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Unauthorised / Unclear Debit Card Charge

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My friend recently signed up for a free weight loss trial online. As part of the trial you were to recieve access to a weightloss tracker/motivation website and a free sample of some weight loss products. She signed up just to see what it was about, understanding that the large charges advertised on the website would only come about IF and WHEN she decided to go ahead with the full product. She has yet has NOT recieved any of the products that they promised.


She recently noticed that they had charged her in the region of £150 (debit card payment, not via paypal or anything) and contacted them. They advised that she (as per the email they sent her after she signed up) had 3 days to cancel or they would assume she wanted to be a full member. I can not see anything on their T&C's that suggest this? She also subsequently did not recieve the email in question.


She has contacted her bank and they advise that as their are terms and conditions on the site, even though they dont relate to this, it is not something that they would get involved in. The company are not answering emails and the call centre staff say that it is not something that they can help with.


The website is http://acaisurge.sharkilage.com/uk/trial/?ccterms=2&aID=clad&sID=446021&sId2=xxx&campaign=337157996&extra=xxx&cc=1&referrer=superdietplus.com and terms and conditions can be seen at the bottom.


None of the terms seem to be related to the free trial she signed up for.


Is there anyone that can offer any advice on this?



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Guest Tooth Fairy Wishes

Hi Debz!


This happened to me with a "weight loss pill" on-line advert. Mine stated that you had 14 days to evaluate & if not happy cancel within the 14 day period. So say I signed up on the 1st August 2001 (I didn't but use as an example) on the 15th August 2011 I finally received the said goods. I didn't open them (in fact they are still here in original packaging) as I found out from my Doctor they can interfere with some of the medications I am on. So I emailed them straight away to cancel (which I did twice after I couldn't get them on the phone) & I tried the 08 number on the pamphlet, to no avail.


Any ways I forgot all about until I got my CC bill in say a week later & there was a hefty charge of £75 taken on the 14th August 2011!!!! I was like WTF is going on!! As I knew I had cancelled on the same day I got the darn pills. I hunted all over the internet looking for a contact phone number as the one I had was just a recorded message. I even phoned the US 2x as they had the exact same product (Its the "something" berries one) but they were not as they told me afiliated with the UK company. I finally gave up after 3 days of sending emails (all unanswered) & trying all the different numbers I came across.


So I rang my CC up & told them exactly what had happened & what I had done. They sent me out a claim form & I attached all my emails & even sent photos off all the phone calls I made on my mobile (Yep all those 08 numbers & US numbers bit me hard) to prove that I had done everything in my power to contact these people.


SORTED so I thought!!! Boy was I wrong!!!


I got a reply back from my CC a week later or so stating that basically the onus was on me & that no refund of my money was forthcoming!!! I argued the point till I was blue in the face. Still no joy. I changed tactic & used the I have been a loyal good customer of many years standing & I did everything they expected off me. Still no joy!


I then asked what if the Company who took my money applied for more. They said they had no control over this either. So I demanded they stopped my CC there & then & re issue me with another so no more charges could be added!


None were I am glad to say!


BUT I feel this is all a total con & rip off! As the Company state 14 days & to my mind they wait on sending you goods until like me I received them on the 15th August & they had taken my money the day before. So how the hell are you supposed to evaluate a product that's sent outside the 14 days (this is if the Company are counting the day I signed up & not from day of receiving said item)


I learned a very expensive lesson, I will never ever sign up for a free trial ever again!!


I am sure I must be one of hundreds who been conned like this!!!!


***Dates given are as an example & NOT the actual time frame***


Fingers & Tootsies X for all you out there!!

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