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    • One of the things that we will need to discover through a statutory subject access request is how they verified the identity of this mystery person. Presumably that person couldn't actually give any ID so does that mean that the inspectors simply took her word for it? It will be useful to know the answers to these questions because all of these companies have duties to process your personal data accurately. If they failed to do that then they could be liable to you for the distress caused as well as any other damage. I'm just trying to envisage a scenario where a ticket inspector stops a young woman who then says that she's been travelling without a ticket. The inspector asks her her name and address and she gives the false name and address. The inspector then asks her to verify this by identification. The woman then says that she is not carrying anything with her. What happens at that point? How does it work? Does the inspector then have to take your word for it and warn her that she will be contacted with a possible sanction? If that's as far as it goes, then it seems a bit ridiculous to me that you stop somebody for travelling without a ticket – evident dishonesty. Then they give the controller their name and address which can't be verified and so the controller has to accept that and on that basis a procedure is started against the named person on the basis that the contact details which were given at the time must be true – even though that person has already demonstrated their dishonesty by travelling without a ticket. Or, are we going to find – if there is a statutory disclosure, that this person is travelling around with some documentation which identifies her as you, your husband or one of your two daughters? Which of course would be very much more serious. This is why we want a list of the rail companies – as much information as possible so that we can start forcing them to disclose information about how this all occurred. I will also be interested in sending an SAR to action fraud to see what they have done with your allegation which you made some time ago and about which you never heard anything further.
    • Evening all,   Right, just spoke to my SIL at length.....................   In response to Andy's question regarding T's & C's, that answer remains the same. The staff MORE cards and general public's cards both had the same T's & C's.   As for when he started the unofficial swiping practice, his best guesstimate is around September 2015.   Another development during our conversation, I asked him if he ever asked customers for their permission to swipe his card to claim their unclaimed points. He said he never actually asked but some regulars would forget their cards sometimes and tell him to take the points. Also, Stonegate would sometimes have promotions like half price food and drinks etc. However to claim the offer you had to have a MORE card. Again, if regulars had forgotten their MORE card he would use his for them to get the offers. I know this doesn't help his cause but in case its relevant I thought I'd offer it up.   I have impressed upon him the urgency of this now so if any more info is required just ask and I will get it.   Cheers
    • The company is called Robinson Way, it was a Barclaycard credit card.   I  moved about 12 months after Barclaycard stopped replying to my letters (re the charges, 2013) - so I did not tell them about my moving, but at the time of the original debt I was living back with my folks; so this most recent letter was sent to there, and my folks forwarded it to me - and likewise, if they had sent me anything in the interim it would have been forwarded to me.
    • I do agree with you.How sad I am right now . I wish I could go back. Mg7  
    • No way I will be doing this again. The way I’m feeling now. stealing doesn’t pay what I’m going through right now , it’s really hard. I wish I could have learned the first time. thank you for your help.   mg7  
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NDR/Paycheckcredit/MHB/Appleton Massey??

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I owe money to Paycheckcredit and it was due for repayment in February but I couldn't pay (£400). I tried to email them butthey will not accept any form of contact this way. I am not ringing them as they are very unpleasant over the phone.

Anyway, my original payments that I made to them for previous loans always said Toothfairyfinance on my bank statement and not Paycheckcredit.

Also, since I defaulted I have had emails from Toothfairy, Paycheckcredit, Northern Debt Recovery, Marshall Hall Bailiffs and now a letter from Appleton Massey Solicitors, all about this same debt it is so confusing yet none of them will allow emails.

Also, this last letter from Appleton Massey says I now owe almost £1100 ans as it is over £750 they may start bankruptcy proceedings!

All the emails I have received all threaten bailiffs and warrant of execution etc which I know is all false because it has not even gone to court yet.

Any advice please as I do not know what to do. I could send a letter offering a repayment plan (like I have been trying to do by email) but who to?? All of them?? it's crazy.

I do not want to be made bankrupt and I dont want to pay £1100 or more for a £400 loan. Could they do this without me fighting it?

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Personally, I would love this to go to court as it would then show what is going on with these companies. I mention 'these' as you are dealing with two completely separate entities.

Your loan was with paycheckcredit who are part of MCO capital and registered on their consumer credit licence as such.

You are being chased by Toothfairy (and their minions) who have nothing to do with MCO capital.


Look here:




Write a letter of complaint to their head office and ask the questions.

If you are asked to deal with any matter via private message, PLEASE report it.

Everything I say is opinion only. If you are unsure on any comment made, you should see a qualified solicitor

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Bankruptcy proceedings on a payday loan that is 90% unfair and illegal charges? They must think the courts and judges are as dumb as they are.

Any advice i give is my own and is based solely on personal experience. If in any doubt about a situation , please contact a certified legal representative or debt counsellor..



If my advice helps you, click the star icon at the bottom of my post and feel free to say thanks


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