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    • Hi,   I'm currently engaged with a previous landlord as I applied for a RRO. I've already put my statement of case in, but when she responded to it with her "response" ad PDF bundle it literally:   1) Didnt address one issue in my statement of case. It literally moaned about all sorts of non related issues which were not listed in the statement of case I presented. 2) There's allegations in her response that i "made advances on her to make her my girlfriend", which quite frankly, there's more chance of elvis returning from the dead. Non of these so called advances have any evidence, there's no emails, texts, calls, voicemails... So I have no idea how to address this if at all. 3) There's allegations that my guarantor contacted her on a number of occasions, and I've confirmed that this isn't true. She literally mixed up me and my guarantor as well as the tenancy reference agency and blamed the guarantor. I have no idea how to address this.   Despite most of the above being outside of scope of what I listed in my Statement of Case, and all of her points in her "explanation" being moot as they also dont address any of the points in my Statement of Case, how do I respond to that?   Do I literaly list my statement of case items and so something like::     etc... Or do I activly need to respond to her points in her case? As much as I feel that would be the right thing to do, surely she needs to address my items listed in my statement of case. Otherwise we might as well pick and choose what we address lol   Anyway any help woul dbe really appreciated.   Cheers   Ade
    • Hi   This is there Terms & Condition: Terms & Conditions WWW.RADIOWORLD.CO.UK Shop and purchasing something from our ecommerce store, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions contained in this document.   Now what I noticed with these is you need to go down the webpage to where is states 'Return and Refund Policy'   Now look directly above where it states 'Return and Refund Policy' you will notice it states: "International returns".   Look at 'Your Order Cancellation Rights' it states: You are entitled to cancel Your Order within 14 days without giving any reason for doing so.   Look at 'Conditions for Returns' it states: The Goods are in the original packaging and The Goods were not used or damaged. (so how are you meant to check the goods were fit for purpose)   Look at 'Returning Goods' You are responsible for the cost and risk of returning the Goods to Us.    
    • Hi   What the Landlord has done is the Right to Re-Entry/Forfeiture by changing the locks they have terminated your Lease Agreement as this is an easier route for the Landlord of a Commercial Property than going through the Court process.   Now the but for the above the Landlord must have something in your Lease Agreement for the Commercial Property that states this (so have a good read of your Lease Agreement about this).   How much are you in Arrears for the Commercial Property?   Was it actually the Landlord that changed the Locks or did the Landlord use a Bailiff?   Were you given any notice to have the Arrears paid by and any action the Landlord may take to recover?   Has the Landlord been in contact with you about the Arrears?   Some info for you:   From 25th March 2022 all previous restrictions due to COVID-19 were lifted but the Government introduced the Commercial Rent (Coronavirus) Act 2022.   This sets out new Rent Arbitration Procedure that is Compulsory for Rent Arrears known as 'Protected Rent Debt'. The Arbitration will protect Tenants in certain Sectors where they were forced to close by the Government between 21st March 2020 and 19th July 2021. An Arbitrator will then decide how much rent these Tenants will have to pay. (note: Forfeiture is then prohibited for this Debt)   The above does not apply to Commercial Rent Arrears which had been incurred before 21st March 2020 or any that incurred post 18th July 2021.   These Restrictions DO NOT apply to Commercial Businesses that were not required to close by the Government   Have a Good Read of the Below Link: (you will have to download both the Commercial Rents (Coronavirus) Bill & Commercial Rents Code of Practice)   New measures in Bill to assist commercial landlords and tenants in resolving rent debts resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic - GOV.UK WWW.GOV.UK Commercial tenants mandated to close to be further protected from enforcement action to pave the way for proportionate resolution of...      
    • Martin Guzmán's departure leaves a big question mark over Argentina's future economic policy.View the full article
    • Forgot to add so if at that time I was signing on I would have no issues at all with the house   also how does the job centre treat older people I know I cannot retire as only have a state pension to look forward to and that is not till 2046 thanks to new rules which might change again under the tory government so ay I have 6 years till retirement do they still expect you to be taking any kind of job or are they more understanding that at your age certain jobs are not suitable  
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