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    • So there's no tax payable anyway.... nothing to see here!  
    • are you actually going to benefit out of this at all?   I was slightly getting confused here earlier, and forgot you said you are the claimant because you are suing the defendant for the cost of a hire car that you personally haven't had to pay for ?    
    • I received PCN's from TFL and Southwark. 08/06/19 I spoke with Southwark regarding PCN's and thought it was sorted.   Didn't hear anything back until 17/01/20 when my car was taken by Marston EA. TFL & Marston say they sent letters but have no proof.   I emailed TFL (19th June) through their online portal and again, via email on (14th Nov 2019) < the email on 14th has been viewed 17 times but no reply. (so I have proof of contact, they don't) I asked them if they send via recoded delivery/signed for but they do not.   When my car was taken, I received a call from a friend saying it's on the back of a truck, outside his house (which is round the block from mine). I ran round there and the EA was aggressive, shouted at me and refused to show ID/why he had taken my car.   I complained to Marston who denied it but sent me some of the footage. I complained again through resolver.co.uk and Marston lied again. Then I sent ALL my info and evidence etc.   took a few weeks and called me saying sorry and taking full responsibly for their EA's aggressive behaviour etc. TFL are still refusing to comment.   Marston offered me £250 as a goodwill payment but obviously the pain and trauma causes - that doesn't cover it. The police were called when they took my car cause I was so distressed and having a panic attack etc.   I've requested the phone call recording where they accepted guilt and that they had handled everything badly, including lying about the video on Resovler. I feel like Marston know they've done wrong, but TFL still aren't in the know. (to my knowledge)   Also, I requested info from TFL via whatdotheyknow.com and TFL did a data protection breach by uploading my full details including address etc. to a public forum (and I didn't even ask anything specific about my case) so I feel like they did this out of spite/anger.   the www.whatdotheyknow.com team reprimanded them for this and advised me to complain. I also paid £800+ to retrieve my vehicle and I have completed the OOT which was denied. I tried to take it to court but when I tried to do the 'low income' thing but they wanted bank statements which I couldn't get... then corona happened.   I've downloaded/uploaded the ZIP file from Resolver convos.   Regarding the footage: my initial message to them, I made myself seem unaware and 'stupid'   they wrote a generic reply telling me that 'the footage is fine and the EA did nothing wrong' they can't uphold my complaint,   then once they sent that; I sent them the CIVEA rulebook and timestamps in the video to show that they were in the wrong and had further lied in their official response (which must be illegal)   when they received the in-depth response, I think they got scared, went away for a couple weeks   tried to get the nice sounding woman to call me up, say sorry and be really nice then offer me a measly £250.   She also tried to rush me into agreeing.   
    • No it was about under by a couple grand.    Cheers
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Onthebeach.co.uk cancel holiday

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I have a holiday booked for in 3 weeks time. I booked through onthebeach.co.uk


I booked one of their recommended hotels and also booked my flights through them. A friend of mine returned from there last week and told me it is full of cockroaches, it has broken steps which people has cut there feet open on, people are getting food posioning, the hotel does not have airconditioning but when I booked I was told there would be fans and now they are charging for these per day, there is sick everywhere, staff are rude, stray cats all over the resort, urine stained sheets and towels, dirty pool, the list is endless.


I have juyst read some reviews on the internet and when booking they would good but now there are some awful ones on there which photos as evidence.


I am having surgery next week and this holiday is supposed to be for me to relax and take it easy whilst I recover. But from how irty it is there now I will be at risk of infection and food posioning.


I have called onthebeach to tell them the hotel is not as advertised and I would like to change hotels. The lady on the phone was very rude and said it will cost £150 per person to switch hotels and then the cost of the hotel on top!!


Is there anything else I can do? I don't have much money and saved for this holiday for a very long time and was really looking forward to it.


Thanks in advance

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If you can prove, as a matter of fact, that the hotel is not as advertised, the remedy is to prosecute the strict liability criminal offence that it is for an invitation to purchase to mislead the average consumer.


Ask them who in particular the summons should be sent to. See how rude they think it is.


The offence may be prosecuted regardless of any particular contract or consumer, because an advertisement misleads.


The appropriate legislation is The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008.

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Hi ches


Heres some info:-








You need to put the company on the spot, communicate in writing, mark the letter, Formal Letter of Complaint.

Explain that the hotel isn't fit for purpose and that they should not be advertising it, state that if they don't change

your hotel, you'll take matters further. Explain that the holiday has been booked to help you recover from surgery.

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It is a booking for a holiday, not a hotel for sale.


There is no implied term that a service must be fit for purpose. The implied term is that the supplier will carry out the service with reasonable care and skill.


[Supply of Goods and Services Act, s 13]

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