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Phone Calls From Cabot

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I have been receiving telephone calls on my landline from Cabot. The first call centre monkey got told to remove my details as I would not discuss financial matters over the telephone and he promised to remove my number. He also said they had sent me 2 letters (which I surprisingly have not received) which I need to respond to. I got another call the following evening from a female call centre monkey who I told in no uncertain terms that she was breaching OFT Guidelines and CPUTR by failing to remove my number when I requested them to and not respecting my request to deal with the matter in writing only as I had requested. I terminated the call after she tried to request my personal details.


I sent Cabot a complaint via email telling them that I would not deal with financial matters over the telephone and I would only deal with any matters in writing in order to have a paper trail.


I received a reply where they want me to confirm my personal details. Are these people totally stupid? I informed them in writing only and I am hardly going to disclose my full name, date of birth and address by email.


Anyone have any suggestions as to what I can send back to them?

:cool::cool: Blondmusic :cool::cool:
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Just respond with your telephone number, as thats all they need to find your details in their database via the inbuilt search function that all contact mangement databases have.


So simply state "heres my telephone number that you muppets keep calling me on, look it up in your database and then remove my details from your database".

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Cabot need to confirm they're speaking to the right person which is why they keep asking you to confirm your personal details first. I'd wait until they write to you before making any contact and even then I'd advise taking advice from this forum before contacting them. After all this matter may have nothing to do with you.


They use a number of different numbers on automated diallers, so keep blocking the numbers. Can post some up for you but think there's a list somewhere on this site.


My experience of Cabot is that it doesn't matter what you tell them by letter, email or phone, they either ignore it, or send a letter full misleading information from their wonderful NOT customer compliance team. and continue to send out automated letters and make numerous calls, all requesting payments and that you phone them...


A Truecall machine which blocks nuisance calls is the answer they're not cheap but wonderful. Even so it can take Cabot months of non stop calls from umpteen numbers which Truecall blocks every time to realise it's costing them money to achieve nothing and stop calling.

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Couldn't agree more Crabpot never give true replies to anything they are asked, just smoke and mirrors replies.

They are above regulartory authorities, well acording to them they are.

Do they own this debt or acting on behalf ?

Who is the original creditor?

How old and what king of debt are they collecting?

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Dear oh dear...DCA's acting with near impunity..you simply cannot make enough complaints about them and their corrupt rotten to the core industry.. the more people that do, the more chance we have of seeing these fools put out of business!






Who ever heard of someone getting a job at the Jobcentre? The unemployed are sent there as penance for their sins, not to help them find work!



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I dont know who the original creditor is as I will not go through security with them. No idea what debt they are supposed to be collecting either. I will email them back informing them that I will deal with the matter in writing by letter only.

:cool::cool: Blondmusic :cool::cool:
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Until you receive something in writing there is really nothing to reply to and since they won't stop c alling unless they are made to, you might as well frustrate them and have a laugh at the same time


My personal preference is to turn the tables on them immediately. Do not let them get a word in edgeway util you have said your bit. Ask for their forename and surname, ask for their date of birth and the first line of their address, then their postcode and so on, down to their mothers maiden name or wherever else you wish to go


If they protest (and they will) simply state that you need to be certain that you are speaking to the right [insert call centre monkeys name here] before you are prepared to even begin to answer any questions. if they refuse listen carefully to their reason for not giving you any information and then simply reiterate this as your own reason when they insist on asking you security questions.


To date I have had only one of them provide me with anything (obviously made up) and then request my details to which I refused as I didn't know anyone called [insert call centre monkeys name here]

Hope this helps



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