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Friend had phone cover I liked and saw on direct that it was half price so ordered a while ago. As was nice and half price ordered another style as well and they arrived by recorded delivery.


I opened them after a few days as poorly and the cover identical to my friends was fine. Couple of days later I thought better check the other one as did not prior as well what can be wrong with a phone cover?


Glad I did as it did not fit properly. Same size as the other but on the top left the rim was different a little bigger in that the iphone could easily fall out when turned. Think this is more likely to be a bad batch, so rang them up asking for either refund or replacement.


Told no replacement as would have to pay again and wait for refund of item as well, so thought well the one I wanted before I got greedy was fine, so just return the faulty one for refund.


Here is gets exhausting.


They tell me it has to be through their supplier, fair enough. That that supplier will contact me via email and collect the item from me. Now I thought this was great especially as only a phone cover at half price 12.49 and as not well thought excellent service to not have to go to post office.


Nothing happened and i gave it a few more days, no email etc....and today got a prepaid first class envelope in the post with letter enclosed from tesco stating to send it back recorded delivery to protect myself to get a refund.


Now I know with ebay anything not sent with tracking if goes missing you get no refund etc.....so was suprised to see that the tracking had not been paid for. I rang tesco direct who indeed told me if tracking was not kept and it went missing I would get no refund, so I asked her why was it not paid for. She fobbed me off and kept refering to their supplier and how I would have to wait again and I asked her why I was told it would be collected etc.....and that I was reassured then the chitty given me by the courier would be my proof of collection, and was told it was totally wrong information.


So I asked her to refund me please and then I would happily wait for new contact to return it via tracking and told as sent by supplier no refund given by them. I said but i ordered it from tesco direct, you are responsible for wrong information and of processing the item back, she then was talking over me so I said I am recording the call, could you please listen to me then I will happily let you speak as she was just saying it was not their responsibility but the supplier and I was trying to get over I trusted tesco with my order not a supplier.


She then lectured me at the fact I was not allowed to record her without saying so. I said I could have chosen to do so but do not have to by law and as I thought there would be no issue other than them sorting it swiftly I did not see the need. I told her as she was repeatedly talking over me and would not let me finish. She said you are not allowed so I said could you quote the law which says so and she said well I dont need to talk about that!!!!!!


So back to the issue and I said how long will I have to wait to sort it and told down to supplier basically so I said tesco need to sort it for me. I then said how any caring company hinting at the need especially for tracking for the guarantee of a refund if an item goes missing, would at least send you a prepaid recorded delivery or special delivery package/envelope and she agreed and that it was not fair to in my opinion risk a customer thinking oh okay it will be fine if no tracking enclosed, just send it to find refund later refused etc.... Told the letter issue was with the supplier and i had to say why does the letter say tesco on it with no mention of any supplier http://www.tesco.com is all that was on it and it did refer to my specific item !!!!!!


She was confused that it was from tesco with the envelope having suppliers address on it and then offered to pay 5.00 to my bank account to allow me to send tracked and i agreed at this as a solution which would save time, as it was obvious not on. I personally suspect a lot of people just send items back and mostly they arrive but some probably get caught out by this and lose their refund.


So I think the overall service from tesco direct has been shambolic and when ordering for them I did not expect to go on a tesco virtual supplier dosey doh to get the refund. I am hoping tesco read this via their twitter link as i am very disatisfied and happy to accept sometimes items are faulty, but anyone ordering from tesco should be warned if it comes via a so called supplier re sending it back. NIGHTMARE !!!!!!!:madgrin:


Order number 59611629 and they are welcome to email me re this complaint which I would then happily reply as resolved because why would anyone want to order from them if realise how such a simple purchase can cause so much silly hastle.

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ps. Both brands were tokidoki hance my thinking the second cover would be fine. Just as well I checked eh?


On a side note very happy with the one cover I wanted as it is stunning, shame the second one I also very much liked was faulty. Would have been so nice had they organised another one to me, but as they agreed could be bad batch, think they were not interested and they did want me to pay again. Would have been so nice for them to get another to me asap when realised messed about and I could have returned the other to the supposed courier at the same time. But as it is refund seems needed.

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pss. Tracking was asked for as in keep tracking coder rather than simply advising you to get proof of posting which would have been fine and enough to show actually sent it. No they wanted code so should pay for it. :)

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I did say to her recorded, as you have offered the five pounds I do hope you wont take it from the refund and was told no. Just got an email stating refund of your tesco direct order 5.00, no mention that this is due to special circumstances, so have to hope the processor of the refund does not then decide to minus 5.00. Call me a sceptic but I can see the way this is going !!!!!

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Be fair WI2011 that they have not bothered to reply to email, call or tweet, I mean come on, they are snowed under.


They cant get major policy right re workfare, so how are they to get something stupid as to their own returns policy right, BE FAIR (Sick bucket needed):madgrin:


Same people answering returns complaint are dealing with telling wether 18-24 and older and disabled are treat the same. I mean they say all the same, but they are not the same, are they. They are willing to pay the youth, but not offer the same to older and disabled as in come of jsa to try work experience paid by tesco.


Of course they still like to use slave/free labor sorry I mean 'volunteers' from all walks.


BOYCOTT TESCO as they cant deliver decent internet and when have problems say they are new to the business, carp. Tesco direct fobb you off. Tesco store when had problem with soil stack for weeks had shoppers smelling sh*t through the ventilation system when they upgraded their store in bletchley and allowed shoppers who like me felt the need to puke, still to shop for their fresh goods. They cant be bothered to remove the alarm devices attached to expensive items at the tills as too busy chatting to colleagues for you to be told to go through apparantly, and I have experienced to them find you need to return to store as need device removed.




They should just offer placements for experience that coincide with a job, simples.


The customer does not count unless they are giving free hours to them .............!!!!!!!!!!!


Get rid of the failing staff you have and let job seekers take their places, then you might run a store and accurately give information, till you sort them out you look like FOOLS :)




Oh as for the phone cover, once they get it back, I hope they stick it where the sun does not shine as I am happy with sainsburys, you know they have not messed up one shop, so they better tesco and asda.



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Mrs Hamster works for Tesco's full time. She is middle-aged, pleasant, hard working and conciensious, with both Staff and Customers. She has worked there a long time, they have looked after her well, even through some pretty difficult times.


The sarcastic diatribe above reflects pretty accurately the abuse she gets, from customers, every week. No-one should be subjected to abuse, whether intentional or not. If you disagree with Tesco's ethics or work practices, there are other places to shop, Waitrose, Asda, Sainsbury's etc.


Did you not 'Boycott' Tesco some months ago?


I'm glad you feel better.



Edited by Hammy1962

40 years at the pointy end of the motor trade. :eek:

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