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    • In this type of managed block most of the owners/tenants have other places elsewhwere and only use them occasionally so the concierge service have keys to ensure the smooth running of the block. Now I would be tempted to fit an old fashioned lock as well as the swipe pass if you are there all fo the time (subject to any necessary permissions). after all, it is for your convenience, not theirs
    • No-one can represent you as far as the debt liability goes so the CAB might have given your creditors a sob strory but that is not a representation by you so means nothing as far as the SB clock goes. My mum could admit that I owe money to a creditor and offer to pay but there is no relationship between her and the creditor so whatever she said or did wouldnt chaneg that. Now bailiffs like to pile on the guilt in trying to get relative to cough up for debts that arent theirs but they dont get paid otherwise.
    • Well, if they're living and working then they wouldn't be taking any state benefits surely?  So I dont see any issue.   Of course, the universal wage for all would eradicate any ill feeling towards people, and this constant narrative that someone is taking something from someone.  That's my real issue with capitalism if we move on slightly - we're all on different levels of the pyramid and most people are constantly looking over their shoulder at what the person next to them has.  Tory's talk about labour indulging in the politics of envy, but it's actually the capitalist free market system they have created which fuels this hatred towards other people.  I think that capitalism promotes competition and as such envy plays a big role in every one of us because we're all competing with one another...  better house, better car, better this and that.   Ask yourself if you'd be worried about an immigrant taking what you perceive to be yours by rights if there wasn't a more level playing field and people were treated equally regardless of where they were born/skin colour/gender etc?  People can't seriously be happy living like this.. constantly mistrusting, looking over your shoulder, paranoid, angry...
    • Could be a conflict of interest but if a family owned co you are not likely to get anyone else. can be someone of the same level. in all my years involved in union activity I have never met a licensed union chairman so mehtinks that you would be better off seeking independent advice or speak to the current branch officers of the union that has recognition/representation . If the confusion shown in your posts is translated into the workplace grievance procedures you may well end up worse off than with a simple and coherent presentation of your case so get someone else to be with you, ideally someone with the authority to actually represent you or the managers will fiond it difficult to undershatnd what it is you want
    • The result of not attending is already known to you. They will continue and the no show will count against you and may be worthy of dismissal in itself As for handing in your notice- too late, they are not obliged to accept it when a disciplinary hearing  is in the offing.
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RECORD all calls with all providers to protect yourself.

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I through recording calls with orange was able to prove they were not worthy of my custom and what I think of them would get cagboted, so I need to behave:madgrin:


I am now happily the owner of two contracts with 3 and happy, especially as it was and is what on the tin and was my intention prior to being persuaded by orange when browsing that they could better and do the same, again comment re that is unprintable, bleep etc....


I am not silly enough to feel all providers or even 3 as I am happy with them are angels, we need to record calls with all as well a two year contract if goes wrong can be an ankle chain holding you back and a cause of distress if can not prove miss sold.


On my first contract with 3 I chose a limited data package for me knowing unlikely to use more and recently upgraded that happily for the small cost of 3.00 to unlimited data, yep orange, unlimited as in all you can eat actually with them means well if you are a pig you can eat and eat:madgrin: Not find you have been put on an unexpected diet and restricted to 750mb, dig dig, haha:mad2:


Any way got the second phone for my kid and chose unlimited data and the reassurance i wanted as in no risk of charges for exceeding data is fullfilled, I can rest easy, thank goodness:lol:


I also chose at time to take out their trial offer on a dongle and only 5.00 charge and you could cancel when not wanted and turn to pay as you go.


This shows to me how ALL mobile companies cannot be trusted when you need to cancel something as simply as promised in the store, though in this occasion I hvae to thank the 3 store for helping me as they were flabbergasted at what happened also.


Due to memory problems and epilepsy I chose the deal, but soon realised I needed to cancel it re the broadband contract dongle as would forget to do so and continue to pay for something not used which of course would be my fault no one elses.


So as able to go out this weekend I went into the 3 store and asked if they could help me cancel the contract as going past the store reminded me I needed to do it. They were lovely and said I needed to do it, but that could use their phone and glad I was i did it in their store !!!!!


Put through to chap with indian accent though not sure if call centre there or in uk and the chap changed the terms, as in said I had to use it for one month and then choose to cancel. I said but that risked me having to pay two months money on service I did not need. He then told me the service was not activated and that he could not cancel it, so I turned to the store for help as he then went into intense sales patter trying to sell me an alternate internet package via the very same dongle.


Staff answered for me and repeated all said and that they agreed there was no reason for my contract not to be cancelled as per the sales offered in the store and that I only had to pay 15.99. The call centre then said that I was not on the system and could not cancel me, to which the man said I am an employee of 3 I have her details on our system which is the same as yours, so she is on the system and the account is active, so cannot see your problem.


Call centre then asked to speak to me again and it was obvious just did not want to cancel and alternately sell me another product, so I asked chap again to take over and he reiterated basically politely do your job and cancel as it was the cancellations dept who we were through to. GUESS WHAT?


The call centre put the phone down on 3's own staff member!!!!! Imagine if that was you at home !!!!


So now store get onto head office who act straight away thank goodness and intervene to get the cancellations dept to process the simple request and it is done. It all in all still took nearly an hour to process but I left the store with letter and names and happily trusting they had done their job.


So here is my conclusion:


No matter the company. When you are put into the hands of an agent who is target driven re sales or commission on such whatever their workings, you are meat, so need to record your calls as you have to pray you are lucky that the head office was like that of 3 and intervene to prevent any more inconvinience, rather than that or my experience of orange, happy to accept that some staff perhaps did not truly deal with you how they would like and then they would leave you to drown.


I got the impression of orange was you were not a name or valued customer, any error, porkie or whatever they had no respect for you. I accept all companies make mistakes, I was even given the wrong simm for my phone at the contract but they had reagarding 3 the new one out by next days post and you cannot fault that.


So record you calls to protect yourself as your credit file is tightly linked to your mobile provider and some like to be very prompt in marking you down or threat of so and even in cases where your file might need altering due to mobile company finally backing down, they can refuse to alter any notes due to their errors, orange told me not willing to help, recorded though I have yet to check what they have put and if I find orange have bad marked me, I will not be finished, haha


I know what i posted might seem just common sense to most who are familiar with the workings and temperaments of certain companies, but would you believe it there are some trusting souls still out there who perhaps reading this might happily go on their business but at least recording their calls for back up that most likely wont be needed, but just in case it is there !!!!!


I can now happily go back to knowing my two phone contracts are unlimited internet, all you cane eat, brilliant phones and are doing their job and that they are not with ORANGE :whoo:



3 STORE staff on promise and help when needed:hug:


3 cancellation dept, needs a little work xx:roll: But once sorted easily forgiven


ORANGE STORE on promise and help when needed :deadhorse:


ORANGE ceo office, over phone sales and bascially whole company:drama::fencing: AVOID:madgrin: xx

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I will be happily getting contract number 3 with 3 later on in the year for my other child and thats a lot of custom missed orange, hahahahahaha :)


But i would warn anyone not to sure about the dongle offer for 5.00, that if you have all you can eat data on your mobile and internet at home, then dont bother with it as can be more hastle than worth unless happy to keep for emergencies. Mine although I will keep for emergencies as payg so not a total waste of time.


Here would you believe watching to be posting happily:madgrin: But I am, good customer service even with forgiven little hiccups easily gets that :)



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Excellent advice.

Record your calls with every company you ever deal with.


You will never regret it. You will often regret it if you don't.

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Excellent advice.

Record your calls with every company you ever deal with.


You will never regret it. You will often regret it if you don't.


I record everything if I even have so much as a doubt about a problem!


I have even recorded a meeting with an inspector at our local police station (with their permission of course), had they had not given me permission - I would have videoed it, as there is no law against videoing a conversation even without permission, just as long as there's some sort of film footage :wink:

Life is like an echo, it all returns......The good, the bad, the false, the true......So if you give life the best you have, the best will come back to you.

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