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    • Hi   I hope this is the right place for this post. I dont know a great deal about eviction so I'm seeking some expert advice if possible 🙂 My daughter has received a 6 months section 21 notice which, as she has just given birth to my granddaughter, has caused her stress hence me trying to help her out. Today the landlord has also asked for one months notice if we do manage to find her another place. Is this correct? She currently has a fixed term notice that ends in february and I assume she'll then go on a rolling contract so I'm assuming that it is 🙁 TIA 
    • If I have the correct local authority check these links :    https://www.richmond.gov.uk/services/roads_and_transport/roads_and_road_works/road_and_pathway_maintenance   https://www.richmond.gov.uk/services/roads_and_transport/roads_and_road_works/road_and_pathway_maintenance/road_and_highways_obstuctions   second link has the following :   Builders' skips – check if a skip is licensed before reporting Scaffolding or hoardings Builders materials Temporary works including traffic lights - check if temporary works are scheduled before reporting Overhanging tree branches, hedges Mud/debris on the road Mixing concrete or mortar on the highway Unauthorised vendors or traders Encroachment of highway boundaries * Discharge of water onto the highway Blocking "Rights of Way" Plants and bushes Illegal signs
    • I would challenge all the way ! Check one of my posts as I had a similar issue with my local authority , tree branches and bush covering sign. Took photos same day and a week later lo and behold the branches were cut back. Not my issue the council does not maintain the highways. Looking at your photos how could you tell there were any lines? Of course the council threw it straight back so I appealed and went to the next level and submitted my photos as evidence , they backed down then although still did not admit defeat and stated it as a goodwill gesture... I got some great advice on here so don't be stressed or worried follow the guidelines on here. Either way they are going to try to force you to pay so don't give the @$$ holes an easy ride....
    • Morning Caggers. Hope everybody is safe and well.   Ok will try to make this brief as possible !  Got an early xmas gift from Minster Bay watch in York while working on a site on a retail park, Vehicle overstayed max period (2 hours) . Basically had a short contract with the NHS delivering and installing IT equipment to one of their offices based on the retail park above one of the retail stores. The signage stated two hours max parking , spoke to receptionist who said he would put me on the exclusion list while I was there. Basically has me entering at 8.12 and exit at 15.00 ( to grab some lunch )  although I was there until 6.30pm at night still working. So in theory 8.12am till 18.30pm To add into the mix the car I was driving was just purchased on the 7th Nov and the charge letter dated 10th Nov so again in theory the transfer of ownership was not in my name then , I notice on letter it states we may have obtained your details from DVLA. I actually got the V5 today stating acquired vehicle on 7th Nov   So in the letter column on left is as follows:   Charge notice no ***** Date of contravention - 10/11/2020 Vehicle reg - My current vehicle Vehicle make - - Current vehicle Vehicle model - Current vehicle  Charge value - £100 Date of issue - 20th Nov  Location - Heslington Retail Park - York - YO10 5LA   I have attached a pic of the main body of the letter they are of course offering a discount of £60 ....how jolly nice    So best course of action?   1) Tell them I was driver\owner but working for the NHS with proof of site visit and exemption and lay it on thick about being NHS worker?  (although I imagine it won't make a difference)  2) Deny all knowledge as technically I was not the owner at that point and ask them to prove it  3) Totally ignore and wait for the toilet paper...sorry threat o grams?   I have now left that contract but still have my NHS badge as proof of employment   Thanks NTD...
    • Fraudsters are using the details of firms we authorise to try to convince people that they work for a genuine, authorised firm. Find out more about this ‘clone firm’. View the full article
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I'm having a lot of trouble with my gym. I am signed up with a 12 month contract to David Lloyd. A couple of years ago I was with them as well but ended the membership as I sprained my neck and my spine during a session with one of their personal trainers. Ever since the accident I have had problems. I can just be sat down, just relaxing and then suddenly my back/neck will go and my movement will be very limited. I took out the membership again as I wanted to try to train my body to become stronger, develop around the injuries and hopefully stop this from happening. I used the membership a few times over a two week period, just going for a gentle swim but it was too much and I was in a lot of pain with my back causing work to be very difficult.


I phoned the gym, they told me if I got a letter from my GP, they would cancel the membership. Having had to cancel the membership once before, I asked them if I still had to give notice. They said no, just hand in the letter and they will cancel it straight away.

So I went to the GP, got a letter and handed it into the gym.


I didn't hear anything from them so I went into the gym to find out what was happening, they said the letter was not accepted due to the wording on the letter, the GP has put that I have gone to him and requested the letter. He has also put that he has reccomended gentle exercise e.g walking, that a gym membership is not required for.

1 - I don't understand how else the GP is supposed to know if I am coping or not unless I approach him to discuss the problems with my spine.

2 - It is the doccumentation they asked for.

3 - They say that the letter doesn;t rule out walking which they have treadmills for, why should I have to pay £70 a month for this?


So I spoke to the GP and they said there is no reason why they should not accept the letter. I called the gym, one of the girls at reception said she would leave a message with the manager in membership sales. I didn't hear anything so I have cancelled the Direct Debit.


The gym are now chasing for payment. I have now had conversations with management via email advising of the above. They have replied informing me that I am a liar and that I have not been miss informed as I was never told such things.

They insist that I WAS NOT told that a letter would service and I WAS NOT told that notice was not required and they will not accept the letter.


I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!! :-( They keep changing the rules and then making me out to be a liar. I have just returned to work after 3 months sick leave and can not afford the membership. They want me to pay £70 a month to use a treadmil to walk? If they won't accept a letter from the GP then what can I do?


I'm livid with the emails. A manager calling me a liar. :-x It's my word against theirs. How would they know? arghhh...


Please help.

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Hi and welcome to CAG


I've moved your thread to the relevant forum where the guys will be happy to advise as soon as they are available.



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Hi Bibblesnlemmings,


They have replied informing me that I am a liar and that I have not been miss informed as I was never told such things.

Do you have this in an email from them. If so, print it off and keep it for future reference or use. Also, please confirm their exact wording.


In any event, they have no right to judge your ability to use the facilities, based on the content of your GP's letter.


You were told to supply a GP's letter confirming your condition, which you did.


You were told by their staff that this would enable you to cancel. It is your word against theirs and they have nothing that would enable them to prove that what you say is wrong or untruthful.


You are right to have cancelled the DD mandate - otherwise they would continue to take monthly payments ad-nauseum.


They will continue to demand payments and you will, no doubt, soon hear from ARC saying the matter will be referred for legal action if you do not pay up. They will not take any legal action. They never do.


Have you been receiving demands by letter from DL or from ARC. We can help you draft a reply but they don't give up easily, in the hope that they'll intimidate you and wear you down.


That is why we will probably tell you to ignore their threats in due course.



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Thanks !:-)

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