the 28 days were up on weds 4th oct, but apparently you are right, MCOL add 5 postage days so when i rang up MCOL helpdesk/line the lady said the deadline for HSBC to file a defence is today, Mon 9th. On Fri 6th last wk i rec'd a letter from Julie Kyle, DG offering the full amount i had asked for. I posted her a letter back & signed her copy of the letter. Not sure about the 'complete confidentiality' bit though, was thinking about contacting GMTV!!!!! Ive also asked for £75 additional charges back aswell since i started this, seeing as they are writing me a cheque hopefully! Should i ring Julie Kyle and see if she got my acceptance ltr, cant hurt i guess? I should imagine i will get sent the questionnaire as deadline is today - shall i give DG a set amount of time then if they dont play ball do & send the questionnaire?

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