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Cabot new tactic or mistake

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My other half has recieved a letter from the above,now not only is statute barred......i know for sure it belonged to me,it was in my name only.

All the details pertaining to the debt match what i have been sent over the years.Iv'e even seen off muck hall with this one.


Are they trying a new tactic in trying to get my other half to pay up for an old debt that belongs to a spouse ?


I'd like some help as to how to respond,i was thinking of going down the knowledge route,but i think it's definatley out of order to send this to my OH.


Any suggestions as to what i should do?

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If they are writing to your spouse about your debt asking for payment, not only are they breaking the Data Protection Act but they are also in breach of OFT guidelines.

Anthrax alert at debt collectors caused by box of doughnuts


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Vir prudens non contra ventum mingit



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Of course you wanted to keep this form your other half but now, thanks to this abuse of your personal information, they know and its caused massive embarrassment and severely strained your relationship ;)

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oh - another 'admin' error!


Successfully claimed back mis-sold PPI (Barclays Bank) 2009-10 (£8500)

Ran a paid-for DMP. Deeply respect those who self-manage a DMP; it is possible to do with the help of fellow CAGGERS

Offered F&F to all my creditors. All closed out including a particularly intransigent and stubborn one - who eventually saw sense after 10 months of nonsense!

Does not condone debt avoidance but violently disagrees with the antics of debt collectors and their behavior towards the ones trying to pay. I am a great believer in what goes around, comes around. Keep up the good fight!

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Oh my,what have they done,firstly a complaint is going off to the relevant bodies.



I'll now set out to pen a letter to them.........including the fact they nearly caused a divorce......wink wink


Thanks for the replie's all.

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