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visited liverpool on sunday 8/4/12 for a few drinks with 2 other couples,

decided to get one of the last trains home,

arrived at the train station half an hour or so early purchased our tickets and waited for our 2 other friends to arrive at the turnstyles,


A police officer arrived and was speaking to staff at the turnstyle and next min i was approached by the police woman[EDIT]


as i was unstable on my feet' i admit i had been drinking i was prob the most soberest of us all,

i am 25 and had been wearing somewhat high shoes since 2pm and my feet were starting to ache,

but really refusing me on a train?

what was i going to do ???


after speaking to us [EDIT] was very nervoous and was shaking as i assumed he realised what a big mistake he had made,


instead of coming and talking to me to see how drunk i was

he just through his power around!


we proceeded to the shop to get our refund and i advised we will get our refund and go as they wernt going to change their mind


2mins later as the operative behind the counter was sooo annoyd we were refused the police officer and [EDIT] reappered,


[EDIT] and the police officer trying to aggrovate us,

they were doing this on purpose so they could arrest us and slap us with a fine,


the woman copper started getting aggresive but we didnt rise to it,

as we were fully aware what she was doing obv not tooo druk?????


we left the station and had to get a taxi home which cost us £100


never been so embarrassed in all my life!!!!


and will never travel with this crap rail company!!!!:mad2::mad2::mad2::mad2::mad2:

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Entirely up to them how drunk they thought you were really: I guess you could complain but it is indeed an offence to be intoxicated on the railway, so I'm guessing their own side of the story is fundamentally different to your own.

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Were the Police Officers aggressive, or Assertive? Common misconception that one.


Indeed you were drunk by your own admission, therefore you were treading a fine line from the word go really. I'd like to have thought they'd refund the tickets nonetheless!

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After reading the authors post im wondering if she's still drunk.

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Yes, I agree with the other posters. It is entirely up to the railway staff and / or police officer whether they allow a person access to a train or to remain on a station if they show signs of being intoxicated. It doesn't matter whether or not the person concerned holds a valid ticket. This is covered by National Railway Byelaws (2005)


This is the specific Byelaw


4. Intoxication and possession of intoxicating liquor


(1) No person shall enter or remain on the railway where such person is unfit to enter or remain on the railway as a result of being in a state of intoxication.


(2) Where reasonable notice is, or has been, given prohibiting intoxicating liquor on any train service, no person shall have any intoxicating liquor with him on it, or attempt to enter such a train with intoxicating liquor with him.


(3) Where an authorised person reasonably believes that any person is unfit to enter or remain on the railway, or has with him intoxicating liquor contrary to Byelaw 4(2), an authorised person may:


(i) require him to leave the railway; and

(ii) prevent him entering or remaining on the railway until an authorised person is satisfied that he has no intoxicating liquor with him and/or is no longer in an unfit condition.



Byelaw 4.1 and 4.3 (ii) seem pretty clear on the matter.

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