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Theyre just sending you through the same old crap they do to everyone else. Hoping youll get scared or you'll cave in and pay them whatever number they demand. If im honest, i wouldnt worry about it. If you have all documentation that proves you have tried extensively to set up a plan and they are refusing to acknowledge it, then youll be fine.

Any advice i give is my own and is based solely on personal experience. If in any doubt about a situation , please contact a certified legal representative or debt counsellor..



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This is what I did - I hope the advice helps - good luck and keep going you will win but it may take the patience of a saint the strength of an oxo to get the end, but you have the support of the forums to help, which is a wonderful resource and evens the playing field.


You need to save any correspondence from the company and also keep a log of any text/phone calls (frequency, note of content etc).


If you haven't done so yet, you also need to send them a complaint and ask for a final response. If they refuse to investigate or you do not get the response you want then you can make a complaint to FOS, but you must have exhausted the company's complaint's procedure first, otherwise FOS may refuse to acceot your complaint until you have done this. In my case the company refused to respond to my complaint and then told FOS i hadn't made one!!! Unfortunately from them I had sent my complaint (and subsequent chase up letters) via email, fax and recorded post so i had proof i had made a complaint and chased for an answer several times over - which helped my case and showed the comany up as lying and obsrtuctive (which helped bury them further!!)


FOS will take a long time to resolve your complaint, but if they rule in your favour then they can order the company to remove all charges/interest and get them to agree a reasonable repayment plan under your conditions.


FOS route is long winded and some times the company will refuse to play ball and continue to harrass you, if they do, contact FOS and they can send you a letter to send to the company explaining that they are involved and that the company needs to be reasonable - if the company ignore this letter from FOS then its further evidence of the company's inability to be reasonable, which helps your complaint further!!

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