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Orange And iPhone contract, where do I stand?


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Wonder if someone could advise where I stand re this. Sorry if a bit of a ramble.


My recent contract expired at the start of February, however just before Christmas I took advantage of the early upgrade. I had been considering the new iPhone so went looking around for what was on offer.


There my account page I could see I could get the 4s for a one of payment of £29.99 on the 41 extra tariff. When add it to your basket the £41 pm showed as £36 and pennies, this is after taking into account for loyalty discount, been with Orange for roughly 4 years.


After reading some posts here I phoned up there retention team and asked what sorts of deals they could offer. Explained the deals I had found, there were a couple at £36 a month, guy said with your discount its costing you only a few pennies over the £36, I asked if he could waive the £29.99 he said that wasn't possible.

Said I'd think about it and at the same time asked for a PAC code as I figured I might go elsewhere.


At the same time Apple were offering interest free one £10 months on products over £420 but figured I still needed a contract. Anyway having thought it over I decided to stay with Orange and as wasn't getting any better deal over the phone from Orange, logged into my account and ordered over the internet. . .one of payment £29.99, £41pm tariff reduced with loyalty discount to £36 and the pennies (can't remember the exact figure something like 40p) for 24 months.


Thought nothing more of it. I did call late December, early January to query info on my online account as it was still showing my old Raccoon tariff. Person I spoke to said it was because I upgraded part way through the billing month, but it would sort itself out, which was fair enough. Anyway I normally pay a few pounds over each month so have a tiny bit of credit against the following months bills. January bill came and went and never really noticed anything, plus my Raccoon tariff had some bolt ons which I had recently removed, so paid no real attention to it. However come my bill in February, I wondered why it was so high over £41 and seem there was no discount on the monthly tariff.


Called customer services they said owe you don't get that on the iPhone, I said but I did, it showed me what I was paying before I ordered plus I was told over the phone same thing. Thats when the guy said, oh yes, the website does show you that and your order will show that, however thats a problem with the website, which has been raised with the management before but it's not possible to stop the loyalty discount showing against the iPhone.


I said I'm paying roughly £5 extra a month for 24 months, and want the deal I signed up for, he said to get that deal I would have to have paid £99 up front and not the £29 I paid. I said, had I been given the full information up front that may have changed my decision as in hindsight plenty of other companies where offering the deal he's stating. He said to give it to me for that price would mean it was costing Orange money, explained why should it be the customer that takes the hit as they won't pay to upgrade there website. Although he appreciated my point of view and said it was an issue they were aware of nothing more he could do.


Long story short, he went and spoke to a manager and he said he could offer a £50 one off credit, I said how would I escalate the complaint - need to speak to a manager. None available, said I will accept the £50 just now as appreciate that is all he can do, however I will be writing in further re this as I think it is totally out of order to have a known issue on there website which fundamentally affects what you sign up for.


Came off the phone and emailed customer services. Had an answer machine message the next day, saying tried to call you however from there notes the issue I had might now be resolved however if not to call the customer services line. I emailed them back to say the issue is very much alive and I would like my complaint addressed in writing. Lets face it I've already tried through customer services and its almost like they put obstacles to stop you complaining.


That was the 21 February, to date heard nothing more.


A) has anyone had a similar issue, I can't be the only one had this issue with an iPhone order form orange


b) advise where I stand with this, in terms of rights and legality.


thanks for persevering I'm not the most succinct of writers




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It is a shame that you phoned them, with the admission of the "known problem" the company have not got a leg to stand on, but they are likely to "forget" that was said.


You accepted the offer, you paid them, and they are taking more money than authorised - very naughty!


I would insist on the tariff you were offered, keep insisting, but make sure you only deal with them in writing, as it is likely that Orange will try to dig their heels in... it will be "impossible" to give you what you signed up for.


I would also go back onto the website and do a screenprint of the offer that you signed up for - if you end up going further you need evidence.

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Thanks for the reply. Thats my view. if there is a pricing error, and especially that they are aware the issue exists they should be contacting purchaser to make them aware rather than just asking them to pay the higher tariff.


Unfortunately I can't replicate what I did and take a screen print as when you log in to your orange account, you cannot upgrade your phone when you are not due an upgrade.


Really starting to annoy me the more I think about it, just so wrong, however I will be pursuing. Their complaints procedure is a joke as well, talk about obstacles to complaining!!!

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RECORD ALL CALLS WITH ORANGE as you cannot trust them !!!!


I have a recording of the CEO office telling me you cannot trust their own staff. I said are you aware of what you just said? Reply YES.

I found both store and online sales told porkies and caught them out recording them promising the earth to get a sale when in fact it was not true.


Told the ceo office i had the recordings and they took an ignorant stance in that should not have recorded them!!!!! and well they were idiotic.


Result in the end returned the phones back to them and dumped the whole deal as I was not going to let them rip me off.


Thing is we do trust what told by representatives in either uniform of firm, instore and over phone when talking to paid employees, but you see when even prove porkies are rampant they insist on blaming the customer and really trying to fobb you off to despair.


ORANGE when ever dealt with need recording because even if made genuine mistakes they will potentially in my experience turn it around as your error or mistake. I got the over all impression perhaps too many mistakes were made to deal with it in an customer friendly manner and instead they use fobb off knowing a lot of people give up.


So up to you, try writing and stay polite, even ask for them to listen or source the original sales call and look into it again, perhaps they might for once be reasonable.


You can also choose to go to regulator if they are obstinate and request deadlock letter from orange prior to doing so.

But if they say it was not said then really you are stuck only to learn to not trust what told again and to record to protect yourself in future, best of luck.

I got the impression from their dealing with me, they had no respect for such situations and were happy to fobb off and push you to regulator.


I kept all recordings, emails etc....with orange to prove what i say.

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There are 2 things I'd be doing.


1st I would complain to the CEO, [email protected], and say you feel they have mis-sold this as you requested one thing, it was agreed and now they a reneging on the contract.


2nd I would send them a SAR.


Also take a read of their "complaints code of practice" here

If in doubt, contact a qualified insured legal professional (or my wife... she knows EVERYTHING)


Or send a cheque or postal order payable to Reclaim the Right Ltd.


923 Finchley Road London NW11 7PE



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