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Minor Car Accident

Guest andthereitgoes
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Guest andthereitgoes

I had a small accident at a roundabout. I bumped into the car ahead of me. I believe it was my fault. :-(


This is what happened.

When I was about 20 meters away from the roundabout the lady in front of me; stopped at the roundabout and hence I slowed my car down. She then decided to move ahead. Viewing that, I looked towards my right and since there was no incoming traffic to my right, I didn't bring my car to complete stand still and decided to go through. At this moment, the lady in front braked suddenly in reaction to which I braked immediately. By this time I was about 3-4 meters away from her car. Due to the some gravel on the road the car began to skid and my car bumped into her's. At this point her son (seemed liked about 22 -23 year old) came out of the non driver side and charged at me, opening my door (driver's side), swearing at me and then slaming the door back again. I stayed calm (although shaken up). The bump didn't cause any major damage. The plastic holding the rear fog light (below the bumper) popped off. I heard him saying that it's broken but he was able to pop it back in. Everything else was fine, there were no cracks or damage to the bumper. My car didn't sustain any damage.


This is my first accident and I have driven for 9 years now. Hence I had no idea, what exactly needs to be done after such an incident. Needless to say I was quite shaken up. I enquired if they were okay. They asked for my insurance details which I provided. I courteously mentioned to them that since there wasn't much damage, it would be appreciated if we could settle without the insurance company getting involved. They agreed to that and would let know what sort of reparing expense they would incur over the phone and then I can decide.


In all the commotion and being shaken up, I didn't take any of their details, nor any evidence of the amount of damage. Later after calming down a bit I realised that I should have done that.


:-( Feel like an idiot about this whole thing.


Another issue is, that I am selling this car next week, as I have already booked a new motorbike. Also, the insurance ends next week. I don't plan to use a car in the coming years as I can't afford it, with such high petrol costs.


So what should I do? If someone could be kind enough to tell me the procedure of what happens in both scenarios


1. Settle outside without the insurance company getting involved. What steps do I need to take and what can I expect?

2. Involving the insurance company. What steps do I need to take and what can I expect from the my insurance company? Would they be on my side since I am not planning to renew the insurance?


Thank you.

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Hello andthereitgoes,


I hope you have got over the shock, I have been in your position and it isn't nice.


From my experience in the 2 positions you have stated there are a few options.


Can I firstly say you should have really got the reg number of the car as that way if the person/s or their insurance don't get hold of you, you can speak to your own insurers to see if a claim has been raised from the other side, but we all make mistakes and these things happen :) - tis is what I had to do, this was more down to my insurer being lazy.


I would also be weary of the other side claiming for whiplash, as can be common these days however this will be paid by your insurers, however though you may find that if the accident is declared that when you insure your next vehicle some expect you to go into details of the accident like cost, who was at fault, injuries etc... this can have a negative impact on your quote and also potentially put some insurers off.


In relation to your question about being on your side, until your insurance is up they as you are, are bound to the terms of the agreement, so it might be if you have an excess you pay that and your car if damaged gets repaired, however I am not sure of what would happen if you left and a claim was made - can someone clarify this if possible?


If you are going to claim outside of the insurance, I would proceed with some caution, as if there was no damage what are they going to get repaired? how will you know its been repaired? or indeed did it need repairing?


If it was me I would wait to see what happens, they obviously need to get in touch with you, but I don't know if there is a time scale on these matters.



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Guest andthereitgoes

@stevo7790: Thanks for your reply. Yes totally agree. I was an idiot. They took my details and I didn't realize to take theirs ( partly beacause I was shaken and partly because no experience of an accident)


I did take a look at the car plate and I just remmeber the first coupleo of letters ( not sure if I shold post it here) but rest I don't remember. All I remember is the car is black in colour.


About whiplash or other scrupulous injuries. Later when I was calm I did think of what if they claimed these kind of injuries or go bang their car even more and claim for that on me? Since there was no witness and no police involved who is to be believed? But they both were fine and I did ask them if there was any injury to any of them. Once again I was an idiot, I could have recorded their statement on my phone.


The lady's son seemed a bit cheeky to me as after the initial rage he appologized and became a bit friendly. He was suggesting I should also claim some damage on my car, looking at a scrapped bumper (which was from scrapping the wall at home) That made me think what if they try and be cheeky on this?


About my insurance, there is no repair to my car as there wasn't any damage to it.


What I am concerned about is:

1. I didn't take their details

2. Insurance ends next week

3. Selling the car and getting on motorbike because of affordability.

and also my previous questions from the OP


So are you suggesting I wait for their call and then inform the insurance company if it's too expensive?

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you must inform your insurers now of the incident with as much detail as you can remember. ( for info only at this stage ). It may invalidate insurance if you delay too much.

did you give them your name and address so they can contact you prior to making cliam on insurers?

Does not matter if you are selling car, go ahead.

However possible claim may affect your insurance on the new bike!

You just now have to wait until you see what turns up in the post.

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It's vital that you inform your insurance because no matter what they say, the other party may still make a claim. It doesn't matter that your insurance ends next week, because it's the date of the incident that counts. If a claim is made I believe that you would still be liable for the excess.


Even if no claim is made, if you're asked about any accidents when you insure your motorbike you will need to mention this or your insurance would not be valid if they later found out about it as ray says.


If they come to you for the money to cover repairs ask to see 2 quotes. If you have a garage that you use you could even suggest they go to them to make sure that it's not been loaded by a garage that they do business with. If you pay them any money on the strength of this accident get them to sign a receipt when you pay them agreeing that it's a full and final settlement due to the incident of (insert date). If you think they're trying to pull a fast one don't pay them and tell them to go through your insurance. It's the reason you pay insurance, and you need to consider if it will cost you more to pay for the repairs than you would lose for your no claims bonus. You certainly wouldn't lose it all for one minor accident.


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