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Hi all


How many times will the bailiff call before sending the debt back to the council tax. I asked the council tax to do an attachment of earnings on me and I filled in all the relevant forms the next ting is the bailiffs are dropping letters through my letterbox, I haven't spoke to them as I know they will want a rediculous amount of money off me that I know I will agree to pay then i will get behind on payments, all I want is the council to take the bill back and then I can pay it by reasonable installements (I only got behind with my bills through going into hospital for an operation) I am a loan parent working full time on a low income. Please any advice will be welcome

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When did they get the liability order and at what stage did you ask the Council to make an A2E ?

What paperwork has been left by Jacobs ?

You can make a payment to the Council online,but Jacobs will still have title on their fees.

Are the Council aware of your health issues ?

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I tryed to make the arrangement as soon as the bill went to court approx 4 weeks ago

I have had 2 final 24 hour notices to seize goods

yes the council were advised of my health

tho council said they can't exept part payment

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The council can recall the debt from the bailiffs anytime they wish, this seems like you may need to send a Fromal Complaint to the head of Revenues, the CEO, and the council leader, copied to councillor and MP, citing that you are disappointed that your attempts to arrange payments have been ignored and you are being hounded by bailiffs, and that you may still be vulnerable, under guidelines as you are still recovering from an operation. and you are on a low income.

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The bailiff: A 12th Century solution re-branded as Enforcement Agents for the 21st Century to seize and sell debtors goods as before Oh so Dickensian!

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If the Bailiff thinks he is getting to you he will call as often as he likes. If on the other hand he can see you have nothing then he may only call a few times - there is no hard & fast rule for the number of visits and it may drag on for months. You have to be aware of what he can & can't do - have a good read of a different threads for a feel of what happens. In the meantime as has been suggested start by putting pen to paper although if trying for the vulnerable angle you will need to provide some sort of proof.



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Given that you are a single parent I would strongly suggest that you DO NOT allow the bailiff to come into your home. There is no legal requirement in any event.


If the bailiff cannot gain access, he will almost certainly attempt to clamp a car of yours from outside of your home. If you do not have a car and refuse entry then the bailiff will have no alternative other then to RETURN the debt back to the court or accept a payment arrangement.


In the above circumstances, the bailiff can only charge a visit fee of £24.50 for "attending to levy" (where no levy was made) and a further 2nd visit will attract a fee of £18.00


If he is unable to levy upon goods, then he can return as often as he wishes. HOWEVER, he cannot charge any further fees UNLESS he can gains entry to levy upon goods.


Almost certainly, if he cannot gain entry after two visit, he will not waste travel costs for further visit if he cannot charge any further fees and the account would normally be returned.

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