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    • The whole thing seems bizarre this person is holding this vehicle and that he has had it so long and that he is not giving you any information and you have no idea what is going on. The only way to force his hand is to issue proceedings. If he fails to respond to those then apply the judgement and then put their sheriffs in. I'm afraid I'm completely out of ideas otherwise – and you seem to be as well. Revealing his identity on this forum, it's another way of putting pressure on him because if he realised that he was being discussed on social media, this might influence him to take some action – even if it was only to rise up in fury. We might be able to do some additional research on him. There may be others who have been having difficulty with the same garage who would be interested to find somebody else in the same boat with the same trader. Even if they weren't on the form already, Google would pick up the references so that they would come up in Google searches. If other people had trouble with this person in the future then they would find your experience with this person very useful to their own predicament. You've offered let me have this information in confidence that I don't want to get involved in that kind of game. As I've said to you, there are no downsides to revealing his identity. There are any downsides to not revealing his identity – and at the very least, it may simply have a neutral effect. He said in an earlier post that you were frightened of him. I think that to be intimidated by somebody who is treating you so shabbily and so unjustly must be very unpleasant. I have a sense that you are holding back from sending this letter of claim and that means to me that you are still holding back from bringing a legal action. I'm not sure what else we can say now. I think we have discussed everything. I think you understand everything. I think you need to make a decision now as to whether you want to get your money, maybe have the satisfaction of dealing with this person properly – or whether you'd prefer simply to write the whole thing off.
    • then they need paying sadly   i will bet Lloyds have sold the debt now along with the CCJ/CO to a debt buyer so you'll need to find out who owns the debt now. odds on it will have been sold, my guess to the Cabot Group.   typically debt buyer might accept 70% to clear the registry.
    • Its not fatal to your defence but it does give them opportunity to come at you and provides ammunition to discredit your statement.   How should I respond to this if I'm asked?
    • Threads merged.   mortimer clarke are cabots solicitors and MEIII is a trading name of cabot. so Blackhorse sold the debt to the Cabot Group.   so cabot own the CCJ/CO now   it will need paying if what andyorch advised earlier still applies, which ofcourse it does.   now as for paying it and getting it removed, if they have offered 30% off that means there is more to be had i bet but you'd have to SAR blackhorse and hope they still have all the details 10yrs later. then get out a fined toothed comb and study the statements to see why cabot are offering the discount.   you'd also ideally need a copy of the particulars of claim from the original claimform now that might be a hard one as northants bulk court might not now hold them.   might be better to accept the offer when the sum is paid the charge should be automatically removed by the owner.    
    • Sadly I think you are right.  If she moved to another house in a virgin area they wouldn't make her pay up the rest of the contract just asked her to do another contract seems very unfair. 
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Minicredit want in excess of £950 for a £400 loan.

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I am a 19 year old student who has got into so much debt it's unbelievable.

With an ambition to go into the IT profession, but with no available funds to afford tuition, equipment, etc.

I resorted to taking out multiple loans from multiple companies...the latest of which was from Minicredit.


I was not eligible for a student loan as I am attending college, not university.

Either way, I think payday loans were definitely the wrong choice...what was I thinking???


I received a letter today from Minicredit demanding that I pay in excess of £950 (i think the amount was £962.50).

I borrowed £400 from them about 4 months ago, on a 30 day pay back basis.

At the time I was receiving very low income...and I knew it would be hard to pay back.

But at the time I did not stop to think for a moment as to just HOW this was going to work out. :-x


I also owe money to TxtLoan, Wonga, QuickQuid, and I daren't think how many more.

I was desperate to get onto this course, for which I needed certain equipment.

I also needed to fund transport to and from college daily as its an 18 mile trek each way.

On top of that we have the tuition fees, which are not damn cheap, followed by exam fees.


I had to fund this myself, no parental back-up (which is fair enough...I am 19!), and no job.

Jobs are impossible to come by...in my little remote town in devon, there are little to no vacancies.

Payday loans were the worst idea possible...WHAT WAS I THINKING?

At the time, though, it was a choice of finding necessary funds...or not getting onto the course basically.

If I didn't get onto the course, it would be another year before I could apply again.


Bear in mind, this is a specialist course...I have clear plans laid out for what I want in life.

So I couldn't settle for just "any" course. Anyway, I may be a whiz on computers...but I am rubbish at budgeting.

This has been proven simply by the fact I got myself into this situation...and now cannot get out of it!


At time of posting this I have less than £5 in the bank!

I earn a standard income of £68.85 a week!

But I have expenses even now, that I am still paying for.

Let's put it this way...I get around £250 a month...by the end of the month I have less than £5.

I am not particularly buying anything either...that's me paying for expenses.

Expenses that I am not yet in debt for, if you get me.

Minicredit want in excess of £950.

Wonga (haven't heard from them in a while).

TxtLoan are demanding like £350.

QuickQuid are demanding around £650.


Bear in mind I borrowed £400 from Wonga, £400 from Minicredit, and £100 from TxtLoan, and £400 from QuickQuid.

In total I borrowed around £1300 to £1500 (give or take a few hundred pounds...not going into exact amounts here).


Anyway, the amount of debt i am in, including interest, amounts to an excess of £3000.

And the worst bit is, they go up by hundreds of pounds a month.

I am probably nearing 6 months overdue with my most overdue debt.

What I'm trying to say is...over the course of 6 months...I have pretty much screwed my life up.

Can you imagine it? 6 months ago, my credit rating was superb! Bills paid on time...a perfect citizen i was.

Now, as soon as income stopped, and expenses started as I stepped out into the real world...look at the dramatic change!


Minicredit are threatening court action.

So are QuickQuid, and TxtLoan.

And what worries me about Wonga...is I haven't heard from them in like 3 months???


I don't know what to do.

If this goes to court, they cannot order me to pay money I do not have.

Yes! They can issue a court order to seize my assets!

I have a few valuables...a mac computer (I use that for graphics...part of my tuition).

I am happy to sell everything I own...except for the mac (as I need that).

But the worry is...even if I do sell everything I own....the total value will only meet half of my debt!


WHAT CAN I DO????????????

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Sounds very much like me, little place in devon, exactly 18 miles to college when I went, same situation, same companies.. are you me from 5 years ago? :razz:


On a serious note, try and negotiate some sort of reasonable payments with them on a pro-rata basis. According to people that appear to be reliable on here, the general rule is that you should offer to repay the loan + 1 month's interest as standard as these are actually only 30 or 31 day contracts. What you need to do is this:


- Work out your total dispensable income per month

- Work out your total debts individually, add a months interest to each and total them too.

- Pro-rata (IIRC) is worked out as dispensable income / total debt * individual debt.


Lets say you have £50 a month spare, a total debt of £2,000 and your first debt is for £300. 50/2000*300 = £7.50. Offer that creditor £7.50 until you can afford more. They can't force money out of you that you haven't got, and if you've made reasonable attempts to offer affordable repayments then what else can you do?!


If things are so bad you only have £5 a month spare can you not get a temporary job of any kind? I know it's tough out there, but even bar work for 1 day a week will help you dramatically.


Edit - I know dx and a few other from the site team are asking questions about the loam + 1 month rule currently and it's an ongoign discussion, I only quote this as if I remember rightly certain cases went to court and with all the excess fees/fines whatever not being justified, that was the remaining balance.

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Does College have a finance welfare type person you can talk to? make use if it does for the support, could you try and find some oldies to teach them some basic computer tricks some may be happy to pay and glad of your company especially if lonely - a little notice in your local supermarket or newsagents could go a long way


19 is the best age to learn about debt and your young so you can turn this around, make sensible choices now and it shouldn't ruin your life


Best of luck :-)

Happy to share my experience but for your own protection, please check and double check what myself and other Caggers inform


“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence.”



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