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London Riots

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National Service! There is no discipline and since everyone is taught to 'discuss' everything with children no-one will take a stand. The word NO does not seem to exist for many parents.

Schools are impotent as it seems to usually be guilty until proven innocent if you are a teacher.


Don't let me start on the BBC who said that this is as a result of the coalition and social deprivation.


It was theft, criminal damage assault, arson etc. There is no social excuse for any of these actions.

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My ex brother in law was one of the bus drivers who made it past Reeves Corner before it went up in flames. Apparently Croydon is closed today and a lot of shops have been looted. I don't know yet if there will be any trouble tonight. There seems no point to what they are doing.

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The rise of the underclass.... the fastest growing social group of our time....


Something for nothing, workshy, de-sensitised wannabe "gangstas" fed on a diet of computer violence, no respect for rules and authority of any kind.... just gimme, gimme gimme.... :evil:


.... and what have past and present Governments done for the past 30 years? Tried to understand.... wrapped them in cotton wool, thrown Benefits at them, paid for their offspring to go on jollies and labelled them with a range of social disorders, so that they and their parents don't have took at being accountable for their behaviour at all.... :-x


Congratulations policy-makers..... you're now seeing the fruits of your creation..... :doh:....

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I listened to one particular cretin on radio 5 live today - this bloke was trying to justify the actions of these [EDIT] in pretty much the most rambling and incoherent manner you could imagine. Apparently, we still haven't learned the lessons of Stephen Laurence. I think we have: labelling an entire police force as racist is not a good thing. Apparently too, the 'gumment' doesn't provide enough inspiration for kids. Funny that, I thought that was down to the parents. Enough said I suppose. In addition, the ' gumment' hasn't given these people jobs and there are whole generations of them unemployed. I [EDIT] that one up too. I've always thought it was my responsibility to go out and look for a job.


As to the fact that these people left their homes, walked to the area in question, put something heavy through a window, stole something and then set fire to somebody else's property, that is all the fault of somebody else.



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Don't get me confused with somebody knowledgeable by all those green blobs. I got most of them by making people laugh.


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there is no disapline in the schools or in the home,, why are people watching this are they to gutless to stop this its their communities that being affected, but they stand and watch it laughing absolute idiots

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Apparently there is a lockdown around Croydon, been in place since about 4ish, nothing going anywhere public transport wise. The local high street is being boarded up and all shops closed at 4pm.

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Hi SG and others who are caught in this awful situation.


Myself and Mrs ims wish you well...keep your heads down and be aware that others are thinking of you. We are with you in spirit if not in body.


Our hopes are with you for a peaceful night.


Best regards



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How long can they keep this lock down going for it will destroy businesses, they cant hold the lockdown for ever, they have to get control back before it over takes all our lives , nothing will be the same after this

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kicked off in nottingham last night, rumours (i dont beleave them) that its gone on in our local town


personally i think theres a very simple solution


arrest the people involved, then when there arrested allow people to loot and fire there house Simples!


then they know what it feels like

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They are all taking advantage of the situation having seen on the news the **** walking home with electricals stolen from Currys. If they can do it then so can we. No matter what anyone says, this has nothing whatsoever to do with anyone getting shot.


I'd agree, it's got **** all to do with Mark Duggan. Unfortunately, it's a great opportunity for politicians who ought to know better, left AND right, to come out with their usual posturing.


There's not much point, what political agenda leads a bunch of morons to loot a Nandos?

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Mark Duggan was the excuse that these unrulies have been waiting for. People should not be suprised by what is happening. It has been simmering for years.

What worries me most is the lily livered politicians that we trust to run this country.

With prison closures, police cuts, armed forces cuts, and society in general spiralling into anarchy, what will they do? Give the culprits houses, extra benefits, a slap on the wrist.

Society is broken. Britain is broken. We need to take it back.

I Wish you everything you wish yourself.


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beachbird user-offline.png




icon1.png Re: London Riots


there is no disapline in the schools or in the home,, why are people watching this are they to gutless to stop this its their communities that being affected, but they stand and watch it laughing absolute idiots




Have to agree with you Beachbird,,,, Since the abolishment of dissapline in schools and in the home kids today have no respect for anything,These kids grow into idiots who then in turn breed and the cycle begins again. When you have been about I am sure you have all seen how teens and younger behave, they jostle people and think they can strut about as if they own the area,, I dont want to go into too much detail but you all know what I mean. And the people who have to claim on their insurances because their car has been destroyed, or there homes,, wil they get paid out as some insurances may call the riots an act of war and I have heard they do not pay out on acts of war. How will they stand.


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Kicked off to some extent in mk last night, the estate next to mine was involved:-(


Earlier their had been massive fire arson with started in bin cuboard and eldery person needed carrying out when it spread, then a massed crowd of thugs were escorted.followed through the esteates by helicoper that was above for hours, police were sent to our estate !!!!!!! The big tesco store down the road was attacked, shops in local near by had windows smashed in bletchley!!!!!!!


But the most annoyind thing Is I believe twiiter and bbm encourage these lowts to confregate where someone hints a riot is starting, therefore casuing the trouble I believe.


When the arson started the fire twitter was gong bonkers if you believed them that mk was rioting, then as a result it did. Son has quaintance who was quickly removing apparantly pickies of this aquaintance putting piccies of this boy throwing stones at the fire brigade, this boy is a real s*** so I hope his panic in removing them is him realisng the cops are likely to get him for it. See how they panic when realise they have done wrong, I suppose he will blame a poor start in life!!!!!!


No matter how poorly brought up you dont throw stones at the fire brigade.


That boy if mine woudl not be able to sit down for weeks, my boy on the other hand stayed in and I can happily say I have never needed to feel the need to smack him, he had me as a start, wonder if me if had naughty kid would be touted as why the kiddy is a lowt, when we all know we at a young age know right from wrong easily enough.


Wish these reporters advisors would stop saying how hard up the kids are adn thats their reason, makes me sick.


My estate was few minutes walk away from them, spooked me I must say xx

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I know what you mean about that, I spent most of last night on facebook trying to stop rumours that were popping up.


The retail park next to my house was mentioned constantly as having been "done over". Eventually, a gang appeared but luckily there was a high police presence and they got moved along. Very lucky that the damage in Wolverhampton was limited.


Waiting to see what this evening brings now.

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very sad to hear about those 3 asian men being run over they were decent citizens doing a good thing this will cause more riots again or even a race war really hope not, my thoughts are with their families today

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Bring the water Cannons back from ireland and use them no one likes to get wet do they they will soon run home disgusting human beings hope they are locked up oh did you see the school teacher who was caught looting as well suppose you get **** in all walks of life dont you but what was his excuse? he didnt have any just wanted something for nothing as they all do and him a working man disgraceful shame on you

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Rumours are spreading like wildfire on social networking site Twitter that riots are breaking out in Milton Keynes.

Some people are suggesting that the shops in Fishermead have been attacked, while others mention that shops in Bletchley are being looted.

All these rumours are completely unfounded. Thames Valley Police has reported no incidents in the Milton Keynes area.

Thames Valley Police has set up a new Twitter account to keep people up with any updates should anything occur in the area. You can follow their feed www.twitter.com/tvp_mk.

Just after 3pm today they tweeted "Gangs NOT gathering in Bletchley or anywhere! Call 0845 8 505 505 if you see anything u think we should know".

You can also follow us on Twitter for all the latest updates from the area. Our account details are listed below.

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