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    • Don't read horror stories online as they will mostly give you a pessimistic outlook.   With tax credits, if you fail to report changes, once you get around to report the changes, they will calculate the overpayment. They will then send you a letter confirming how much you owed.  The letter will ask you to phone them to discuss repayment options and you just go through all of your current information to work out the best way forward. Usually, you just enter into an arrangement to make affordable repayments over a long period, if the amount is quite large.   So please do not worry.  The situation is not as bad as you currently think. There are thousands of other people who go through the same process every year.  This is a failure to manage your administration and not anything which would mean any action apart from repaying the overpaid amount.
    • You won't go to jail. Of course lots of questions are going to be asked – but the very best thing you can do is to contact them on Monday and be completely open and honest about what has happened. Hopefully other people with greater expertise will come along – but certainly you need to open up completely on Monday and be completely straight dealing
    • hi ya welcome aboard.   1st stop fretting. it really is no big deal.   and no you won't goto prison and no you won't be separated from your daughter nor you grans budgie get hanged.   2nd sTOP reading silly internet horror stories if you read here on CAG you'll find NOT ONE person had any of those happen most simply came to an arrangement.   have a read of these https://cse.google.com/cse?cx=partner-pub-8889411648654839:3134625398&q=tax credit over payment 2019&oq=tax credit over payment 2019&gs_l=partner-generic.3...18651.20505.1.20835. then comeback with any outstanding issues.   dx  
    • Thank you UncleB I have only realised what is going on in the last few days.  So now confronting the situation  and trying to work out what I need to do urgently.   I get that delay is not my friend. Yes I understand they can proceed in my absence.  So I need to stop that.    They had the ability to ask me where I was and didn't - they started a SD/B process knowingly behind my back so I wouldn't have the opportunity to discuss/challenge etc.   The question is what do I do now? How do I contact them? Do I email the bank and receiver - ask for an update on the sale process and at same time attach a SAR on the basis of getting to the bottom of all the costs and finding out about correct assignment of a loan?  Should I take this opp to also say I now know about the SD?     That it has just been brought to my attention that they have been bizarrely delivering mail to relative without making any attempt to contact me directly by email? Would they now need to serve the SD properly?  And thus I would now have the correct timing to respond - 18 or 21 days ? I am just concerned that they want to by-pass the SD and immediately push ahead with B petition - which would seem unfair advantage to them.   Can they?        
    • docs now redacted properly and file size reduced.   no T&C's and ripped off for useless warranty.   one point : sept 2015 they sold it to lowells now why? you were upto date no arrears. strange. there must be a reason.   i'd send an sar to hitachi now and find that reason poss in the comms log   pers as andy says id ignore them for now   a DCA is NOT A BAILIFF and have no more legal powers than you or i   dx      
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