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    • i will guess this is:   a debt buyer dca cannot register a default notice    if the original creditor registered a default notice then get a copy of that  staple it to a letter to PRA and demand the account is removed from your credit file forthwith or a serious complaint will be registered with the ICO and financial compensation will be sought.   give them 14 days 
    • Good Evening,    Please may I ask for some information re default markers on Credit Report ?    I had a CC with a Bank default around Jan 2014. Nothing was registered on my Credit Report The debt was later sold on a few times. Eventually to PRA in 2017 where it is unenforceable.   On my Clearscore report that I have recently downloaded it says “ In default PRA GRoup 5th April 2017”. when I click onto this it shows no markings on any month from 2014. so my question is can PRA register the default from 2017. I’m unsure if it drops off from The bank in 2014 or after PRA registered in 2017.    thanks for any advice you can give   
    • there you go all done i thought i could see you'ed left your reg number and their PCN number in your pictures.   there are quite a few threads here on this only allowed 30mins on certain esso forecourts total rubbish ofcourse  and none haver gone anywhere so far FWIW.   dx      
    • Highly likely providing you were the first private buyer to purchase the car with HP or conditional sale outstanding the solicitors will conclude that you have good title and act accordingly  As dx says let consumer law deal with this, keep the vehicle well hidden just in case but if you turn up at the sellers work and cause problems and the Police become involved  its highly likely you will be the one with big problems 
    • Seven years ago today this topic started 🤗
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    • I came across this discussion recently and just wanted to give my experience of A Shade Greener that may help others regarding their boiler finance agreement.
      We had a 10yr  finance contract for a boiler fitted July 2015.
      After a summer of discontent with ASG I discovered that if you have paid HALF the agreement or more you can legally return the boiler to them at no cost to yourself. I've just returned mine the feeling is liberating.
      It all started mid summer during lockdown when they refused to service our boiler because we didn't have a loft ladder or flooring installed despite the fact AS installed the boiler. and had previosuly serviced it without issue for 4yrs. After consulting with an independent installer I was informed that if this was the case then ASG had breached building regulations,  this was duly reported to Gas Safe to investigate and even then ASG refused to accept blame and repeatedly said it was my problem. Anyway Gas Safe found them in breach of building regs and a compromise was reached.
      A month later and ASG attended to service our boiler but in the process left the boiler unusuable as it kept losing pressure not to mention they had damaged the filling loop in the process which they said was my responsibilty not theres and would charge me to repair, so generous of them! Soon after reporting the fault I got a letter stating it was time we arranged a powerflush on our heating system which they make you do after 5 years even though there's nothing in the contract that states this. Coincidence?
      After a few heated exchanges with ASG (pardon the pun) I decided to pull the plug and cancel our agreement.
      The boiler was removed and replaced by a reputable installer,  and the old boiler was returned to ASG thus ending our contract with them. What's mad is I saved in excess of £1000 in the long run and got a new boiler with a brand new 12yr warranty. 
      You only have to look at TrustPilot to get an idea of what this company is like.
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    • Dazza a few months ago I discovered a good friend of mine who had ten debts with cards and catalogues which he was slavishly paying off at detriment to his own family quality of life, and I mean hardship, not just absence of second holidays or flat screen TV's.
      I wrote to all his creditors asking for supporting documents and not one could provide any material that would allow them to enforce the debt.
      As a result he stopped paying and they have been unable to do anything, one even admitted it was unenforceable.
      If circumstances have got to the point where you are finding it unmanageable you must ask yourself why you feel the need to pay.  I guarantee you that these companies have built bad debt into their business model and no one over there is losing any sleep over your debt to them!  They will see you as a victim and cash cow and they will be reluctant to discuss final offers, only ways to keep you paying with threats of court action or seizing your assets if you have any.
      They are not your friends and you owe them no loyalty or moral duty, that must remain only for yourself and your family.
      If it was me I would send them all a CCA request.   I would bet that not one will provide the correct response and you can quite legally stop paying them until such time as they do provide a response.   Even when they do you should check back here as they mostly send dodgy photo copies or generic rubbish that has no connection with your supposed debt.
      The money you are paying them should, as far as you are able, be put to a savings account for yourself and as a means of paying of one of these fleecers should they ever manage to get to to the point of a successful court judgement.  After six years they will not be able to start court action and that money will then become yours.
      They will of course pursue you for the funds and pass your file around various departments of their business and out to third parties.
      Your response is that you should treat it as a hobby.  I have numerous files of correspondence each faithfully organised showing the various letters from different DCA;s , solicitors etc with a mix of threats, inducements and offers.   It is like my stamp collection and I show it to anyone who is interested!
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Looking for some advice. We paid for some flights via easyjet at the start of the year costing around £500. My Wife is now 3 months pregnant, and we don't think we can really afford to pay for a hotel for us and the 2 kids with another on the way, so we were going to transfer the flights to next year.


This alone costs a fortune as you need to pay per flight (one way) per person.


My Insurance policy says the following, the 1st price in ££ is what we have.


Included in the coverRedSilverGoldBlack

Cancellation and curtailment£2,000£3,000£5,000£7,500

Medical Expenses and repatriation£5,000,000£10,000,000£15,000,000Unlimited

Hospital benefitna£1,000£1,500£2,000

Travel delayna£300£400£500

Holiday abandonment£2,000£3,000£5,000£7,500


Missed departure£800£500£1,000£1,500

Personal accident

Loss of limbs or sight (aged under 66)£10,000£20,000£50,000£75,000

Permanent total disablement (aged under 66)£10,000£20,000£20,000£75,000

Death benefit (aged 18 to 65)£5,000£5,000£25,000£35,000

Death benefit (aged under 18)£1,000£2,500£2,500£3,500

Personal liability£2,000,000£2,000,000£2,000,000£3,000,000


Legal Expenses£10,000£15,000£50,000£60,000

Pet carena£200£500£750

Max trip duration365 days365 days365 days365 days

Excess - can vary from the amount shown, see full details (can also be doubled or waived).£75£60£50£0


Thanks in Advance



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Hello there.


Are you asking if you can claim on the insurance because you've decided not to take the holiday? I think cancellation usually covers things like a close relative or one of the party being ill. Pregnancy isn't an illness, sadly.


I would be surprised if they wanted to pay, but maybe someone with more specific insurance knowledge will be along with comments for you.


If that's not what you're asking, please holler!


Congratulations on the baby, by the way.


My best, HB

Illegitimi non carborundum




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Yeah, this is pretty much what I am asking. We don't really want to go due to the cost of a hotel and stuff. We feel that we could really spend the cash better elsewhere. But we will lose out on our flight money. She doesn't have any medical problems or anything, which is a good thing. Just trying to see if we can maybe not lose out on the cash.


The only reason I ask, is because when I asked easyjet for a refund (don't ask don't get n all that jazz) they replied with this


Unfortunately, as we do not offer a medical policy, we will be unable to offer you any refund for your flight. I understand that the cost to transfer your flight is too great at this time, especially given the circumstances, my best advice at this moment is to request an insurance letter from us. This letter will be subject to a £10 administration fee, which will be included in your details to be claimed, and will detail fully your booking including costs, enabling you to claim from your insurance company.


If you desire such a letter, please reply to this e-mail with a preferred contact number and I will be glad to contact you to take payment and issue your letter.


Oh and thanks for the congrats :)

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Hello again.


I hope I'm wrong, but it sounds as if you may have received a standard letter from Easyjet and that they haven't quite grasped the point. That isn't what you want to hear, I know.


In our experience, every time a low cost airline costs you money, they refer you to your travel insurance.


Hopefully one of our insurance experts will be along.


My best, HB

Illegitimi non carborundum




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Yes Honeybee is in deed correct. Pregnancy in itself is not an illness that gives rise to being able to claim for cancellation. Also disinclination to travel is excluded.


So if you don't want to travel it is your loss.

We could do with some help from you.



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If you want advice on your thread please PM me a link to your thread

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If your wife wasnt pregnant at the time of taking out the holiday insurance then you can infact make a claim against the insurance..

Easyjet will not refund and more oftend then not the cost of changes out weigh the original costs..


Most insurance companies are very good and paying out for pregnancies....How maany weeks will she be upon the date of travel?

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Do you know which companies will cover cancellation due to an unknown pregnancy, as this may be helpful to the OP and other readers of the forum.


I have not come across this before.


This is a typical exclusion from the Insure&Go wording.


Pregnancy and childbirth

We provide cover under this policy if something unexpected

happens. In particular, we provide cover under section B for

injuries to the body or illness that was not expected. We do not

consider pregnancy or childbirth to be an illness or injury. To be

clear, we only provide cover under sections A, B and C of this

policy, for claims that come from complications of pregnancy

and childbirth

We could do with some help from you.



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Hi Unclebulgaria..

I know Mondial, Rush, Rapid, citybond and travel direct cover


Most wording I work with :- You or a Travelling companion cannot comply with the transport providers terms and conditions of carriage because of pregnancy that you found out about after you brought your policy (IE she is too far gone to travel safely)


You or a travelling companion being advised not to travel by a doctor as a result of pregnancy (Most GPs will give you a cover note if you say the stress of a flight will cause you harm, believe me I have seen hundreds)


You ot a travelling companion was unaware of pregnancy at the time you brought your policy..


In my experiance (I work in the travel industry) every insurance company has paid out BUT these are the good end of the insurance scale as they tend to be travel related...The cheaper mass market insurance companies have cut corners and made lot of exclusions to make insurance cheaper..


What I really need to know is when the policy was brought and who from, and how pregnant she will be ??


Hope this helps



The FSA (Financial Sevices Authority) are very clear and very strict about the practice of Travel Insurance sales..

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I see that with some Insurers depending on the situation, there may be some scope.


If this is the case, I would suggest to the OP, this his wife sees her GP to see if they can get hold of a letter that explains why she could not travel, other than they cannot afford to now pay for their accommodation.


If the GP can come up with a suitable letter, then they should pass this onto the Travel Insurers, after first phoning them to register a claim for cancellation. It is then up to the Insurers to decide on the basis of the GP's comments whether the reason for cancellation is acceptable or not.

We could do with some help from you.



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Hi folks,


Thanks for the further updates.


Yes this was an unknown at the time of booking (to be honest she wasn't even pregnant it was booked that long ago. Our insurance is with Virgin insurance. Also when we travel she will be 22 weeks.


I am pretty sure that this is fine to travel, I would prefer not to get a doctors letter trying to get something to say she is unfit to travel, just don't want to tempt fate really. If I can't claim it on the insurance, then I will just accept the loss (our own fault for not being careful, but its a good thing it happened)


I suppose one thing in my favour/or against me is that the Virigin insurance doesn't seem to mention pregnancy at all as far as I can see.


Thanks again guys, I will contact them tonight.





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