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    • Hello all,    I have received a letter from Advantis in regards to an overpayment of carers allowance I received when I got a job whilst I was caring for my mother. I did not know I had to inform them etc.    Long story short, I had a compliance phonecall with carers and nothing more was said.    I stopped caring for my mum shortly after and cancelled my carers allowance too.    I was employed for 4 months at the beginning of 2018.    Apparently the DWP and carers have sent letters but I haven't responded so they've gone through Advantis to recover the amount owed. I moved house shortly after cancelling everything and had no contact from them at all.    They sent letters to my previous address so they told me that's why it's been passed onto Advantis.    Today DWP told me that the only thing they can do is take payment in full, or deal with Advantis to come up with a payment plan.    I spoke to Advantis who asked me to pay in full or in two installments, I refused and they then said they've put my account on hold for 30 days whilst I go away and work out my monthly income etc so they can go through an affordability assessment to work out how much I can pay back and how often.      What shall I do? DWP tell me there's nothing they can do as it's been passed onto Advantis.    Advantis tell me they are working on behalf of the DWP... Nobody will tell me who owns the debt.     What shall I do?    Thank you all in advance for your amazing help.     
    • Hi, I have just received a pcn from Euro Car Parks saying that my car was in one of their car parks for 13 mins without making a payment. The reason being is that my husband was waiting for me, but where he thought I would only be 5 mins I was longer because of health issues and I had to take a rest. As if this wasn't enough, unbelievably I have just received ANOTHER notice saying I had not paid for a ticket on the 9th of September. I would like to mention the car park charges are so cheap, at £1:20 all day, it would be insane not to pay. We have used this car park only around 4 times and have always paid, excepting th time the car was waiting for 13mins. What a shock I have got receiving these notices. I wonder if I accidentally keyed in my registration incorrectly? Please can someone advise.
    • I also have a similar problem with Advantis for DWP overpayment of carers allowance. I've only just moved into my own house and they've sent a letter asking for my whereabouts and a business matter that needs my urgent attention. I have found out from the DWP and carers that I owe £1,131 and Advantis want me to go through an affordability assessment.    I am not sure who owns the debt, DWP or Advantis and where I stand with this 
    • I've just had this emailed from CarMoney. I'm so confused, I really don't know what I'm supposed to be doing and with whom. "Apologies for the delay in response. I have spoken to Oodle regarding the complaint and unfortunatly, they would require an independent report to be carried out on the vehicle. The burden of proof would lie with yourself.   I can certainly help by giving you the details of Scotia, who is the company that we use."   Everything I've read says that I did the right thing by exercising my rights under the CRA 2015 with the dealer. That was done within the six-months, so the burden of proof should be on the dealer still? Or am I completely wrong??
    • Heard nothing for 6 & half years until last week. A big fat letter from Barclays upholding my PPI claim which had gone to the Ombudsman (news to me) and enclosing all the waffle and finally at the end a cheque for £3659.20 and advising that £454.85 was taxed - this I can reclaim as I don't pay tax currently.
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GE Money - Reclaimimng Charges.

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I currently have a suspended possession order with GE Money and have a small amount of arrears.

I have received the documents back form my SAR request and I am ready to send a LBA as my fees balance and additional interest amount to nearly 12 months payments.

I am fully prepared to go to court to get my money back but want to make sure I have my facts right first.

They sent me a screen dump from their systems but they have blanked out various parts such as:

A box headed: Commission with:

1. To Source - blanked out, 2. Consolidation – Blanked out 3. Broker fee – Blanked out and Internal reference number – Blanked out. Is there any relevance in this and can you make them disclose it.


They also state in a covering letter that they have only sent information held on a relevant filing system that they were obliged to send as per the SAR request but have not sent information that is not held within a relevant filing system.

Is there any way of getting hold of the ‘other information’?

Also on the original application form they have totally changed my occupation and different people seem to have filled it in as some is typed, very little is in my handwriting, and someone else’s handwriting.

The application form shows arrangement fee 995 (added to loan), Discharge fee 110 (added to loan) and Broker fee 2995 (deducted from loan)

The underwriting sheet shows no broker fee paid.

The offer letter says that GE Money will pay over 800 to the mortgage intermediary and that a completion fee of 995 and a broker fee of 2995 will be added to the loan, though the application form says the broker fee is deducted from the loan.

I assume I can only claim for the extra interest and normal fees, along with default notices and debt councellor visits.

Can I claim for the 800 GE Money paid to the broker.

Any advice of gentle shove in the right direction greatly appreciated. (sorry my pound symbol doesnt work)

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