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    • Lets put this into perspective. You wont ever get £1000's out of them most def not the £15k? you are after..wont happen even through court.   And if you dont get written evidence they knew but stupidly did it all on a phone without recording your calls up creek are you. Your word against a powerful bank.   If your pp account were to be sorted is your business one that would recover? And why didnt you simply open another pp account with differing details using another bank ac and link that to your business?   Dx
    • Hi i took out a contract back in May with Vodafone for superfast fibre 2, My speeds have been up and down all the time one moment the sync speed is 76mb then it goes to 33mb then back up to 76mb other providers in the area like BT, PlusNet, Sky or TalkTalk can only provide me with 33mb maximum apparently but Vodafone was adamant they can provide 76mb so i thought ok ill take your word for it so since may the internet has been working perfect no complaints, lately its absolute crap you speak to them on the phone and its the usual rubbish change your WIFI channels, take the face plate off your socket. I'm an internet engineer for a company called hyperoptic so I know a lot about routers and all that so its nothing knew to me you tell them you've done all this and they just repeat themselves over and over then tell you to see how it goes with the plate off may I add makes no bit of difference at all you call them back and the same rubbish is said all over again, When i complained first time about the half speed drop to 33mb they came back with this is all you can get in your area when i asked them why sell me a 76mb package if you know full well my line cant handle over 33mb as usual get told ill get a 3 pound discount for the duration of my contract which disappears once they boost your speed back up to 76mb then few weeks later your back to square one again. Tonight my speed is running at 3.5mb and 15mb upload webpages don't open and videos buffer all the time, i honestly think its the crap routers they supply to which you cant place into modem mode to use your own 3rd party router.   Is there anyway i can get out of this contract
    • Hi everyone, any help anyone can offer would be appreciated.   I purchased a bag for £375 + £8 postage from an individual via Depop. I’m not that familiar with the Depop service but the transaction wasn’t completed via Depop’s checkout just via messages with the seller on the app.   The seller posted the item a few days later and sent me a tracking number, and the item says delivered but it hasn’t arrived with me. When tracking online and asking for more info online it says the tracking number and delivery postcode (my home address) don’t match and the website doesn’t offer any further help. The online chat function is a bot and frankly useless and there is no phone number to call.   The seller can’t show me any proof that the tracking number marries up to my address (they sent me a photo of the box but that’s it) so feel at a loss and very silly (and sad).   I don’t have the seller’s postal address, only email and phone number, but can I (should I) make a claim via small claims for the without having a physical address?   I have asked the seller for a refund and advised they have to make a claim for compensation as the contract of sale (postage cost) was with them and the delivery company.    Thank you everyone. 
    • Its a common situation HB ... In how many laws broken how many times - yes somewhat complex   In caring and supporting your own its quite simple and straight forward It enables the younger members to work and school, while giving care to the older members, who have mainly lost their prior anchors - Nothing strange ... although Johnsons' monsters seem to be unaware or uncaring ...   Any in such a situation will of course have ALL their owns health and safety as the paramount consideration.
    • Jeez that's complicated. 😕
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Can my landlord charge for administration on my ground rent demand ... I have a set ground rent of £25 per year .. I have a demand for £28.75 .. I dont mind paying the extra .. but is this within his rights? The demand is just for the ground rent .. also does he have to include a legal statement of my rights as a leaseholder, im sure what he has added is outdated, it reads 'for the purpose of the landlord & tenant act 1987 section 47/48 etc...

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