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    • Ok, thank you dx. I was struggling with that because I didn't want to state things they don't know. So if I change the line at the top of the second paragraph to say something like "My actions are inexcusable; I know that TFL are only able to operate if everyone pays their fare and I feel so guilty about attempting to breach public trust by using a freedom pass that's meant to help the most vulnerable in our society and that I had no right to use."   Do you think that's good enough? I'm really trying not to admit to multiple uses as they haven't brought it up, but I'm also not trying to suggest I've only used it once because that isn't true.   For the documents, do you think I shouldn't include them? Because on the letter I think it says something about giving evidence for my mitigating circumstances. I've also seen other threads where people don't include evidence and then TFL write them back saying they don't believe the person will lose their job/health/immigration etc. because of a conviction.    Thank you, I've taken out the ref to the inc docs at the end and the "I think". 
    • we dont usually see people inc documents.   you haven't directly mentioned use of the pass and what type, it might be better to include as that directly acknowledges that you know you did wrong. and their 'charge' against you which you should directly address.   without it your letter is a generic reply. and might not cut the mustard. also remove ref to inc docs at the end.   i'd also remove the 'i think...' A precsecution will etc etc.. 
    • andys defence did not mention counter claim anywhere.....   it said compensation - but you left the whole original para 4 in your defence?
    • Hi again guys, I've been thinking about the letter and have drafted it. I'd really appreciate it if you guys could let me know what you think. I've tried to express how remorseful I am (without saying sorry too many times that it becomes annoying), show mitigating circumstances and avoid admitting to multiple use/ use of a freedom pass because they didn't mention it in the letter.    To whom it may concern,   My TFL case number: XXXXXX   I firstly want to thank TFL for giving me the chance to explain my behaviour. I appreciate the seriousness and stupidity of what I have done and I deeply apologise for my actions. I hope to explain how a prosecution would leave myself and my baby in a very difficult situation.    My actions are inexcusable; I know that TFL are only able to operate if everyone pays their fare and I feel so guilty about attempting to breach public trust, I haven’t been able to sleep as a result. As a teacher, my job requires a high level of integrity and I have to get (enhanced) DBS checked annually. According to my terms of employment I’d be obligated to report if I’m being prosecuted and a conviction would result in me losing my job (please see document). I am currently pregnant and as the sole income earner in my house and a soon to be single mother, the loss of my job would financially devastate me and my child.    I have several long-term mental health conditions including anxiety, clinical depression and BPD (please see my attached medical record). I’ve suffered from panic attacks my whole life and whilst there is no excuse for my behaviour I’d like to explain that whilst being questioned by the Revenue Protection Officer, I suffered an acute panic attack and in a moment of panic and stupidity was dishonest with him during our conversation. My anxiety set in and out of fear I made a stupid decision to be dishonest. I’d like to sincerely apologise to the specific officer and TFL for that.    I have never been in trouble with the law in the past (please see my most recent DBS) and I ensure that I won’t be in the future. I have already bought a season pass for the London Underground (please see document ) which I have been using/will continue to use and I swear that I will never do this again. Ever since the incident (and especially since receiving the letter) my anxiety and panic disorders have been unbearable and my heart rate and blood pressure have been higher than normal as a result. I fear the heightened stress of being prosecuted, coupled with my existing mental health issues will negatively impact my health during my pregnancy.    Additionally, I am currently in the UK as an EU citizen, under the EU settlement scheme (please see document) and have recently applied for British citizenship (please see document). A criminal conviction would certainly be noted against me by the Home Office in the “good character” requirement for becoming a British citizen. Additionally, my current right to remain in the UK is dependent on me having a clean criminal record. I’m 21 years old and I’m just beginning my life; I’ve found a career that I love in primary school teaching, I'm hoping to become a British citizen and most importantly I’m going to become a mother. A criminal conviction would negatively impact every aspect of that and whilst I know that I have no one to blame but myself, I’m hoping you can show me some leniency in this matter.   I am happy to make immediate payment of all unpaid fares and any incurred costs that my actions have caused. Whilst I know what I did was wrong and I’d really like the opportunity to make amends, I think a prosecution/conviction would have an unfair and disproportionate impact on my health, my employment, my immigration status and on my child’s health/financial wellbeing. I hope that I’ve explained myself well and provided enough evidence, if you need anything further from me to help you reach your decision please let me know. Thank you again.    Yours Faithfully, My name   *The documents I'm going to send are; my employer's policy regarding criminality, the relevant parts of my medical record showing my mental illnesses, the train season ticket I've bought since then, my most recent work mandated eDBS, my immigration status and proof that I just recently applied to become a British citizen.
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TH3 SOLUTIONS - Mortgage Express/GMAC


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hi there, has anybody out there heard of a company called TH3 Solutions?


my wife recived a call 2 weeks ago from a very stroppy, arrogant, patronising man from a mobile phone tellign her she was entitled to about £3.5k worth of PPI insurance refund from when our original mortgage was with gmac (which then got sold onto ME!) they knew ALL her detials, how much we borrowed, how much we owe, how much we pay each month, name, DOB, address as well as ALL my detials.


the alarm bells started wringing when they asked her for her credit card detials - the thing is they had the first 8 numbers completely correct!! luckily my wife challenged them and ask 'why do you need these detials' - they stroppily replied 'so we can actually verfiy who you are mrs d'.... hmmm


the guy then went onto a massive rant tellign her that 'fine we'll give your money away to charity then if you dont want it' and got very very lairy with my wife, she was playing him to be fair, and has a got knack at winding people up. but in a p[refessioanl and courteous mannor.


she contacted the police, as when she called back the number that had come up on her mobile - lo and behold - its a dead number...


first thing she thought is oh no were victims of ID fraud (again!!) so called the police who are looking into it. we have been away all w/e long and i jsut got back now, as i googled them, seems they only started up last year. but unsure as to whom/what they do.


the thing is, a few years back we did ALL the companies we had PPI with and won! but neither of us are sure we had any ppi with GMAC at the time we took out our mortgage? weird?


if anyones got any advice id really appreciate it - or if they know anyone else thats been contacted by these buffoons? - are they real - are they legit?

:) sucessfully reclaimed against the following in last 4 yrs (thanks to you all and this site) :-

HSBC x 2 accounts,

CAPITAL ONE c/card x 2 accounts

LLOYDS TSB (loan and account charges)


PPI insurance (3 x loans)


Currently Persuing:-


CAPITAL ONE - AGAIN! (CCA/DEFAULT/plus charges!):evil:

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Hi pdaddy,


You can check whether they are a registered claims management business on the dedicated government website https://www.claimsregulation.gov.uk/search.aspx . I've done a quick search and they certainly don't appear to be registered. If you do a search and they're not there it takes you on to a screen where you can report them to the Ministry of Justice and make a complaint so that might be another avenue for you to pursue.



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Yes unfortunately I came into contact with TH3 Solutions last night, run bya man called Kieron Evans, he telephoned me from the telephone number02920021633 extension 1048, calling me in relation to a PPI claim,telling me I was going to receive £1800 but to initiate this claim i had pay£199 for him to have access to my data, he knew everything about my mortgage,my standing order, my bank, the amount I paid and 6 digits of my debit card details.Alarm bells rang when he gave me a deadline to pay the money, I had 20 minutes!and when he refused to give me a written confirmation request for why the £199was needed and when I questioned him he became angry, rude and very agitatedwith me. THIS MAN IS A BULLY AND A FRAUDSTETR AS IS THE COMPANY CALLEDTH3 SOLUTIONS! BEWARE .....I have of course reported him to the policewho are investigating.

Take Care People

Miss -Sunshine x

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Well don't I feel foolish! Back in April I did pay this man £199! Regretted it instantly and called him back saying I was not happy and wanted my money back. He was very rude, patronising and arrogant. We continued to call them weekly since and kept being fobbed off! I am an intelligent person but feel very very stupid now! Looks like I have kissed goodbye to £200!!

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