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Ongoing Meteor Parking Ticket

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I'm afraid I am in need of further advice following a Parking Charge Notice from Meteor in September after parking in a Railway Station car park.


I received the initial ticket followed by a letter from Roxburghe Debt Collectors telling me the fine had gone up .

Today I received another letter from Roxburghe stating the fine is now £144 and to pay within the next 10 days or they will pass the matter to Graham White solicitor who will review the case for potential legal action.

The letter asks me to refer to the Civil Procedure Rules part 31.16 and 31.17.

As I understand they are rules referring to disclose, I presume, the driver of the car at the time.


I forgot to mention that the fine was due to the fact that I had not parked correctly within the white bay lines... which were barely visible they were so worn.

I have googled Graham White solicitor of whom there are two , one to say the least doesn't read well !


I am now left wondering if I should write explaining about the state of the white lines, or, to still completely ignore.


Apparently there is worse to come in the way of threatening phone calls from Roxburghe, not something I look forward to.

Any advice please !!

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Ignore! Phone calls are easily dealt with.


A) say hold on, I will get them and leave the phone on worktop while you have a cup of tea.

B)Be very rude!

C)Whistle loudly into the phone.

D)Fart on arm and laugh lots till they hang up

E)Just keep talking rubbish or about a great holiday you had or something you can talk for an hour about endlessly without stopping for breath and try not to laugh.

F)Sound really scared and keep saying you have no money and see how many times you can get them to ring! (Keep a count for a laugh and duration)!



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IGNORE, This is all part of the money making letter chain, if they telephone you tell them to F### O ff, or you could have some fun with them and say something like " i will just go and fetch him/her, and leave them hanging on the line, costing them money.

Also , it is not a FINE.

And they fail to mention that CPR 31.16 & 31.17 do not apply in the small claims court!!

Do some reading of this forum, sounds like you are beginning to fall for their tricks!

hello all:-)

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Roxburghe passing it to Graham White solicitors actually means we will change the letterhead on the printer. Talking to them on the phone can actually be fun, if you keep changing between Roxburghe and White even they get mixed up and forget who their supposed to be!

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Thank you Andy , Surfboy and Esmerobbo !

Guess I should carry on with the ignoring then and wait for the phone calls! I must put all my info near the phone so if they do catch me whilst in the middle of a T.V programme

I can have my script at the ready !!

Thanks everyone ,wish all this would just go away !

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Alternatively, if you want the phone calls to stop (I know I would as I dislike cold calls in general), there are a couple of options:

1. Say that the call is being recorded - they will hang up very quickly

2. You must say to them (without allowing them to butt in or distract you) that "the alleged debt is denied, and they must pass it back to the original company. Any further calls from them will therefore be treated as harrassment and reported to the appropriate authorities."

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Thanks for that !! Will give the 'being recorded' bit a try.

Had the first Roxburghe call today and dealt with it by saying Iwas on my way out and they asked me to ring them back as it was an automated call !!

Wonder when the next one will be ?

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barney,, roxburghe and the phoney graham( i am definitely not a solicitor) white,,share the same office,,,,roxburghe letters are sent by dumb john(he doesnt even realise he should be paid for his so called duties) and on the next desk along is janis,, she is on work experience and spends all her day texting her mates telling them what an easy job she has,,,her letters are in bigger red ink than johns,,,both equate to loo paper,,if they phone again deny the debt and tell them this call is being recorded and passed on to office of fair trading,,thats option B,,,option A is simple IGNORE THESE CLOWNS THEY DONT DO COURT AS CERTAIN THEY WILL LOSE 110%.

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