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Hi all,


I've been a long time reader of this site and similar sites regarding the effects payday loan companies have had on us all and I just want to add my story.


My problems with payday loans all started about 16 months ago when I needed an operation and was put on sick leave from work. Going from a decent salary (£1500pm) to sick pay totalling about £300pm altogether meant I struggled to cope for a long time financially and resorted to pay day loans just to cover my rent and food bills. Eventually things spiralled out of control with me needing to take more and more loans out to cover the repayments until I had 8 loans out totalling £2300 on just the capital alone, with interest on these loans coming up to circa £700!


I struggled to defer these loans for as long as possible to keep my pride and avoid defaulting but in the end it just became too much of a burden and I made the decision 9 months ago to default on all loans.


I changed my bank accounts, cancelled my cards and made the calls to arrange payment plans with all of the companies I had loans with. It was a struggle, and some companies were more willing than others to accept payment plans but I eventually got them all to agree.


I've had to live off the basics for these past few months, and almost have a non-existant social life, but I've managed to turn my life around and in three months all my debts to these companies will be clear!! :D


This is just a message to say that even when things look tough you can find the strength to sort out your finances and now I'm looking forward to a brighter future, and will make sure I never make the same mistakes again when it comes to my finances.


Thank you.

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i agree rev.....


i had 9. 3 are clear, 2 will be cleared tomorrow, and the other 5 next month




Payday Express


Shame on you lot....


The other 8 i have to say i had no problems.... except for LendUk and Lendingstream who took a life time to answer their phones.


In all i rang the companies once, and then followed by emails only.


In saying that WDA, Wonga, Lenduk, Uncle buck all agreed first time round

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Iv had a pretty cr@p life for the past six months, well worse than before, tryin to pay these off.I had 6 payday loans which I've been paying monthy too. WDA is gone Wonga and payday uk 1 payment left, 1month loan and tower capital 2 left, and I havnt heard nothin from cashchoice uk for 4 months so I'll leave that one alone for now. The fact that their Slowly going away is makin me feel good knowing my social life will be back

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Good to hear Doubled!


I'm glad that you're getting your life back :)

It will make the social life all the better knowing you've earnt it!

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