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Bascially, crap finance one are one of the PDL companies I'm battling.


They're not so helpful.


Today, got a text message from them offering me... more money. They have kindly raised my credit limit (?!) and replying to the text would form a contract and get me the cash.


Ok, I get that they're phishing for my new card details, but it strikes me as a little insane. I ignored it but then got a call on my mobile.


Didn't know it was them as it wasn't from a number as such - came up as 0223. Thought it might be Orange or something as it's just 4 digits. Helpful agent asked why I hadn't replied and didn't I want the money?


I laughed so much I did a wee.


Have reported all this as it's clearly dodgy behaviour, just can't believe how stupid they are...

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A lot of people may well fall for this, and many are desperate enough to think its a way to get more cash.


if they did not intend to lend more money they could be done for false advertising, but thats not much comfort for the poor sod who just had their account cleaned out.

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they have a habit of offering you an extra hundred or so, but if you look at the contract, they include a months interesst, so in my case , 350 loan, owed 486 with int, they offered an extra £110 , but the loan would have been for £586 , this was 5 days after I had paid the rollover interest. that's when i told them no thanks pal . so be very careful if they offer you more money, check the amounts carefully. my £350 loan would have jumped to £586, I would have got £110, they would have got an extra £135, then interest on that, they certainly know how to fleece people.

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