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Black Horse VT - Fees Liability

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Wanted to pick the brains of you very knowledgeable CAG forum members and ask about a situation i'm in at the moment.


Have a car on HP with Black Horse, have paid more than half and have VT'ed before with no problems so asked for paperwork to be sent out. Finally got the second lot of paperwork and found the liability amount to be a LOT more than i'd thought it should be.


Due to circumstances there has been times during this agreement where there has been some late payments and on occasion with permission from BH have paid half the monthly instalment rather than the full amount.. With this in mind i knew that there would be these arrears to pay as part of the liability when VT'ing.. today though i called and have been told that there is over £700 worth of 'collection activity charges' and interest which is part of the liability amount.


Whenever i called about struggling to pay in the past they were very polite and i vaguely remember them saying about charges and how they can (at their discretion) come to an arrangement for some charges to be wiped at the end of the agreement (they were presuming this would be when i have paid in full).


I wanted to ask where i stand here as this is a huge amount of charges all for sending out some letters to say i'm behind in payments.. :| Can i ask for these to be refunded?? I dont feel like i'm in a very favourable position as I'm sure they dont like people VT'ing as it is without asking for some nice juicy charges to be taken off also.


Any help would be greatly appreciated..



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Also, should i hold off sending documents back for VT (i really dont want to as i want things to move as quickly as possible) but as part of the VT it has a total amount which i have to sign that i owe them and this amount includes the £700+ of collection charges and interest... not sure where to go with this but ideally want the VT done asap so i am not paying yet another months payment.


thanks in advance guys

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nobody have any advice then?


It's not something I can help you with but have moved this thread to the Vehicle Repossessions Forum, hopefully you'll get some help there.






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still no input on this? I sent back the documents with the total scored out and amended to the amount liable without charges and they have taken the £75 cheque i enclosed to have the vehicle collected.. now theres been no contact regards the car being picked up and they've now sent repeat paperwork saying that if i want to continue with the termination of my agreement i must sign all documentation to agree that i am liable for the amount plus charges.. this is driving me nuts and they've drawn this out into a 2nd month now!

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What do you mean by VT? Did you manage to sort this out? I don't really know what you can do - but you go for a s78 request to see if they have the agreement and if they've cahrged any late payment fees you can claim them back. Any letter fees have to be proportionate....buuuuut it's very hard to claim those back as you will probably have to take it to court for them to back down.

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