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    • Hi Bankfodder i have worked out the interest at 8% on 50% of the payments i have made, but for ease i worked out the 8% from the end of each financial year.  these are as follows Actual Charge for 2 properties divided by 2   annual interest on amount owed (8%) daily interest number of days funds are owed total interest £114.40   £9.15 £0.03 3651.00 £91.54 £302.20   £24.18 £0.07 3286.00 £217.65 £265.51   £21.24 £0.06 2921.00 £169.98 £215.26   £17.22 £0.05 2555.00 £120.54 £229.52   £18.36 £0.05 2190.00 £110.17 £248.09   £19.85 £0.05 1825.00 £99.23 £264.23   £21.14 £0.06 1460.00 £84.55 £256.48   £20.52 £0.06 1094.00 £61.50 £315.19   £25.21 £0.07 729.00 £50.36 £264.41   £21.15 £0.06 364.00 £21.09 £226.84   £18.15 £0.05 -1.00 -£0.05 £2,702.09         £1,026.57   Total 50% of charged usage plus interest at 8% for each year owed   £3,728.66      
    • its means you gotta await the court hearing listed then you might get a vote to enrol on a scheme whereby you might get 'something' back. bottom line is they've gone bust the liquidators see little assets to shareout. and want to spread them as thinly as possible.   same as what happened with the CPP PPI debacle. £100's in you get pennies out.
    • Hi,   Sorry, I was working off my mobile  but managed to do it (now attached).   Just wondered what next ?  Is this a standard response from them ?   Thanks   Katie ICL - Practice Statement Letter.pdf
    • 30% PPI is really high are you sure that's the PPI 3454.15 charged from the 1st statement or if from elsewhere without interest added?
    • Sorry for the delay getting back to you but had a very long day at the hospital with Drs and community mental health team sorting out the discharge today and care plan.   My son is in receipt of DLA higher rate personal care and lower rate of mobility. He does not have a blue badge.   The bailiff arrived my sons flat and my other son who stays at the property answered the door and explained that he was in the psychiatric hospital. He panicked as did not know what to do as bailiff was threatening to take the car and was insisting on payment even though he was told that he was in hospital was unwell and a vulnerable adult. Because he was so frightened by the bailiff he gave him his dads number who in turn gave him mine. The bailiff actually told me that he had spoken to his dad and that is how he obtained my telephone number.    I can also say that that I am certain that the notices you have mentioned would have been posted through the letterbox but the ill son would not have opened them. The reason being, which came to light today is that he was not aware that any fine was issued and this is because the other son was the offender in the first place and he was hiding the letters !    The plot thickens 🙁. In fact after today’s meetings my son is being placed on the adult safeguarding register as other things have come to light.    I will I’ll send my contact details via the email address you have mentioned, along with my sons details. All I have is email receipt of payment and reference number regarding this from Marston Holdings ltd which I will send to you as well.   Very kind regards and much very grateful for your time.
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Log book loans - paid because of threatening behaviour - what happens now

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Hi All


I hope someone can help/or give advice.


I have been stung. I purchased a car in September last year privately for a very good price, did a HPI check at the time and nothing came up. I kept the car for a few months, but then decided to sell on for a smaller car - I sold the car to a friend of mine a few months ago who has since spent around £2k on it and a lot of time and effort getting it up to his standard.


This weekend my friend had a van and trailer pull up outside his house using threatening behaviour and demanding the car saying he was from 'log book loans' and that the car was theirs, unless my friend payed up the cash that was outstanding on the loan! which of course he has because his wife and him were terrified of what they would do and now has come onto me for the cash. I felt it only right that because he is my friend, that I have to now pay him back, which I am very angry about having to pay someone else's loan off!!!!


I have a copy of the Bill of Sale from my friend today and have read on another thread that we have to ask log book loans for the credit agreement? Not sure with me being sort of a previous owner of the car how I stand, but I'm loathe to let things go. My friend has said that if I want to pursue on his behalf I can. Any suggestions on what I can do bearing in mind he has now paid it to log book loans due to being threatened and terrified at the time.


Thank you

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