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I have recently been looking for train tickets to London and almost had heart failure when the prices per person were coming in at £80+ (advance bookings) and over £100 for later bookings. This was for standard economy as I dont believe in paying extra for sitting on the same train, occuring the same delays and drinking the same coffee / tea!


Anyhow I came across megabus. For the same train / time / date / stations (both bookings exactly the same) it is costing me £16.00 for 2 returns, with VIRGIN!!!


Now I thought there must be a catch and so I asked around. Apparently its all above board.


I checked on here and couldnt see any thread about it. Now with the summer hols coming closer each day, some of you parents will be using the trains...go grab a bargain...dont waste your money!


www.megabus.com You will need to select your country (UK, USA, etc) and register....which costs nothing!


Also if you collect Tesco club rewards for every £1 of vouchers, you get £2 off your fare. I had £5.00 of club rewards so I changed it up at www.tesco.com , was sent e-vouchers within minutes and got £10 off my £16 so I only actually paid £6.50 (50p booking fee applies to all bookings) for 2 returns to London Euston from Liverpool!!!


Couple of downsides (which are not really downsides when you look at them) are:

1. Its not always a train...you are given options of coach or train...with coach taking a lot longer

2. Stations and coach pick ups tend to be in major towns / cities...but for a couple quid on the local train network you can get to these without much trouble


A friend has just booked her flight from US to Gatwick and is coming to Liverpool on a coach for £1.00!!!

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Some helpful links

I have been successful in many cases..here are links to some

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Against B&Q: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?172878-Me-vs-B-amp-Q&highlight=

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I have been using these for a while and can confirm they are a godsend.

Early bookings can see tickets for £1 for both train AND bus.

Now and again they give away free tickets-last one was in November where 50,000 tickets were up for grabs free.

There is just one extra a 50p booking fee.

The only downside is that you can only usually book inside a couple of months-so any later bookings will not show prices.

I have made journeys from Liverpool to London,and Birmingham.

The downside is that they dont have the same level of airport connections as Nat Exp but I usually use other connecting services .

For example Luton Airport to Liverpool-Nat Express can charge up to £36 for this.

So I usually book NE coach to Birmingham using earlybird for £8.50

Then Megabus from there to Liverpool for £1

Or you can use the easybus from airport to central London and take the Megabus from Vic Coach station.from £1

For City to City Megabus is unbeatable-just as I said - for London Airports,use a combi of other discount operators.

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